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LTjg Richards,ASEC, & Ensign Hanson, AENG

Joint Logs by Myth and Nouri based on a mini sim

Title:  PizzaPIED PIPER, Part One
Setting: USS Eagle
Time: About two hours after "Bot Wait There's More! Part Four" ((  ))
Concurrent with "Decisions, Part Two" ((  ))
Location: LTjg Richards' quarters

  Leah leaned against the wall of the turbolift with a sigh. She was grateful for the chance to make up for her errors and be on duty again, but it might have waited a few more minutes! She still had the blasted robots to deal with. Even now she wasn't exactly supposed to be dealing with them now; she'd been ordered to check out Aren's quarters personally. BUT, Commander Unstoffe had ALSO suggested before that she deal with the robots at the earliest moment. This counted, as far as she was concerned. The turbolift door's opened and she hurried to her quarters. No one in the hall, she entered. Her gaze lit on the pizza box from before ... now missing a number of slices ... which meant...

  Hanson was back. "Was it the pizza or the 'bot that you came back for?" she asked the engineer working on the 'Mrs'. At least Bob and the littleuns seemed to be hiding.

  "Neither," Hanson replied deliberately enigmatic.

  Well, that was confusing - what else did the guy care about, after all? "Then ... what?" she asked.

  Hanson just shrugged. He did not want to tell her yet. He didn't know when he first came how he ended up at her quarters, but after having been there awhile he had figured out the unconscious reason.

  The lack of concise communication was aggravating, but Leah just didn't have the time to waste arguing with him. She got to the point, "You can fix her?"

  "Yes, but I need some parts and to take her into the small machine shop," he explained.

  While Hanson answered, Leah glanced around the room, paying attention to any obvious hiding spots for little robots. "Why the 'shop?" she asked, cautiously. Obviously, she couldn't let him take Mrs. Bob out of the room. There was enough trouble already without getting him that deeply involved. "And," she added, "how long would all that take?"

  "I don't know with all the special repair jobs. It will take a long time for the CENG to honor my request, I think," Hanson replied thoughtfully. Although the CO and CENG encouraged crew to work on their own special projects, there were rules in place to prevent the projects from interfering with the smooth operation of the vessel and other special projects. All projects had to be cleared with the CENG and worked into an agreeable time table. With all the damage the ship had sustained, those protocols were even more important.

  Leah's communicator chirped and the security team passed on a quick report. Leah scowled and quickly acknowledged the report. She'd barely finished that when Unstoffe paged her too. THAT Hanson shouldn't over hear. "Excuse me." She ducked in to the hall again, "Richards here, sir." She didn't bother elaborating on exactly what 'here' referred to.

  Unstoffe immediately asked whether she'd found anything at Aren's quarters or not. Leah tried to answer that one as delicately as possible ... wouldn't do to be caught out bending orders again too soon. "I'm on my way sir- I was taking care of that 'problem'." Hopefully he'd catch the reference to Bob without making her spell it out again... in case Hanson was bothering to listen in.

  Without indicating whether he caught the reference or not he emphasized, "It is critical you pull out any evidence he left behind. Take it apart if you have to."

   Lucky day - He didn't yell or even reprimand much, just pointed out it was an important task. "Aye, sir." Leah signed off relieved, and popped back into her quarters. "You were sayin' somethin' about the CENG?" she prompted Hanson.

  Hanson's stomach growled again. "Would you mind, please, passing another piece my way?" he asked.

  Now this guy was pushing it. Leah passed the slice over with a scowl and grumble. "You cannot inform ANYONE of her presence here." Bad enough that Hanson knew, that brought the total up to three with Unstoffe and the Captain.

  Hanson took the pizza and munched.  "Why not?" he asked curiously in between munches but not swallows.~~Maybe, I'll get to hear the story of how she aquired this bot, after all?~~ he thought.

  Leah's patience ran out. "That's not important. Consider it an order, all right? I have to get back to work." She turned toward the door hoping he'd take that as an answer for the time being. She really DID have to go deal with Aren's quarters anyway.

  Hanson snorted derisively. "Order?" he laughed. Part of the reason he was still an Ensign was because of his difficulties taking orders.

  Now this was the last straw. Leah did not take to being laughed at readily. Especially by someone as annoying as Hanson. It only made it worse that she was dependent on him to fix Mrs. Bob. Otherwise there were faster ways to deal with him than arguing. "Is there something funny, ENSIGN?" she snarled it, unconsciously imitating the menacing tone of a disliked drill master from the Academy.

  This only provoked Hanson further. He was very agitated now and laughed again. Wiping a greasy paw on his pants, he reached into his pocket and took out ... something ... something odd and cylindrical shaped. He pressed it to his lips and blew. Nothing happened or so it seemed. There was no sound detectable to humans and no immediately discernible action.

  ~Now what?~ Leah wondered. Hanson was just getting weirder and weirder!

  Suddenly, all the little bots came pouring out and so did Bob. A great sea of them teetered and toddled and skittered towards the mechanically inclined Pied Piper.

  ??Was it possible somehow that there were even more bots than before??

  Now Hanson's action made a little more sense. Leah's stomach twisted into a nervous knot. This was a veeeery bad sign.


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