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Title: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee, Part One
Stardate: 200603.07
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: CO's Quarters

Beep! Beep! Beep!

In the Captain's quarters, the alarm goes off. The man awakes from his disjointed and disturbing dreams to find himself in a dark room and uncertain where, when or even who he is.  

He groans groggily. "Computer, identify time and date of now," he orders in broken Federation Standard.

Computer> 06:00 Stardate 200603.07

He repeats back confused, "Stardate 200603.07 ?"

Computer> Affirmative.

"Computer, lights on. Coffee on," he orders, awake enough now to fix his grammar but not for much else.

No lights. ~~Nothing,~~ he thinks.

He smells the coffee. ~~One out of two at least,~~ he muses.

He tries again, but more slowly, "Computer, lights on."

As he continues to wake up he begins to lose pieces and chunks of his dreams as he finally remembers that maybe, just maybe, something is not wrong with the lights. . .

Computer> Request granted. Lights activated.

The computer confirms and removes all fuzzy doubt from his waking mind. It is not the lights; it is him. He fully awakes and loses most of the dream as often happens when awoken by a shock.  The cold reality that the lights are indeed on and that he is blind sets in and replaces it  instead.

This time, at least, he recalls more of the dream. Specifically, the sleek craft he remembers more an attack of some sort and some details of the cockpit. But it still does not make any sense. He was told that he was a Captain of an Oberth vessel. Sure, it is a small ship, but not as small as the one in his dreams and not, it seemed to him, as advanced in technology. There was nothing like this craft on board . . . unless .. unless perhaps it was taken from the anomaly? But then why was he flying it alone? Why was he told the story that he had an accident in the cargo bay? Is the answer to this in the classified cargo areas? On the classified computer in the Captain's quarters?

If only he could figure out the password and codes.  But alas if he ever knew them they were lost with his memory. He had been able to obtain most of the rest of the ship's information he needed to know because he had been able to access them with a simple ID of a voice command. Other more sensitive data required password and codes...

The man rubs his eyes out of habit and sits up. He reaches for his robe and on the nightstand and into its pocket for the devices to help him see. He activates them and puts the receiver in his ear.

He listens and hears the "wee attentive metal beasties", as LTjg Richards had called them the night before, come over to his bedside. The device in his ear tells him which machines had come. He smiles. The Eagle had special people onboard to have made and sent him all these presents. If only he could remember them or any of his time on the Eagle before he woke up in Sickbay. He had spent his free time ever since then scouring all the records of the ship to find out what had happened as best as he could but that didn't help. He didn't remember. He tried several times also to access the classified material but could not. It was not his blindness that kept him from reading the materials, he had enough technology about to do that.  The problem was that he couldn't remember the passwords and codes.

The man becomes more lucid and more awake as he ponders all these things. As in all of the other days, what little memory of events to explain his situation vanishes as he applies more logic to try and solve it. He gives up working on it for now and walks to his kitchen. The arnwahk gift from the night before happily trails behind him like some odd mechanical puppy dog, having been transformed from a deadly Vulcan guard bot from a mission he could not remember with people he could not remember.

"Here boy, here boy," the man says as he kneels down. The arnwahk jumps excitedly into his hand. It was so odd, so very odd, to him that he could remember being a boy and playing with the toy arnwahks. He could even remember the dig where a real original and deadly one had been uncovered. That one had nearly killed him and his family and the whole party at the ancient crash site that was excavated when he was about eight. But he could not recall telling the story on the away mission of how he recognized what an arnwahk was and how he knew what to do. He could remember nothing. Nothing. Nothing about the Eagle and nothing about any events or people involving her. The only people he remembers on the Eagle are from a time before the Eagle and that was the XO and CENG. Jim and Val were from the Academy. He also thinks he had some vague memory of what may have been the CMO meeting his grandmother, but he isn't sure because he cannot see her.

"Anyone here?" he asks.

No response.

That is a relief. As much as he did enjoy the visitors who came to wish him well, and the research with Dr. Porter, he has not had much alone time or quiet time since the accident. His Yeoman barely left his side too on orders of the CMO to keep a watchful eye on him.

He checks to be sure that he really is alone.

"Computer, Quantify, identify, occupants of the room," he asks.

Computer> One. Human. Captain Kematsopoulos.

The man sighs. He is glad to be alone, but does not agree with the computer. He has no recollection of making Captain either.

~~Am I really who everyone thinks I am?~~ he wonders.

He turns his concentration now instead to something more fruitful and puts the arnwahk on his shoulder. He heads over to get the coffee and some breakfast. He hasn't felt like going to the wardroom or crews mess since the accident. He never, of course, had to worry about things like food since his Yeoman would bring him anything he needed or wanted. Everything except of course his memory. He sighs and wonders how long until he remembers and if it would be before he would get the operation from the CMO to restore his sight. He hopes that being able to see again will trigger his memories since time and listening to the computer  tell him about it in detail didn't work.

He does not want to tell CMO about the memory problems.  It isn't just guarantee new flurry of tests that she would order for him. Nor is it the absolute certainty of not being allowed back to full duties, even if he could see and wasn't dizzy most of the time. It is something else. Something very odd is gnawing at him. It is a feeling, a sense, beyond any reason and beyond any logic, that it would be extremely bad and cause something terrible to happen to the ship if word of what happened to before or during the accident got out or entered into the records. He does not understand it and recognizes it as probably totally irrational, but because he had no idea what had happened, he could not shine that light of knowledge or reason on the matter to dispel the dark and growing feeling in the pit of his soul that something is very wrong.

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