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USS Eagle, NCC 2185

USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Joint log by Nouri and Stoffe
Based on a mini sim with Hana and Nouri

Title: "What's Behind Door Number One?, Part Three"
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: The Captain's Quarters
Chronology: Immediately after "CMO Log: What's Behind Door Number One?"

((OOC Note: Moebians have varying degrees of telepathy.))

The intruder tried to hone in on a painful memory that flitted by when the doctor spoke to the girl about unrequited love. For a brief moment, the Doctor was back on Moebius, many years ago.

She was a younger woman then sitting in a Moebian interrogation room. The violet haired woman stared in combination of shock and anger at questioner. "I saved your life, and this is how you repay me?" she asked.

Dr. Laleilalii shook the memory off and returned to what she thought was the present (January 7, 2286, at Yia Yia Kematsopoulos' home in Georgioupoli, Crete) as the intruder deceived her as he had been genetically engineered and trained to do.

In her memory, the CMO looked at Despina, a young woman who was in love with her friend, Nouri, a cadet from Starfleet Academy. "Yes, I understand. Are you feeling better now?" she asked.

"No," the girl sniffled.

"You will feel better with time. I promise," she said staring at the pink walls.

The intruder felt her feelings intensify. He followed his victim closely through the corridors of her mind forcing her to stay with the bad memory.

~Pink.. pink was the color of Moebian patient rooms,~ his victim thought in her memory, as she started to drift back to the memory within a memory as if it were real and happening now.

============================ Mobius ============================

A man's voice said, "You understand that I have to do this. I can't go soft on you just because you're my wife."

Indignantly she replied, "How can you say that? This has nothing to do with my disobedience and everything to do with YOU."

"Of course it does. You disobeyed a superior officer ," he said trying to control her.

"I disobeyed YOU to save your LIFE. I disobeyed orders to do something illegal. Or did you not mention that to the investigators?" she asked hotly.

The man was careful to keep a blank expression on his face and one in his mind in case others were watching and listening. "I did not ask you to do anything illegal," he said.

"You almost died because of your own stupidity, and I saved your life. Now you're going to lie to them and have me canned to avoid a court-martial. Look me in the eye, Latep, and say all of that," she demanded.

"You're being ridiculous, just plead guilty," Latep said.

"I won't plead anything, Surgeon Tep. I know it's my word against yours, but I am not going to plead guilty to these ridiculous charges. Your own political motivations led to this. I wish your own flunkies had actually managed to kill you," she snarled.

"Are you implying something?" he asked, trying to not give himself away.

"I'm not implying, I'm saying. You've been holding back, Tep. On Moebius there are no secrets. We like to pretend that. You aren't even very good at keeping them. You HIRED those people, and they got out of hand. All over the F-strain controversy.." she started to say.

Surgeon Tep cut her off. "The research is necessary for planetary defense ..." he began.

"Not everyone out there is an enemy! Just because you can't read someone's mind doesn't make them your enemy, just... different. But fabricating an attack by Extra-moebians on a Moebian facility? It takes a special kind of idiot to nearly get KILLED by his own make-believe enemies," she charged.

Surgeon Tep looked confused and offended. "Did you just call me an idiot?" he asked. This was not for show or to trick those listening with ears or minds. He didn't know.

"Yes, I did," she said, leaning back and folding her arms. "What are you going to do, arrest me?" she asked defiantly.

Have her arrested he did. The scene in Dr. La's mind dissolved, intermingling with several memories of sleepless nights in a jail cell and accompanied by heartbreak. As her memory regained focus she is sitting in front of the head investigator...

"According to Surgeon Tep, you aided Extra-Moebian terrorists..." the investigator began.

"If by that you mean I saved Tep's life, then yes," she replied sarcastically.

He looked uncomfortable and cleared his throat. "You've passed all of our interrogators' mind-sweeps, but... so has Tep... " he started to say.

"Tep's lying. He fabricated those memories," she interrupted.

"Nevertheless, our investigation, it's your word against his. Our lie-detectors are experts, after all," he said.

"Except that I'm not lying," she reminded.

"The truth is dependent on the subject's frame of mind," he began.

"Yes, Tep's good at that. Making up his own truth, I mean," she said.

"Mrs. Leilii, you aren't helping this..." he said wearily.

"I already know the situation I'm in. Just get to the point," she said.

The Head Investigator cleared his throat and shifted uncomfortably in his seat. He sighed and put his head in his hands. Then he reached over and flipped the recorder off.

In a low voice he said, "Lei, I know you're not lying. It's just that my hands are tied. I'm the Chief Investigator for Moebian internal affairs, but to be honest, I have very little power." He gestured to the rest of the world in general. "This place is full of false-thinker people who hide guilty consciences behind fake memories. It's your word against Tep's. And frankly, he's got most of these people in his pocket. His political agenda is ... compelling. Having worked with off worlders quite a bit, I'd say Tep's... a.... a bit..."

"Loony," she said.

" ...Yes," he agreed trying to find her a way out and save his career as well. "But I'm not totally powerless. I can pull a few strings. But that only gives you a few choices. If you stay here, you'll probably be politically framed. If not now, then soon, at the least. I can convince them that ... that if you love off worlders so very much, you're better off with them. Nobody wants to jail or harm you, La. Not the sane ones, anyway. And, it's ... it's safer for you," he said.

"I see. Starfleet?" she asked.

"Many of the Starfleet officers I've talked with have cited a lack of qualified medical personnel," he said apologetically. "A natural empath would certainly be a bonus. But, once off world, you... you can't come back. Take a few nights, think about it ..." he started to say.

"I don't need to. I'll go," she said without hesitation.

The investigator was surprised and relieved, "Really? Oh, I'll make the arrangements... a plea-bargain..." His voice trailed off as her memory faded and she came slowly back to the present of 2293.


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