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LT S'Tronn, AMO & Yeoman Naomi Tsundra

Title: A Matter of Time, Part Six
Setting: USS Eagle
Time: Several days after "A Matter of Time, Part Five " (( ))
Concurrent with "Bot Wait There is More! Part Three" (( ))
Location: Captain Kematsopoulos' Quarters

The Captain was readmitted to Sickbay with a mysterious infection. After a few days there, Dr. S'Tronn and Dr. Sullivan agreed to release him to his quarters to be attended to by Yeoman Tsundra. There wasn't much more that could be done for the Captain in his current condition and Yeoman Tsundra had given them some surprising news of the Captain's last wishes.

"Listen, you know I'd do anything for him after all he's done for the crew, and me personally, but I don't like this. Not one bit. For the record, I don't think this is wise," Dr. S'Tronn said scanning the Captain and setting up some monitors on his bed.

"I know, but we have to get him out of Sickbay. He'll get killed there," Yeoman Naomi Tsundra repeated her position in an eerie tone.

"I know you believe that to be true, but his chances of survival really are better in Sickbay. We have equipment there to sustain his life artificially if we need to so we can get to a starbase which is what we really need to do for him. I'd really like to know why - or how - you have come under the belief that he is not safe in Sickbay."

"It's a feeling I can't explain and jumping ahead to the core of the dilemma. You know we can't go to a starbase now, or even in a few weeks. We have orders to transport our passenger to a safe place for debriefing. It won't be permitted to stop at a starbase before and expose the spy to more risks. Not even Dr. Woo's (Cap K's grandmother) influence and the pull of Admiral Tereshkova and Rear Admiral Tsiolkovsky (Val's parents) combined could change this even if they would risk the Federation for it," she said setting up some religious objects.

Dr. S'Tronn sighed, showing he was still recovering from the alien possession. It took a hard toll on all the Vulcans on board and with his mixed heritage of being part Betazed it made it all the worse. (( "What's on the Menu" series at ))

"You have his power of attorney and the right to enact his living will. He will not survive the next few days, much less the month we need to get him to a starbase. I know my duty, besides the ethical and legal obligations that you have made so abundantly clear," he said.

Dr. S'Tronn didn't like it at all, especially the sudden change of the will. Tsundra had him and he knew it, but he was going to put her on notice and try and confirm something he suspected.

"How long have you known Dr. Woo? May I presume your assignment here as a mere yeoman with your impressive credentials and background was not an easy thing to accomplish?"

"Sufficiently long. I believe that answers both questions," she said obsequiously tucking in the CO in a rather motherly fashion.

"If I feel I have erred in this or you have withheld important information from me, I will change my orders," he warned. Dr. S'Tronn knew that going against Dr. Woo's wishes could easily end both his medical and Starfleet career. "Make no mistake about that no matter how sincere you believe this to be best course of treatment and even if you were in Crete in '67." He timed this last surprise for Yeoman Tsundra carefully and watched for her reaction.

With no change in emotion, the mysterious, enigmatic woman replied. "I must applaud you. You are very good at research as evident in your locating the link between the parasitical secretions and how they enhance the brain's ability to fight Pan'aar Syndrome through clearing degraded neuropeptides and increasing the uptake of the neuromodulating ogliopeptides and . . . " she paused deliberately, " . . . of course your interest in '67," she finished.

~~Ah!~~ Dr. S'Tronn thought.~~ She has confirmed it. So much the better and so much the worse.~~

Suddenly, the red alert sirens blazed and the ship shook as if under fire.

Dr. S'Tronn winced and let emotions show again. The timing could have not have been worse. He planned was to stay with CO for several hours and for a certain procedure.

"I am sorry. I must get back to Sickbay. Keep me updated. I'll leave the antigrav stretcher here in case you need to move him. I don't recommend that you try to proceed without me. I strongly advise against that until I return, even though I know you are," he paused, "more than qualified." He made sure she got his double meaning as he fired off his last ammo in his war of words with her.

Yeoman Tsundra tried to reassure him. "I will do what is best and shield you from any repercussions from that," she said.

"It's not that that worries me. It is that part of me believes you are right. I can't explain it either," he explained. ~~It certainly was not logical,~~ he thought to himself. ~~I'll blame my Betazed heritage for this one.~~

"Good bye," he said curtly leaving for Sickbay to prepare for and receive casualties.


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