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Title: More Questions Than Answers: Countdown to Armageddon, Part  Sixteen
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: Sickbay

Captain Kematsopoulos, an assistant medical officer, security guards and the Galadonese party arrived at Sickbay. The conversation was clipped and perfunctionary. Everyone was concerned about the condition of the Empress.

They were greeted by an AMO who led them to a back room where the CMO of the USS Eagle, Dr. Laleia-Lii, was working.

The Captain cleared his throat. He knew the doctor could get so focused on her research that the rest of the universe ceased to exist to her. "Dr. Laleia-Lii, the Galadonese party is here to visit the Empress," he said.

"Yes, sir.  Follow me," she said taking her gaze away from the terminal she was working on.

The Captain looked at her trying to read her face for the prognosis. The CMO replied by keeping her face as blank as possible. "This was not good," he thought. He was hoping for a miracle and from the effort of Laleia-Lii keeping her face neutral he could see that there was none in sight.

The Eagle's CMO entered a small room and gestured toward the Empress. She was lying in a medical bed, hooked up to an array of tubes and devices.

The CMO from the Galadonese ship choked, horrified, "What have you done to her!!"

Dr. Laleia-Lii replied fiercely, "Saved her life." She didn't like the resorting to old methods, but nothing else worked to purify the Empress' blood. She was angered and tempted to ask if they would have preferred to have found her dead but bit her lip instead.

The Galadonese doctor, who was related to the Empress and telepathic, heard that. "How dare you!!" she yelled out loud.

"How dare I what?" Dr. Laleia-Lii flung back.

"Captain, did you hear me say anything?" she asked defiantly.

The Captain was picking up bits and pieces of the telepathic conversation (one of the products from his mutation) and looked hard at the CO to remind her of the fragile situation here.

The enraged Galadonese doctor asked accusingly, "What happened?"

"Your Empress performed some sort of ritual on our Captain.  It left her in this state and the Captain not much better off.  He's in far worse condition than he appears. I think it was the same one that she tried to perform earlier, but failed," the CMO of the USS Eagle replied.

Dr. Trava approached the Empress and said hotly and defensively to Dr. Laleia-Lii, "She did not fail. She was interrupted."
The Captain, who was clearly not himself, thought briefly of shouting at both doctors. While they stood arguing, the woman he loved was dying and the entire galaxy was about to explode in war. He decided instead to let his feelings of grief and concern wash over him. Perhaps that would give them their perspective back.  Then he added the words, "Lives are at stake, to blazes with the professional pride," he thought loudly at them.

"I know that everyone's nerves are frayed," the Doctor began while glancing at the CO, "sir, but we cannot afford to dance around this subject.  It could be dangerous. She's dying. Can you help her?  I've done all that I can." The Moebian tried to get the conversation back on track.

Dr. Trava went to examine Empress and her medical records. She also telepathically spied on the AMOs and nurses present and saw that the alien doctor has been telling the truth. The Moebian doctor had worked very hard to save her Sovereign's life. The Galadonese CMO avoided trying to probe the Captain's mind. His emotions were so strong and raw that she was beginning to suffer from them and was trying to block them out.

Dr. Trava spoke aloud to the doctor so everyone could hear, "My apologies. I understand now that you have tried your best."

Dr. Laleia-Lii nodded in acknowledgment of the public apology. She knew that must have been costly to the Galadonese doctor's pride and recognized the value in it.

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