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CDR Tsiolkovsky, Acting Captain, &  LCDR Unstoffe, Acting Executive Officer


Joint Log by Nouri and Unstoffe
Title: Decisions, Part Six
Setting: USS Eagle
Time:  Immediately after "Decisions, Part  Five " (
Location: The Bridge

The Chief Engineer heads to bridge with disk from the Captain that Tsundra gave her. She arrives  looking more at peace than she has been in a long time.

LCDR Unstoffe hears the turbolift doors slide apart and notices the CENG enter. "Kaptein on the bridge!" he declares. Standing, he nods to the CENG indicating the chair is hers if she wants it. As she moves towards the chair, he can tell she's been crying. He moves back a step and says nothing.

CDR Tsiolkovsky sits down, exhausted. Her voice is crisp, but has some of the usual harshness removed. "Status report," she asks.

"Sir, we have detected a cloaked vessel shadowing the decoy probe you ordered launched. We have detected a faint warp trail and it interrupts the signal from the probe and it passes between us. So far its been keeping its distance, so it should not be able to discover the ruse," he begins and pauses to see if there are any immediate questions before continuing.

Hearing none he moves on. "Security teams have completed searching the ship. There is no sign of either the XO or Mr. Aren. The XO's quarters show signs of a quick departure, but nothing definitive. As you know, he was last seen just outside of Sickbay right before the Orions beamed off." Again he pauses briefly, to catch his breath if nothing else.

"Finally, LT Richards discovered a message on the terminal in Mr. Aren's quarters. I have Ensign Hanson verifying its authenticity, but all initial indications are it was left by the Kaptein," he finishes and nods to tell he the report is done.

"Absolutely nothing on the XO? Except that he was seen in the corridor immediately prior to the firefight with the Orions and then not there?"

"No, sir. Our best estimate is that the Orions took him. Internal sensors came on just after they beamed out, and there was no sign of the XO on that deck during that interval,"

"Send out, discretely, someone from medical to literally scour the passage ways for," she pauses to not say 'remains', but instead, "any biological indicators of what may have happened contrary to an abduction. Any demands from the Orions?"

"No, sir. The Orions have not attempted to contact us. I will have medical check the passageway," he replies.

"Proceed. Not much choice then. We must list him as missing in action and move on regardless. We can't contact any other ship yet for help to find the Orions," she said.

"No rescue attempt then, CDR? We've got enough tech data on the Orion ship. We've got a good chance to find it," he suggests. Unstoffe understands the mission must come first, but has a hard time abandoning the XO.

"We have our orders. Proceed to the rendezvous. Keep and process the data. The time may come in the future," the Acting Captain said.

"Aye, sir," he acknowledges the order. ~It can't be an easy decision for her, either,~ he thinks.  Moving slightly closer, he whispers to avoid being overheard. "Yeoman Tsundra said you spoke with the Kaptein. Do we know the coordinates for delivering Aren?" he asks.

She replies very quietly and resolutely, "I have what we need to know. I also have something for us to listen to when we both have the time."

"I will make the time," he volunteers immediately, eager to hear anything from the Captain.

"Good," CENG replies. She rubs her thumb back and forth on the disk in her pocket, wondering what it says.

"Status of second probe?" she asks.

"Loaded and ready for launch. I am waiting until we are fully clear of the cloaked ship's sensors to activate it," he informs her.

"Yes, that is very important. Any theories as to who may own the cloaked ship?" she asks.

"The warp signature is too diffuse at this range to get a good signature match. Most likely subject is the Romulans. They've already attacked us more than once and are the most experienced with cloaks," CSEC opines.

"Unfortunately, we can't go active and learn some more," she says.  ~Or turn the Eagle into a Constitution class ship and call the bluff,~ she thinks to herself.


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