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   Captain Kematsopoulous and Ambassador Releth


Title: More Questions Than Answers: Countdown to Armageddon
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: Sickbay

      Captain Kematsopoulos checked the time and left Sickbay. He went to his quarters to clean up from his ordeal on the planet below.

      He was amazed at how much a quick shower, shave and a fresh uniform could make one feel so much better. Unfortunately, it could do nothing for his lack of human appearance. He checked his human disguise again in the mirror. Nouri hoped it would be enough to help with meeting with the Turethian ambassador. No matter what Ambassador Releth said, Nouri knew he could not go into negotiations looking like the race he had mutated into - the race that the Tureth hated.

      He headed out his door and down the passageway.  There was one hour left by his estimates to get the situation on the Tureth side under control.  That is cooler until the Galadons came and rekindled the furnace of deep seated racial hatred again.

        The Captain took a deep breath and hit the announcer switch on the intercom.

      "Enter," the former head of the Turethian Space Navy said. He had spent most of his life fighting the Galadons in one way or another. He had long since lost count of how many Galadons he had killed or sent to their deaths.

        Nouri paused for a brief second and opened the door to Ambassador Releth of Tureth's Quarters. They had been good friends up until he mutated from a Human to a Galadon. It was then that the Eagle's CMO discovered that the warring races had incompatible biologies and developed the pheromone dampening shots. But it would take more than overcoming their biologic incompatibility for the two races to make peace. The Tureth and Galadons had been hating and killing each other now for more centuries that the United Federation of Planets had existed. "How am I going to pull this off?" Nouri wondered.

      Captain Kematsopoulos entered and sighed with relief. He did not feel agitated or irrationally angry. The shots on the Galadonese side of the equation worked!  He knew that solving the biological problems inherent with getting the two races in a room and to behave in civilized fashion was the first critical step towards peace. Nouri hoped they worked on the Turethian side.

      The Captain greeted the Ambassador with all the aplomb and cultural dignity that the Tureth would have afforded him. Then he asked, "How are you feeling?"

      The Ambassador was an astute man and knew that his old friend was not asking him how he felt out of polite human custom, but wanted to know if his pheromone dampening injection worked.

      "Fine," he grinned. "Just fine."

      Nouri smiled and relaxed a bit, "It's working for me as well."

      "Another hurdle out of the way and on to the next!" Nouri thought. Then he spoke with Releth on the situation and tried to be as persuasive as possible. He wanted the former Turethian admiral to talk to his people and do everything to keep an all out battle from happening and to keep the two races talking.

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