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Title: Per Chance to Dream, Part Two
Stardate: 2000603.07 (The morning after the last log)
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: CO's quarters

The man fell asleep eventually thinking about his wife and his time on Vulcan. And like the other nights it was not a restful slumber. His dreams were a muddle of different jumbled events and he leapt from one to another.

Setting: The Den of a Le-Matya
Location:  The Cheleb-khor Dessert, Vulcan
Time: After Sunset,  2270s

The two frightened, young children huddled together for warmth and out of fear. Lost, they now found themselves trapped in a cave that was the den of a Le-matya, a feline predator with poisonous fangs indigenous to Vulcan. They embraced tightly and were comforted by each other's strength.

The larger child was panting and dizzy. He tried hard to concentrate and regulate his breathing. The air was much too thin for him.

"Here," said the smaller child as she gave him some more tri-ox compound. "I took some extra before we left, just in case."

"Good thinking," he said.

"And have some of this," she handed him the cir-cen they had collected.

"Nemaiyo (Thank you)," he said tentatively, testing out his Vulcan.  He munched on the cactus-like plant, drawing out its precious, life sustaining waters. He was getting a fast course in desert survival.

"S'Tao?" she said. "Are you scared?"

"No," he lied rather poorly. She thought it odd that he made no attempt to hide the lie, as he always did.

"Are you scared?" he asked.

"Of course not!" she lied more convincingly, compelling herself to believe the lie. "I am Vulcan," she said defiantly.

"Half Vulcan," he corrected and then asked seriously, " So, how is the other half?"

"Not scared," she lied less persuasively.

"I am sorry. I got you into this. It was my idea to see the cubs," she sobbed.

"It is not your fault. It was my idea to leave that boring dig our parents were on. My fault. I am sorry," he said moving a tendril of hair out of her soggy eyes and wiping her tears gently with the side of his index finger.

"How soon until you think the cub's mother comes?" she asked very quietly, her fear now showing fully.

He stared at the hungry cubs, sniffed and sensed the air. "Five or ten minutes, maybe more... I dunno."

"What will we do?" she said in a very small voice.

"I dunno yet," he said trying to make his voice sound bigger to somehow make up for hers sounding so tiny.

"How is your siyhonick training going, T'Nar?" he asked unsure how to pronounce the word in any of the languages he spoke. He was hoping she could use that on the big cat.

"Not very well," she replied.

"Oh," he said and scrunched his face up to help him think harder.

"My Aunt is so upset. She says I'll never be a good Vulcan."

"You don't have to be a good Vulcan. You can be a good Terran or maybe even a valit (type of small Vulcan rodent) or shavokh (type of Vulcan hunting bird)," he joked.

"I'll never fit in ..." she said sadly, "... in either world. My parents are going to have the bonding severed. I have to fit in here. I have to live with my Aunt."

"Oh," he said unsure of what else to say. Her Aunt was the "most Vulcan Vulcan" he had ever met. He gulped.

"If I ever get out of this I promise to study harder," she stared at the twin cubs. The human boy picked up one and handed it to her. He picked up the other to hold himself.

He laughed at its funny face trying to lick him. That released the nervous energy that was blocking his thoughts. His eyes grew blacker and more intense. He was deep in concentration now. He paused to bring himself out of the almost trance like state. He had an idea.

"Sure you will..." He cocked an eyebrow and made a fair impression of a Vulcan. "Now I doubt your intent to leave the cave."

"Stop joking," she demanded.

"Or perhaps this will provide a stimulus to greater success," he said in a parody of a Vulcan dignitary's conversation he had overheard.

"Shut up," she said, mocking him in Cantonese, and doing a fair impression of his mom talking to his dad. She hit him and that was OK. But she did hit hard. She could show her human side around him. He wouldn't tell. He never did. But his arm sure smart. It would be one a whopper of a bruise. He rubbed it.

"My Aunt is gonna kill me if we make it," she whimpered.

"Then I hope she kills you," he deliberately imitated Vulcan logic to annoy her.

She hit him again.

"OW!" he exclaimed. This one was a lot harder.

~~Good,~~ he thought, ~~she is mad now and not scared. I can go.~~He had done all that on purpose.

"I'll be right back. I want to check that uh, whatever it is called, over there," he pointed and explained.

He put down the cub and disappeared quickly into the recesses of the dark cave. Unknown to his parents, he was getting some extra training of his own.

A few minutes later:

"S'Tao? Where are you? I am scared," she said in a tiny voice making her seem younger than six years.

"I am here," he said.

Then he popped up right behind her and said with an impish grin, "Right here."

"I hate that when you do that," she said sullenly.

He laughed. She went to hit him again but this time he dodged expertly.

He grinned full of mischievous intent. He liked practical jokes and sneaking up on people - something that was much harder to do on Vulcan than other places his parents had been on archaeological digs. It was one of the few challenges he had to relieve his boredom. And to the dismay of all adults around him, he kept looking for new ones.

He grinned again, "Then you will get to hate me for a long time," he said again mockingly.

"...because I got it. I got our way out! "he said and whispered his idea into her pointed ear.

"I don't like it, but we have to hurry. It's getting colder which means it's getting dark..."  she started to say.         

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