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Image of CAPT Kematsopoulos, face, Human, Male, Chinese and Greek
Captain Kematsopoulos, CO


Title: The Drawer, Part One
Stardate: 2000601.30
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Sickbay
Time frame: After waking up in Sickbay after the accident

The CMO leads the man to a place to change his clothes. As he follows her, he carefully confirms his guess from before that made no sense to him. The doctor is four feet high and very tiny. Perhaps as big as a Human child of ten.

The man changes quickly but takes extra time to feel the other markings on the uniform in more detail. He has a shirt with ribbing on the sleeves and collar. He carefully checks a few times to make sure there are no markings on them. The pants are equally devoid of detail as are the boots and other items. The jacket, however, has a lot of detailing that he had just briefly seen with his fingers moments ago. He takes advantage of the privacy to get a better "look". Nothing again is on the collar. There are some sort of fasteners, one on the front of the shoulder strap with no ornamentation and the other on the back of the strap that is more detailed.  There are pins on the shoulder strap and one of the sleeves.  He isn't sure how he knows this but not other things, but the pins are definitely a captain rank to him. He thinks it odd how he seems to remember so many technical details like that and engineering things, but not some very obvious things.

He says to himself, ~~Definitely Captain then. I heard right. That's one question out of the way.~~

~~Now for the rest,~~ he pats himself to make sure the uniform is in order and opens the door, ready to embark on this next adventure.

"CMO?" he says, wondering if she was still by the door or if she had been called away. He tried to change quickly but needed to take extra time to examine the rank insignia to be sure.

"She left, sir. Something about your DNA test results being ready," a voice belonging to a young female answers. 

Yeoman Perksandra keeps her worries to herself. It was unlike the CMO to disappear like that and not lecture her patient before releasing them. Something must be very wrong but not so dangerous as to keep him. She stares hard at the Captain hoping he was not going to mutate again.

"The CMO said it was fine for me to take you to your quarters and, um, stay with you for a while," the voice explains.

The man quirks an eyebrow, "Captain sit, you mean," he says a bit unsettled.

~~How long I am going to have company? And who is talking to me,~~ he wonders. ~~ Shouldn't I be able to recognize the voice?~~

"Um.. yes. But the good news is she's releasing you SIQ which means you don't have to stay here. I convinced her I'd take good care of you and reminded her I was your personal yeoman and that I'd know best what you need," she says clearly proud of herself.

~~ My yeoman? Of course it makes sense to have one as ... Captain. Still, this feels so odd,~~ he thinks.

"Something wrong sir?" she asks.

"No, thank you very much...Yeoman.  Let's go," he says wondering how he was going to get the chance to be alone and investigate his quarters. He had no idea where things were or what he would find. None of this was because he was blind, of course, but because he could not remember what his quarters looked like.

~~It'll be OK when I get back to my quarters and have a good night's rest. That's all I need and I will be just fine,~~ he thinks.

Several minutes later...

"Here we are sir," Yeoman Perksandra says stopping outside his door.

The man stands there waiting for her to go in first.

"It needs your voice print sir," she coaxes, wondering why he did not identify himself to the security system and just waited there.  For one of the recent sensitive missions, the Eagle received several different security systems upgrades.

"Very well. Captain Nouristao Kematsopoulos," he says to the ID system. It was odd to him to say that. Somehow it felt like the first time. Perhaps that was because he did not feel like a Captain. Part of him wonders if the door will open. The rest of him wonders when these strange feelings will pass. The CMO told him he might experience a lot of odd feelings from the head trauma, inner ear problems and the blindness so he tries to dismiss it as just that.

He listens but did not hear  the door open and began to doubt again that he was who people said he was.

"Sir? Your hand, please," she asks. ~~How very very odd he is acting,~~ she thinks.

"Uh, yes" he says stiffly, holding out his right hand.

"Let me find it for you, sir," she replies holding his wrist gently. ~~How could he forget?~~ she questions herself. ~~The CMO did not tell me the head injury effects would be this bad. She told me to expect a few things but nothing like this.~~

The door finally opens regardless of any misgivings and the awkward start. The man enters what he was told were his quarters.  He is a bit apprehensive not knowing what he would find and where he would find it.

