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Guest Alien Logs:Bantos IV- Judy
Title: The Race for Space: Trapped, Part Four
Setting: The ruins of the Federation Observation Team, Kappa Kappa Alpha's Base
Location: Bantos IV

       CLUNK.CLUNK.CLICK. The closet door opened. Her heart stopped. There in front of her was one of those killing light guns! Judy gasped. Lulu screamed. Aldrich remained motionless. Judy quickly pushed Lulu and Aldrich behind her. She braced herself to be shot with the light.

       "It's OK . . . I'm not going to hurt you. I'm here to help," said a short woman about Judy's size. She waved for the security team to put the phasers down and withdraw.

       The CMO of the USS Eagle stepped forward to soothe the children as she tried to get close enough to administer medical attention.

        Judy just glared at the strangers behind tear filled eyes.

        "Will you let me help you?" the doctor asked.

       The children said nothing.

       The CMO tried again, "Can you understand me?"

        Judy yelled, "Go away!" She tried to make her voice sound grown up and angry, but her voice was too frail and cracked. She was too scared to pull it off.

       The youngest girl, Lulu,chimed in, "Go way!!"

       The remaining child, the youngest of all, just stood there dazed and frozen as if paralyzed.

        "Calm down, I want to help you.  I'm a doctor. I'm a member of Starfleet.  What happened to you?  Can you tell me?" the short woman asked.

Guest Alien Log: Judy

Title: The Race for Space: Trapped, Part Five
Setting: The ruins of the Federation Observation Team, Kappa Kappa Alpha's Base
Location: Bantos IV

          The Away Team that the USS Eagle beamed down to search for the missing Federation Observation Team located the base, one missing scientist and three alien children. The oldest, Judy, was almost beginning to believe the Eagle's CMO who told her that she and the other strangers were here to help them, not hurt them. The youngest girl, Lulu, watched the oldest carefully to see what she should do.

       Dr. Laleia-Lii continued to be as calm and soothing as possible. "Will you let me help you?  Where do you hurt?  I can try to make it better," she offered.

          The oldest child said nothing but pointed to the unconscious alien, a Vulcan male.

          The good doctor moved slowly, towards the Vulcan, trying not to alarm the children.

          Lulu finally got the courage to speak. She whispered to her friend, "Judy?"

           The older child whispered back, "What?"

          "I'm scared," she said with fresh tears beginning to roll down her dirty cheeks.

          "Me too. We need to get out of here. We can't do anything for that one (the unconscious Vulcan scientist) anymore and we've got to get back before our parents or anyone else's knows we were here," Judy whispered back.

          The good doctor overheard them and said comfortingly, "There's no reason for you guys to be scared . . . we're here, and you're safe now."

          The older child saw the drawn phasers and looked up at the men holding them. She turned her face to the CMO, "Who is with you?" She needed to figure out if the woman was related to these strangers with the killing light and if she and these others were bad like the last ones who began the killing. Somehow they looked more like the first group of strangers to her, the ones who got hit with the killing light.

          The doctor gestured to the two security officers with her, "They're with me. We're all here to help you."

          The older woman leaned over the unconscious patient and began to slowly and carefully to scan him. The tricolor showed that man was indeed a Vulcan male, middle age, just as he appeared. It automatically checked the DNA of the Vulcan and confirmed him as S'Tronn, medical officer and member of the missing Federation Observation Team. Then it displayed his medical status. He was critical, unstable and unlikely to survive.

        "Why are you so scared of us?" she asked gently. There was a puzzle here and the children had a piece of it. Laleia-Lii could feel it in her old bones.

       The older child glared at the younger girl as if to say nothing.

       The younger one grumbled back and said aloud, "I KNOW! " By this she meant she knew she should not tell the strangers.

       "Hmm," the CMO said aloud more puzzled. "Why won't they tell me?" she wondered.

        The CMO thought and chose her words carefully and asked nonchalantly as she tried in vain to stabilize her patient, "Are you scared of the thing that Johnson is holding?"

          Lulu replied, "Yes," and began to sob uncontrollably.

          "Shh..." the CMO said soothingly. "There's no reason to cry. I could understand how you would be afraid of it.  Sometimes I am, too. But this time, a good person is holding it, and he won't use it to harm
you.  Only to keep other things from harming you.  Do you understand?"

          "What is that?" Judy asked feeling more comfortable and letting her curiosity get the better of her for a moment.

          "What is what?"

          The younger girl was comforted but still warily watching Ensign Johnson's every move.

          "Ohhh . . . the thing that the Ensign is holding?" the doctor asked as she returned to her task which she knew was hopeless

          "Yes. It kills," Judy said not meaning to reveal what she had seen.

        The CMO wasn't sure what to say. She was under strict orders to not reveal their technology to the planet's natives. "It's, uhh...  it's a magic weapon. It shoots . . . magic . . . at things. Yes, it kills, but only if the wrong people use it. Johnson is a good "magician," and he won't use it to hurt anything but monsters."
       "Why does the magic kill?" the CMO said fumbling for some explanation that didn't involve breaking the Admiral's and Captain's orders. "Well, if you got attacked by a monster, would you want the monster to hurt you? This magic is supposed to protect us from monsters, and allow us to protect other people from them as well. It's our job to protect you," she said pleased that it sounded better to her than she had hoped.

       The older child did not buy that for a second. It must be real she reasoned.  She thought some more and got mad at herself for not pretending to believe them. She decided it was best to try to feign believing thinking that maybe these people would just let them go if she pretended to believe. Her priority was to get Lulu and Aldrich back home before anyone noticed. They all had a big secret to keep.

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