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USS Eagle, NCC 2185

USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Joint log by Nouri and Stoffe
Based on a mini sim with Hana and Nouri

Title: "A Kematsopouli Khristmas" or "My Big Fat Greek Christmas meets Thin Hungry Plant Alien" or "What's Behind Door Number One?, Part Two "
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: The Captain's Quarters
Chronology: Immediately after "CMO Log: What's Behind Door Number One?"

The intruder has just attacked the CMO. She has tried many things to try to escape his mental and physical hold over her. Since he seems to thrive off of negative feelings and emotions, the doctor gave him a few to lure him in to one of her happiest memories.

Dr. Laleia-Lii muses about her first Greek Christmas:

It's an ancient Terran celebration; one to which Nouri introduced her that is held during Winter. 

She loves the ridiculousness of dragging a live tree into the middle of an otherwise sensible household. She's sitting under it, staring up at the lights from a perspective most humans don't normally have.  The world is fuzzy ... she's had a little too much of a Terran drink that Nouri called "brandy." The room is full of mostly humans ... their minds are all open, they're happy, it feels almost like the collectiveness of a Moebian society...She floats through the roomful of colored lights and minds as contentment bubbles through the crowd.

She thinks on this to lure her attacker into following her down a certain path, but gets lost in the memories.

The creature for its part is not harmed, but very confused. A tree in a house with lights and odd things covering it on hooks makes no sense, but there is some new feeling, some new sensation that is very odd and incomprehensible. This feeling has a name - happiness.

Happiness permeates the home in every way through all the senses. It is there in the sounds of laughter and good conversations and in the happy din of all those happy people. It is there in the festive clothing, decorations, smiles, hugs, and gifts. And it is there in the smell, taste, and touch of the foods.

There are so many guests and so many different foods it is hard to count. Suffice it to say there are several chicken dishes, stuffed grape leaves, a few turkeys and, of course, lamb dishes.

There is fresh fruit: strawberries, kiwis, blueberries, pomegranates, oranges, pineapples . . .

There are assorted cheeses, feta dominant amongst them.

Among the several breads and pastries are:

       Christopsomo - Christmas bread.

       Spanikopita - Triangles of spinach and cheese mixtures wrapped in phylo dough baked to a golden, crispity perfection.

       Tiratopita - Triangles of cheese mixture wrapped in phylo dough baked to a golden, crispity perfection.

       Melomakarona - the oval, golden, spicy, but covered cookies that were said from their fresh, fragrant spices to represent the gifts of the magi: gold, frankincense and myrrh. ((View recipe here))

And there is butter and butter. So much so there is even butter on butter. Every where lamb and butter. It is a paradise for body and soul alike. The spacious home is filled to the brim with family, friends, love and laughter.

In its confusion, the creature pauses, trying to grasp some understanding of this undiscovered emotion. In grasping at happiness, it begins to lose its grip on its victim falling into her wily trick.

===================================================================== Memory Flashback
Setting: Earth, Greece, Crete, Georgioupoli, Yia Yia (Mrs. Stavroula) Kematsopoulos' home
Chronology:  January 7, 2286


A young Nouristao Kematsopoulos, only eighteen years old with his hair cut super short for the Academy, is sitting next to Dr. Laleila-lii.  "You look a little tipsy, Lei," he starts to say to the Firstie (senior midshipman) looking every bit the young cadet he was.

The Firstie is a doctor of many years who left her homeworld of Mobius to join Starfleet. She hiccups happily.  "S'lights." she says in reply.

Nouri laughs.

The doctor points at the Christmas tree.  "S'lights.  Like minds.  See 'em all?" 

Nouri shakes his head.  "No, I can't... not like you can... but I think I know what you mean. Don't worry I won't tell my other Grandmother. Have some lamb," he says gently, hoping to buffer her stomach and dilute the alcohol.

Lei politely nibbles the lamb.

As they talk, Nouri's Greek Grandmother (Yia Yia) comes by to make the rounds to ensure everyone is happy and has food. Those are synonymous to her.

"Whassit?" the alien friend asks.
Nouri smiles. "It's called 'lamb'.  It's an animal from here, Earth," he explains.

