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USS Eagle, NCC 2185

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Title: More Questions Than Answers: Countdown to Armageddon
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: The Bridge

Meanwhile, Assistant Science Officer Ensign Petrescu noticed unusual power spikes in one of the cities below on the surface of Sirius South

"Commander, unusual power spikes emanating from the Capital City. It appears to be some sort of broadcast. Running a fourier transform analysis now," the brilliant young woman said.

"Very well. Investigate.  Report this to the Captain when he returns," CDR Cline replied, wondering what the inhabitants were up to and which warring faction it was and if this was something that could take the civil war to the space above. He already had plans in place to move the Eagle out of harms way if the Galadons and Tureth carried the firefight to the warships above the planet.

At the same time, LT Ralph Anderson and LCDR Unstoffe were working on the project to disarm the bomb and decrypt the secret message from the mysterious device from Dr. Pangloss' quarters. Concurrently, Anderson's new girlfriend, a Turethian woman named Melania, started to experience severe headaches and disorientation. She was in Ralph's quarters while he went on duty when it happened.

Melania's disorientation increased to the point that she did not know where she was and left Ralph's quarters. She began to believe that she was a prisoner in what she thought was some very large building. "It must be the Galadons," she thought even though her eyes told her the people in the hallways did not look Galadonese nor did they have Galadonese uniforms. She rubbed her head and eyes trying to sort it out. She hid in a utility closet and began sobbing. Her head hurt so much.

The headaches and disorientation hit higher and higher levels. Melania stopped crying and left the closet to search the "building" for a weapon of some kind and an escape route. She found a phaser, set it to kill and hid it in her clothing.  Then something compelled her to go in the direction of Sickbay.

A small voice that grew louder and louder inserted itself into her head. The voice said, "Must kill her. Must kill her. Then I can be free." 

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