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Title: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee, Part Two
Stardate: 2000603.07
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: CO's Quarters

The man, known as the Captain, is making some coffee in the tiny kitchen in the Captain's quarters. Having recently lost his sight, he touches the tea cups on the way to the coffee mug to find it. As he does so, he lingers on his teacup from last night. It is odd and strangely compelling to him to keep touching it and try to remember. It seems to him that there is some sort of memory fragment associated with the cup that goes beyond a simple cup of tea and beyond last night. He touches longer, hoping that maybe the act of touching would somehow be a trigger for his memory, like looking at things might be if he could see. He recalls his evening with LTjg Richards and then it comes to him, an idea about the codes. He had been racking his brain ever since he woke up in Sickbay trying to figure out the codes and passwords he might use if he were Captain or how he might cycle through having to make up and remember so many codes and code changes.

~~Maybe I changed the codes based on certain events?  That could provide an easy framework for constant change and as long as no one knew the pattern or had examples, that method could last for a while. Or maybe I did that already and that method ran its course? No, I should not be second guessing myself. There is no time for that. I can pursue a better course of action, if I can figure out one. This is all I have to guess at for now. I might as well test it,~~ he thinks to himself.

The man gets the coffee cup and begins pouring with one hand and uses the other to hold the cup. He listens carefully for that special higher pitched, less hollow sound you hear that happens when an object becomes almost full of a liquid.

~~If the code could be related to recent events, then perhaps I will remember it if I just review what the lieutenant said enough,~~ he thinks.

"Computer, secure quarters," he orders as the coffee runs over from his distraction.  

"Aiyee," he says as he brings the slightly injured hand from the hot coffee up. He cleans up, trying to remember all the events of the wormhole that LTjg Richards had told him the night before.

He tries hard but nothing comes to mind. Then his frustrated frown turns to a smile as he reviews it all again,~~ ... The Star Light Road... The Sundering vessel itself... Perhaps that is it??~~

Having run out of milk and sugar, he brings the cup of black coffee over to the classified materials reader and gently puts the arnwahk down. It skitters down the desk until it ends up near his feet, curls up and puts itself into suspend mode. The man opens the reader, flips the switch on, and pushes the appropriate buttons as he had previously rehearsed with his Yeoman. Of course, he didn't get any farther than that, nor would he, even if he could have remembered the codes at the time. He wouldn't have permitted her or anyone else unauthorized access. Part of him isn't even sure he should be trying to gain access, but there wasn't much choice. He needed some answers fast.

Over the last two days, he was beginning to feel more and more that he may not be the Captain and that he may not even belong on the Eagle, but he had nothing tangible to base that on. He does know that he has to find the missing pieces soon and if nothing else figure out or dismiss this terrible feeling that it was imperative that the records should not include something. But what? And why? He could not remember.

He sits down and sips the coffee, grimacing slightly because it is black and because one person now knew about the memory loss part. LTjg Richards had figured a piece of it out last night. He was able to minimize the damage by telling her that he did not remember the event of and events surrounding the wormhole. That was true of course but not the whole truth.  He didn't tell her all of it, that he didn't remember any time at all on the Eagle. He hoped that the young security officer would keep his secret for now and give him some time to remember as she promised. If accessing these files worked to trigger his memory he'd be home free and not need to tell anyone else and still keep the promise.

VRRP.SKERETAATATTAT.VRUMM. VRUM. He listens to the machine waiting for it to make the right sequence of noises to indicate it was ready. Then finally, he hears the steady thrum and decides the reader is ready. He puts his chin on the chin rest.

"Identify for retina scan," announces the machine in a flat, emotionless, female voice. (( ))

The green light activates. It flashes and enters his eye. It reflects off his retina and the image of his retina is sent to the machine. The image runs through the complicated identification algorithm buried within the programming of the reader. But the man could see none of it to know for sure that it was happening (Note: Our classified reader is slightly different from movies.) The man tries to remain still waiting for the machine to tell him who he is. It would either announce the confirmation of his identity or the opposite. He is worried. He had now reached the point that he was not believing that he was the Captain. ~~Am I really who they think I am?~~ he wonders. ~~The Captain part certainly does not feel right,~~ he thinks hard while he waits for the machine to finish the step.

