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Title: Per Chance to Dream (spelling choice deliberate)
Stardate: 2000603.06 (After the party and before the USS Valkyrie arrives)
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: CO's quarters

The man walked LTjg Richards to his door. He thanked her again and said good-bye. She had stopped by to give him a present, an arnwahk ( from the Star Light Road (Specs: Stories: and related pages), and they had shared some tea and conversation. He listened and heard her footsteps get softer and softer until she turned the corner. Then he went back to where he was staying.

It was wonderfully quiet now with the absence of Dr. Porter and his snoring. He had been asleep on the couch when the lieutenant had first stopped by. The man had enjoyed his time researching with the elderly scientist but soon that would be over. He was glad to have an offer to join him at the Institute and partially seriously considering it as something to look forward to, if he did not recover his memory. He hoped the young lieutenant would not tell anyone about the discussion they had. Right now she was the only one that knew he had no recollection of any events in the wormhole or after them until waking up in Sickbay. He knew he could have ordered her not to tell but didn't feel that was right.  He would have told the CMO or Jim (XO) or even Val (CENG) but some uncomfortable feeling kept stopping him. It made him feel that it would be bad for him to do so and he did not know why. He hoped with more time, he'd remember or at least know why he felt that way.

The man went back to the tiny kitchen, one of the extra privileges of being Captain, and picked up the two cups and their companion saucers. He was adjusting to being blind better than he had expected and very glad that it was temporary. His biggest problems as he defined them were his memory and conversely what memory fragments he did have. He kept having the oddest nightmares. Were they nightmares about the last thing he could remember or was it just allegorical? He thought at first it was allegorical. Now he wasn't sure. He washed and put the cups and saucers away after oddly running his hands over the last teacup as if somehow there was an answer hidden in there.

The man wanted to do some more work but was too exhausted and headed for bed.  He opened up the partition between the tiny room he had for entertaining or small meetings, another perk for being Captain, and his bedroom. He sat on the bed and took off his boots, socks and then knocked something over when he went to take off his red uniform jacket. He felt around the deck until he found it. The man picked it up and felt the picture he could not see that he assumed was of his late wife. It was smooth except for small dent on the frame. That was all the information it gave his fingers.  He had no idea if the dent was there or just came into existence when he knocked it over.  He put the picture back after thinking how much he missed her and finished changing and getting ready for bed.  He was tired, so very tired, but sleep had been difficult since the cargo accident. It would bring the odd dreams and memory fragments. He could recall having them but hardly any details until recently. When he became a wake in the morning the whole entire dream would vanish like fog in the sunlight leaving just little wisps and tendrils to capture and tug at his memory. He hoped this time, if he had the chance to dream this same dream, that maybe he'd be able to remember it all. Each time he dreamed he seemed to remember a little bit more per chance to dream.

He was told it was normal to have dreams about events leading up a traumatic accident but his dreams were not of the cargo bay of the USS Eagle where he was told the accident happened.  It wasn't even on the USS Eagle. At least he did not think so. It seemed to be some much smaller and sleeker ship. He seemed to remember something going wrong, possibly evasive maneuvers, and the small craft shaking ... was it an attack? It was very frustrating. He was beginning to believe that it was a dream of something real, not an allegorical one representing his situation, but that did not make any sense. All the logs and reports that he reviewed clearly did not state anything having to do with a smaller craft or him being alone in anything. He laid down in the bed and stared at the overhead (ceiling) even though he could not see it. Was the answer in the classified information he had here in the quarters? If only, he could remember the passwords and encryption codes...

The man sighed. This was going no where again. He thought briefly about the device the CMO had left him to help him sleep.  Instead of the somnetic inducer, he tried some techniques from Vulcan and China. He hoped to enter a meditative state before going to sleep.

"Computer, begin recording all noises in the room" he ordered.

~~ Perhaps that will help too,~~ he thought. Maybe he'd mumble something in his sleep.

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