"What?" an older woman's voice with a thick Greek accent interrupts. "Is that all you are eating?" she says incredulously and offended. She promptly heaps the doctor's plate full of more lamb.

"I think I like it," the four foot alien doctor says. She tries to eats more heartily than usual for display for Nouri's grandmother.

Yia Yia watches her carefully and gives her a hefty pat on the back that nearly knocks over the four foot doc. "She likes it everyone!" she yells. Somehow, despite her height just barely over five feet, the kindly grandmother is able to yell louder than any drill instructor at the Academy to get over the usual family din. Nouri covers his ears out of a habit formed from years of practice.

The small gathering of about five hundred of his Greek relatives yells back with joy and applauds, "She likes it! Bravo. Bravissmo."

Nouri watches the doctor carefully to make sure she is fine. It isn't just the nearly being tossed into the fireplace with the pat on the back. He knows well that it is often hard for outsiders, like his other grandmother, to become comfortable with the sound of all these people. Others were often overwhelmed by this.

Yia Yia Kematsopoulos is delighted. "More lamb!" she exclaims, massing even more lamb upon the plate.

Lei laughs. "There's more lamb here than there is me," she says.

Yia Yia looked at the tiny Moeban carefully. "No, not yet. You are too thin," she says, incredibly balancing another generous serving of lamb upon lamb.

Lei smiles at Yia Yia. "Maybe I am..." she starts to say starting to feel tipsy.

"Of course you poor dear. We will get you some to take back with you. No worries and my uncle has a shipping business where..he can send as much lamb as you like surprisingly fast."

"Maybe I should eat like this a little more often... " the doctor says, becoming transfixed by the lights again.

"Nouri, there are more people in this room than there are lights on the tree, and they're all happy. Are all of your family gatherings like this?" Lei asks.

"Mostly on this side anyway," Nouri replies. "Sometimes though fights can break out, but whoever throws the party usually punishes both sides and they both can't come to the next party. That's a pretty high price to pay for us," he explained.

The young man takes another bite and turns to his grandmother, "Yia Yia..." he begins to say.

"Yes?" she says sweetly.

The doctor tries to shake the last of the brandy fog out of her head and laughs.

"My plate is empty," he grins mischievously and proudly.

Yia Yia becomes a bit frantic as she has just given the tiny doctor the remaining lamb on her tray. "Oh no! I will get some more..." she offers
Nouri smiles innocently and finishes Yia Yia's sentence, "Lamb?"

"Yes, more lamb!" she cries dashing off in a blur to the kitchen.

That does in the doctor who falls over onto the ground, giggling hopelessly paralyzed with laughter.

With his grandmother gone, Nouri checks the time again. He is very worried about something. "Uh oh..." he murmurs. "My other grandmother might come at ten ... and it's almost ten..."

"I'm slightly tipsy and so full I think I'm going to explode. I think that I like this holiday of yours, what did you call it..." she asks.

"You um are.. um in need of somewhere to um..." he didn't know how to put it and ignores her question or the moment.

The doctor finally manages to sit up

Relieved to see her sitting since standing might be next, he answers, "Khristougena. That is "Christmas " in Federation standard.

"Kritounia. The name of it sounds like some sort of very distinguished planet," she comments.

Nouri laughs. She was right. It might sound like a planet to someone. "You need to um go to um...another room before PauPau comes unless she's not coming I never know. She doesn't seem to like..." he nervously pauses.

The doctor giggles.

"...lamb," he finishes.

"No problem.  Will do!" the doctor says trying to rise with great effort and some assistance from her much younger friend.

Nouri is greatly relieved and proceeds to try and get his friend as far away as possible in as short a time possible. He doesn't want his other grandmother to see La like this. It would not be good for her career. His grandmother disapproves of so much alcohol around and believes that doctors need be in control of themselves at all times, just in case there is an emergency. Dr. Wu, with her connections in Starfleet and elsewhere, could easily make an end of her career in Starfleet before it launched.

Doctor Laleia-Lii wanders off into the next room, saying "Lamb, lamb, lamb, lamb, lamb..."