"Retina Scan complete. Identity confirmed," it announces.

"Greetings, Captain Kematsopoulos," it says.

The man breathes a sigh of relief. ~~If I am not Nouristao Kematsopoulos, I don't know who else I could be. I seem to remember almost everything else fine according to the records. It's just the Eagle and the other part,~~ he thinks.

"Authorization code requested," the reader asks following the security protocols.

~~So far so good. Now for the hard part,~~ the man thinks.

"Ana, nina, shanna, shanna," he says in Vulcan.

"Incorrect," it replies.

"Io, re, rhi, rhi," he tries again the same numbers, but this time in Romulan.

"Incorrect. Last attempt before shutdown and notification sequence," it warns.

This was it, his last try before Security would be notified.

~~Third time's a charm or an instant trip to Sickbay,~~ he tries to joke as he thinks. ~~OK, change the code or the language?... Old Golic?? No, that was always very hard for me and it's a fairly obvious choice given the event. Perhaps an opposite race to both the Vulcans and Romulans... Here goes everything...~~ he thinks to himself.

"Wa' , cha',  vagh,  vagh," he says curtly in Klingon.

"Password confirmed. Select function," it asks.

The man breathes a sigh of relief. ~~I am in. Now what to check first for some answers?~~ he wonders.

The reader scrolls a large menu to choose from. He hears the screen update but sees nothing.  ~~What is on there?~~ he wonders. ~~An answer to my missing past? Secret mission orders that can explain both my and the ship's current situation? Something that will corroborate or dispel this horrible feeling that the CMO and others should not know exactly what happened and that I can't remember?~~

"Reader  -  Execute: Verbal interface. Settings: Speed = 5.0. Pitch control = 4.0. Voice =Human baritone," he orders.

The reader spits out the contents of the menu at high speed. It does not sound high and tinny because the pitch was dropped to help compensate.

"Reader - Function: List orders for the last 90 standard days.  Most recent first. Reader - Function: List titles of any notes, addendums, or reports made by myself. Most recent first. Execute," he says.

The reader dutifully and simultaneously scrolls and spits the titles of those entries.

His dark eyes open wide after the first five entries even though they see nothing. The man called the Captain now knows where to begin work to figure out what happened to him and what secret he was there to protect ... and maybe just maybe he'd figure out how to make this all right.


The intercom buzzes.

"Captain? It's locked," states Yeoman Perksandra a bit puzzled and miffed.

The man sighs. ~~It will have to wait. At least the hard part was over. I know the code to get in and the computer recognized me from the retina scan,~~ he thinks.

"Reader - Function: End session. Secure and lock down ," he orders. The machine makes another series of chirps and whistles and then is silent.

"Computer unsecure doors," he orders again.

"Good morning," he says trying not so show his disappointment from having to abort the attempts to learn what happened to him, what is in the cargo bay and what the last secret orders were.

"Good morning," she repeats back all bouncy and perky picking up on something amiss, but saying nothing. ~~The Captain sure has been acting odd since the accident, ~~ she thinks to herself.

The man smiles in spite of this small setback in getting access to the classified records, recalling the crew's nickname for this young woman. 'Yeoman Perky' was certainly a good fit for her personality.

The Yeoman heads off directly the kitchen, drops off the containers in his kitchen and checks his supplies.

"Wow, you sure are using a lot of milk and soy milk, sir. You haven't done that in a long time with your coffee and tea. Do you think you will be returning to this old habit for a while or would perhaps you will be going back to your usual black coffee in the morning?" she asks.

The  man looks at her oddly.  ~~Was that it?!!~~ he wonders, shifting to stare at the black coffee even though he could not see it. Is this another key to solving this puzzle and his predicament?

"Perhaps?" he replies deep in thought.

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