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Title: Joint Log: STARDATE 200510.30
Location: The Star Light Road, Derelict two, D2
Setting: Stasis Room

In the converted Stasis Room of the Star Light Road, LCDR Lahrs Unstoffe and Ensign Leah Richards search for the Captain and his party who have gone missing.

Several paces behind Ensign Richards are two large cellular slime molds who follow her dutifully. Since a special chemical paint was used to trick the molds into thinking the crew was not food for them, they have been following the young assistant security officer around like they are pets and have been quite protective of her. Quite protective that is except in the face of certain dangers...especially arnwahks.

The Chief of Security, LCDR Unstoffe, checks out the stasis units to ensure the Captain and the others are not in any of them.

"Well, they are not in here," he announces.

Leah notices a path in the dusty floor. "Hey! Commander - there's a trail here!" She bends down to get a closer look at the marks.

"What?  I'll be right there," he turns to join Leah.

"It keeps going . . ." Leah adds, still bent over the dust.

Coming up behind her, Unstoffe pulls out his tricorder and scans the disturbed area in the dust.  After a few seconds he shares the findings.  "Leah, the trail looks like it was made by Glenn, at least according to the tricorder.  Someone or something dragged him this way."  He points further down into the stasis room.  Without hesitation, they both begin to follow the trail until it dead ends at a doorway.  

At the door to the next room Leah stands. "Shall we?" she asks LCDR Unstoffe.

Meanwhile, the two large, cellular slime molds have continued following Ensign Richards. As she and Unstoffe reach the door, the molds stop, their gelatinous masses heaving forward and backward until they settle out into a still pool from the change in inertia.  

The molds back off suddenly and Leah is reminded of the last time they reacted that way. "Oh, not again. More bombs?" She backs off from the door herself uneasily.

Noticing her alarm LCDR Unstoffe observes, "Perhaps we should be cautious."

In no time at all, the reason for the molds' alarm is apparent.  A mechanical looking mobile security device, called an arnwahk, skitters into view on its mechanical legs. Instead of the arnwahk seeking out a target to attack and attach itself too, it exits the room at a slow, measured pace. Hmm make that more of a merry stroll...

As the arnwahk skitters out of the door Leah agrees with LCDR Unstoffe, "I concur."

Passing uncomfortably close to LCDR Unstoffe, the arnwahk oddly ignores him and continues on its way. It appears to be on some mission as if it were not really a killer guard bot, perhaps a child's plaything instead.

As the arnwahk continues on its way Leah comments, "Well, at least it's aloof."

"It's looks more functional than the other one. I wonder where its off to?" asks LCDR Unstoffe in disbelief after seeing the other one in deadly action.

Despite the curious behavior of the arnwahk, Ensign Richards has a single minded approach to security duties, after all it's hard to be secure sans leader. "We should find the Captain, but we can't let it wander either."

The mechanical Vulcan guard bot wanders off merrily on its mission, whatever it is, and leaves the area.

Richard's molds resume following her.

LCDR Unstoffe lets out breath, never having imagined that having two large carnivorous mobile slime molds following him could be a good thing.

"Captain it is," says Richards.

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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