Nouri tries to guide her towards one of his female cousins or aunts. He was taught that is the proper way to handle things in cases like this.
~Oh no!~ Nouri thinks. ~This is terrible!~ He pauses for an uncomfortable second. There was that girl who wanted to date him, a friend of one of his cousins. In fact, there are several at the party who want to date him and he kept trying to dodge them all. His family, of course, is no help since, of course, they are trying to marry him off to a nice Greek girl.

Despina sees Nouri round the corner trying to steady and guide a tipsy Moeban. She giggles and blushes. "Hi Nouri..." she coos.

Nouri is uncomfortable. She was a nice girl but he is in love with someone else. He doesn't want to hurt her.  "" he stammers.

Despina giggles more.

Nouri decides she is his best chance to save his friend's career. He just hoped she wouldn't ask to much of him to pay back the favor. "Help. I need some help to get her in the guest room before . . ."

". . .
before your grumpy doctor grandmother comes?" she interrupts, completing the thought.

"Um, yes, er no . . . she's not really grumpy," he tries to explain.

"She's odd. She doesn't like . . ." Despina begins to opine.

". . . lamb," Nouri finishes in turn.

The doctor chimes in a second late, "LAMB!"

"Please help her. This could end her career," he implores Despina.

"Why?" she asks. She doesn't see that the doctor has done anything wrong. It isn't like she is going to pilot a flitter or shuttle or was really really drunk.

"I can't explain, just please," he asks. ~It will take too long to explain my other grandmother. I can't risk it, ~ he thinks.

"Oh, don't be ridiculous, Nouri. The brandy's already wearing off," the doctor says not looking any different to Nouri.

"Then a dance...," Despina jumps in trying to milk something out of it.

Nouri recalls the old saying, " Otan mbis sto boro prepi na horepsis". ((~Once you srart a dance, you are commited to it. )) He knows now that he cannot avoid explaining, so he gives it a shot. "Er... Um not really ... not for Pau Pau ... Trust me and I don't want another lecture from one of the ancient Chinese philosophers. "Hurry please," he says uncomfortably.

Lei is out of synch and rambles. "I mean, sure, I should have known that half a glass for a Terran was THREE for me, but honestly, if I leave all of my troubles behind on holiday, I may as well leave my judgment with them..." her voice trails off.

Despina puts her arm around the CMO. "I gotcha. It's fine. You just need a little freshening up..." she coaches with practiced ease. She had done this a couple times before.

"And boy, does my judgment dissolve in ... lamb," the doctor says. "A few glasses of water and some strong caffeine and I'll be in tiptop shape. Promise."  Lei attempts to salute and wobbles slightly.

"Then," she looks at Nouri and winks. "I got it," young woman replies.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I'll get some coffee," the young man says.

"Okay, Doctor this way, please," Despina directs. "They have some rooms set aside for guests."

"But of course," replies the tipsy Moebian physician.

Despina holds her steady and opens door with her foot. "There, you get the pink rose room," she offers, trying to help her to the bed. "You just sit here and well get you some coffee and water."

Lei looks around, "Ohhh, it's very... very... pink," she comments. "I'm guessing an aunt decorated..."I especially like all of the little flowers and lambs," the doctor remarks.

"Yes, she made some rooms very pink..." Despina says.

"Pink's a good color. Good color. Color of healthy lung tissue," the doctor remarks.

Despina brings her the water. "I suppose," she says not liking to hear about the colors of organs.

"There are times I've been happy to see that something was pink, I'm telling you.  Other colors... other colors, not so good," she digresses taking a gulp of water. "Green, now, green is usually bad. You usually don't want to find something green.  Unless they're Vulcan, of course."

"Oh, I am glad you don't like green. It is further down the hall," Despina answers, looking suddenly sad at the mention of the word
"Is something wrong?" the Moebian doctor asks. She knows of course that there is, but has found that humans find it polite if you ask.

"Ummm, yes ... Is he still in love with her?" she asks.

"I don't think anyone can answer that but Nouri," Laleia-Lii replies.

Despina's sadness grows.

"It's a complex emotion, even for empathic races," Laleia-Lii tries to explain. "She's getting married I heard... That should be it, right?" she inquires, daring to hope to hear the answer she wants.

