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LTjg Leah Richards, ASEC & Chalandra, Mother to Four

Joint Logs by Myth and Nouri

Title: Red Alert! Part Three
Setting: USS Eagle
Time: During the attack by the Orions
Location: Ensign Petrescu's quarters

          As they talked all four children peered out. Two looked out from the kitchen. This time the older child had a sticky face as well. Two more from the back room peered out more timidly.

       Things were getting very confusing. The ship Chalandra seemed to be referring to was long gone. "It's safe now. They left, so you don't have to worry."

       But Chalandra did worry. She was not reassured. "Did they find what they were looking for?" she asked. If they did or thought they did maybe she, her children and the ship would be safe from these reoccurring attacks. As she asked this the jam faced child, not more than four, went closer to LTjg Richards, admiring her and her phaser. "Wow, you were really great...just like," she started to say.

       "Tiama! " Chalandra yelled to interrupt her. "Don't get too near her dear," she said more softly.

       Leah stepped away from the jam covered Tiama. "Either they got whatever they came for or they left because the Commander scarred them off. Regardless, they're gone now."

       Tiama got suddenly quiet but stayed near the Starfleet officer. Kids were something Leah preferred to steer clear of, and now was no exception. She purposefully ignored the little girl hoping something else would distract Tiama and pull her away.

       "They said they were looking for someone. Did they find them? Why did they leave suddenly?" she asked. She wondered as she asked when Lily would be off shift so she can get her to baby-sit so she could visit the Captain alone. There was something urgent is on her mind and it was more than just what it appeared to be.

       Chalandra seemed to be pretty upset about something; Leah couldn't just leave her like that with kids to look out for. They would probably just act up more than usual. "Calm down. I have no idea if they found anyone at all - I haven't reported in yet, so I haven't been told anything yet, OK?" Leah didn't really intend to report in either. If she could get away with it she wanted to head straight back to her quarters and deal with the 'bots.

       Tiama got closer again, admiring the weapon. It was very interesting and made the bad men go away. She wanted to touch it very much.

       Guessing it was the shiny phaser that had the girl so entranced, Leah stepped away yet again and 'hid' the weapon with her arm. Maybe now Tiama would go do something else… like eat some more sweets.

       Tiama's little sticky face dropped from that too excited peppy bouncy look as she saw Leah cover the weapon with her arm.

       Chalandra took a deep breath. "Sorry dear. Very upsetting. I need to know how safe we are here and if those dreadful Orions will be back," she tried to explain.

       "You're safe enough - nothing really happened anyway." Leah didn't voice the question of where else Chalandra would go if the Eagle didn't meet her standards of safety. It wasn't like there were ships or starbases all around.

       "Any other ships near us?" she asked wondering if she had made the right choice to stay onboard the Eagle.

       But impatience over rode better judgment. "No," Leah answered flatly, "you're pretty much stuck."

       "Nothing?! Two big men with weapons forced the doors open and came in here and threatened us! How did they get on the ship to begin with?" she asked. ~~Even if no one was hurt, how could this young woman think it was nothing? We could have been killed or worse! ~~ Chalandra thought.

       "But they didn't hurt anyone!" Leah protested. Not unless one of kiddies was hurt and hadn't yet made a peep… which didn't seem likely.

       "How do you know? You said you did not see them all or know how many there were," she asked with alarm.

       "I meant they didn't hurt anyone here. You and your whole brood of kiddies are fine, so calm down already!" If she had little experience with kids, Leah had even less experience with civilians on starships. This kind of panic was entirely beyond her understanding. In answer to Chalandra's question of how the Orions had even gotten on the ship she could only shrug. "I already said I don't know anything yet. I'm sorry."

       Chalandra realized she wasn't getting anywhere and didn't mean to get all upset. She could normally hold her cool pretty fine and certainly had the experience in dangerous situations but the situation she was in was stressing her out near her limits. A lot was riding on her ."I apologize also. I am just worried about everyone that is all and want to know how safe it is here. Thank you for rescuing us. Can I offer your something?" she asked.

       The sudden change in Chalandra's mood was definitely weird… but it was leaving an opening for escape. "No… thanks, but I have to go um… report in." ~Or rather go cage up some robots.~

       Chalandra smiled politely. "All right, thank you again. Please come back and say hi, we try to keep to ourselves and out of the way and are grateful for the ride," she said.

       "Sure." Leah replied instinctively before she remembered that might not be possible in the near future. She was supposed to be restricted to her quarters for the moment. "I mean, I'll try when I get the chance," she smiled as she quickly amended her agreement. "I really think you are safe here," she added as a reassurance.

       Chalandra smiled and seemed a bit calmer now, "Thank you."

       "Right..." ~Phew~ "You're welcome." Leah stepped back toward the door eager to flee.

       Tiama rushed Leah and gave her a sticky hug. "Bai bye," she said hugging the security officer tightly and adoringly.

       The sudden mauling was a surprise. It took a moment to realize the kid meant to hug her and wasn't trying to tackle her. "Ooh… bye." Leah carefully disentangled herself from the sticky grasp, without bothering to return the hug.

       "Sorry," said Chalandra noticing all the red jam on the uniform. She turned to the sticky child and said, "Tiama...time to get cleaned up." Tiama's little face fell again. She did not like to get cleaned up.

       The jam blended in more or less as it soaked into her pants, and the color nearly matched the top half anyway. "No, it's OK…"

       "It's hard for them cooped up here and at that awful station," she tried to explain.

       "I'm sure it is." Leah agreed again, even though she had to wonder why someone wouldn't consider that before lugging the kiddies out into space.

       Obviously ignoring Tiama hadn't quite worked. "Be good for your Mom, OK?"

       Tiama grinned wide. "Sure! " she said admiringly.

       Leah smiled back. "OK then," she turned back to Chalandra. "Take it easy." Freedom was insight! She stepped closer to the door.

       "Bye," Chalandra said.

       Leah waved over her shoulder and ducked into the blessedly child-free corridor. Being locked up with a bunch of angry Klingons would be easier than being stuck with even just a handful of kids. Yeesh!

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