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Title: More Questions Than Answers: Countdown to Armageddon, Part  Seventeen
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: Sickbay

The Captain relaxed a bit feeling the tension between the two doctors ease and spoke, "Before the Empress became this way she left a message with our doctor to give to her people. She said it was called the Golovaht."

He would have preferred that Dr. Trava begin treating the Empress immediately, but knowing, sadly, that the Empress' condition was more stable than the planet below and space above, he had to make sure the Galadons received her last message to them and would stand down.

Dr. Trava, the Galadonese CMO from the GSS Protectress shuddered suffering from extreme xenophobia as many Galadons do. If the Empress performed the Golovaht with this short, violet-haired alien in front of her, she was going to have enter into Golovaht with her also to receive the message and authenticate it.

Dr. Laleia-Lii, easily picking up on her xenophobia, tried to reassure the Galadonese doctor, "I know foreigners make you very uncomfortable and I understand, but I give you my solemn vow, as a doctor, that we are genuinely trying to help you.  The Empress's message was this: (and she performed the telepathic equivalent of whispering) ~~. . . she wants peace . . . don't wipe out the Sandokhans . . . and I noticed that she will use the CO for her means, if she has to.~~  The Moeban CMO from the USS Eagle added the last part to put the Galadonese doctor on notice that she knew.

Then the Eagle CMO spoke the rest aloud for everyone to hear, "She was delirious.  I do not know how much we can trust the 'message' that she left with us.  But we should try to honor it."

Dr. Trava replied telepathically ~~Thank you, but I need to "see" that for myself.~~ Dr. Trava knew her duty and obligations. No matter how repugnant she found it to interact with the alien doctor in so intimate a way, she'd have to perform the Golovaht. There was no alternative.

Dr. Laleia-Lii had hoped to avoid the Golovaht forever. She had experienced enough discomfort when the Empress had performed it earlier with her.  The impression she received from the other doctor was  that there was some other piece to this Golovaht and that merely telling the other doctor what the Empress told her through it would not be enough. " . . . you mean?  Oh. It has to go the other way?  This is going to hurt, isn't it?" she voiced her realization and asked.

Dr. Trava smiled grimly, "I don't know your species well enough to answer that. Do your people like to know the truth about those things?"

"Yes, we prefer to know the truth about all things that we deal with. Though we look like children, we do not think like them." Dr. Laleia-Lii, the four foot high Moeban replied.

"It is harder to give the information than receive it," the Galadonese doctor replied.

Dr. Trava gulped hard because of her xenophobia. Her aversion was so strong everyone in the room, telepathic or not could feel it. "OK. I don't know how this will work with your species since my abilities are but a mere shadow of the Empress and well, uh, I have not practiced this myself even with a Galadon . . ." her voice trailed off and she took a deep breath. " . . . I believe it will cause us both some considerable pain," she said, finally finishing the sentence.

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