"Thank you Yeoman. I'll be fine now. Why don't you go to your quarters and get some things. I'll be fine really. Fine too if you don't come back," he says with an impish grin.

The Yeoman hems and haws. "The CMO is not going to like that I left you alone, especially so soon," she cautions.

"It's a very short time and I am not going out of my way to tell her. She's expecting you to be here a lot, so you might as well get some things and be comfortable. Don't worry if I need anything I'll just use the comms and ask you ," he tries to convince her.

~~ Just one problem with that... where are the comms? ~~ he wonders.

"Well, uh, OK sir... if you are sure she wont find out," she replies.

The man noticed that from the sound of her voice it seems that she did want to go but just needed a little reassuring to be able to leave without guilt.

"I am sure she doesn't really expect you to be here every second. To do your job even if I was not SIQ you have to leave my side, perform related duties, get things. So please go and take your time. I'll be fine."

"OK," she say gratefully. She had some things to attend to and had not expected the CMO to ask her to stay so long with the Captain but she had promised that spur of the moment to help him get out. She knew the Captain would be miserable in Sickbay being told to rest and happy to get back to his quarters if he could not get back to duty.

Yeoman Perksandra was about to disappear quickly and so she could get back quickly but noticed the puzzled look on the Captain's face. He was tentatively feeling his way around the room.

"Sir?" she asks.

"Yes?" he replies walking into a partition and almost losing his balance.

"Where would you like me to leave you?" Yeoman Perksandra asks, reacting quickly to catch him. She notices that he didn't seem to know his way around. "The blindness must be very disorienting or is it the inner ear problem?" she asks. She could not imagine being blind even for a short temporary time.

"The dizziness," he replies, hoping he could still get her to leave but figuring the blindness wouldn't be enough of an excuse. ~~These are my quarters. What is wrong with me? I don't even know the layout of my current quarters but I can only remember ones from two years ago and impressions of a few that don't make any sense, ~~ he thinks.

"It's funny. All I could think about was getting out of Sickbay and coming here but now I don't know where to start," he tries to explain and talk his way out of his predicament. "How about I sit down somewhere and stay put until you return?" he asks.

"I am not sure sir," she hesitates.

"Please, I need a breather. All this attention, being told to rest... It's killing me. You should know that of all people," he says hoping to find a way to persuade her to leave him if only for a few minutes.

"Yes, sir. I know. That is why I worked so hard to try and convince the CMO to let me take you here," she explains. ~~That and you were doing a good job of irritating her. It's like a game between the two of you sometimes,~~ she thinks.

The man was thinking something similar. He thought he was doing a good job of annoying the CMO, enough to get back to his quarters and was grateful for any extra help to get out.

"Your terminal?" she asks hopefully. If she knew her Captain well and she did, she knew he'd want to read the status reports, get up to date and start catching up on work.

"Yes, that would be great. I can see what I have been missing this last week," he replies. ~~And the month ..and the month before..~ he thinks.

Yeoman Perksandra shows him where and the man carefully counts the steps to it. He reaches around and looks for switches or some kind of control to activate the computer. She notices how odd he was acting like he never used it before but attributed it again to the blindness or the head injury.

"Let me help sir," she says, assisting him to get set up. It didn't take long.

"Thank you very much. You better leave before I need something else," he jokes.

"Thank you sir," she says leaving hurriedly. ~~The CMO would be very mad at me if she finds out. Best to do it very quickly,~~ she rationalizes.

The man listens for her to leave and for the sound of the door. He sighs in relief when he hears the door finally shut.

"Computer secure quarters," he orders.  ~~ I hope I can do that this way. Will it work?~~ he thinks.

Computer> Quarters secured.

~~ Phew. OK.. .looking for the personal logs didn't work. I checked for those in Sickbay and didn't find any. I don't seem to keep that sort of diary or journal. That at least makes a lot of sense because they always seemed silly to me but that's not doing me any good here to recover some missing pieces. I better figure out where some personal information is here and some clues...~ he thinks noticing he is getting very tired and his thoughts are beginning to ramble.

~~Might as well start here, ~~ he thinks feeling around the desk in front of him.

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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