Lei shakes her head sadly. "He can still love her from a far, and she won't even know. I have seen cases..." she says, with her voice trailing off.

"You're a doctor, so you should know how long it takes to get over someone.. How long?" she asks still holding out some hope.

"It can take two days. It can take forever," she says.

Despina begins to cry.

Dr. Laleia-Lii pats Despina's shoulder gently." I could tell you otherwise, but you would know it wasn't genuine.  You already know all of the answers to these questions in your heart." she says softly.

Despina stammers, realizing the answer. "It doesn't matter then. He won't break her vows if the wedding goes through, but he won't marry anyone else," she admits what she knows deep down inside to be true.

"Even if he did, even if it were you, would you be able to live with the knowledge that he loved someone else?  Why do that to yourself?  You should treat yourself better than that. If you were an empath, if you were psychic, it... would be even worse.  For once, be thankful that your species cannot read minds," she says Lei reaches up and hugs Despina.

"So that is why?" she wants to know.

"Is what why?" the doctor asks.

Despina feels comforted and cries more because there is someone sympathetic to talk to and she feels safe. She dares broaching a subject she knows is bad to talk about in her family. Uncle George says they connected that way. At least he guesses they did. I over heard that one night when they thought we kids were asleep," she confides.

Lei sighs. Things made more sense to her now. "And if they did, then it is horrible for them.  Worse for the man she's marrying.  Instead of feeling angry and jealous, feel pity for them.  All three of them. It's a pain you won't have to know," she explains.

Despina sniffles. "I don't feel jealous. I feel" she starts to say.

Lei interrupts her."You're free to love Nouri, but then move on, should you choose. It hurts like the dickens, but you can do it.  But for him, it's impossible, I think. Maybe it's the reason that more sentient species DON'T bond telepathically," she explains.

Despina musters every bit of courage she has and takes a deep breath. "So stop waiting and hoping?" she asks.

"It hurts.  But yes. As long as you wait and hope, you only harm yourself.  You deserve better than to pine after someone, even if that someone is Nouri. Otherwise, you will be as bad off as he is right now," she cautions.

The young woman looks surprised.

The doctor nods.

"I didn't know. Have you been in love with someone before?" Despina asks.
Laleia-Lii shrugs and sighs sadly. "Different time, different place.  I can't go back there, now, so it doesn't matter. My species is empathic, but we don't bond like Vulcans do. Or to have known without a shadow of a doubt that they did, and then one day things ... changed," she replies.

"So you had a boy once?" the young lady asks.

"A long time ago.  Probably before you were born," she answers.

"What happened?" Despina wants to know.

"Things didn't work out.  Sometimes, they don't. He just ... changed.  Or maybe I changed.  It happens. Nothing dramatic, or epic.  Maybe even horribly mundane. Something major happens, someone you thought you could depend on turns out to not care as much as you may have thought.  Even a telepath can delude herself.  As much grief as the situation with Nouri causes you, be thankful that at least you chose a good person," Lei says and then smiles. "At least you've got good taste," she explains starting to go into her own difficulties on the topic of love.

She shrugs and looks at her hands. "As for mine, I got into trouble. I thought he'd help me. He turned his back.  Nouri'd never do that, to anyone," she continues.
"Yes," Despina said sadly. "What did your boy do?"

The doctor pauses for a moment and replies, "Well, let's just say, I took the fall for something he did. And it was my husband and not a boy."

Despina blinks her doe like eyes.  "What?" she asks.

The doctor just shrugs not wanting to tell the tale.

Back in the Captain's quarters, the alien attacking her has other ideas. He will make her revisit this memory to tell the tale.

((OOC Note: Part of this was based on a real life experience and a very fond memory. The holiday was Easter and on the menu of course was....lamb, lamb and more lamb followed by various yummy dishes with butter butter and more butter. And of course, Yia Yia was in no way going to make sure no one would be hungry ... hungry ever again.. that is. The dogs hid. The older folks loosened their belts. Even the greediest dog there couldn't help us pretend to clean our plates anymore. There was just too much... lamb and ... butter.)

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