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Title: More Questions Than Answers: Countdown to Armageddon
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: The Transporter Room

       Captain Kematsopoulos arrives in transporter room one, carrying the Empress. She is unconscious and feverish. Her sweat drench body hangs limp like a rag doll in his arms. He shouts to the transporter crew, "Assist her to Sickbay. Hurry!" He gently gives the Empress' inert body to the strongest person in the room to ferry her to Sickbay.

       Nouri hops off the pad. He shoves aside what he thinks are genuine feelings for her and takes command. "Status Report!" the Captain orders the transporter chief.

       "The Galadons and Tureth are heading here for war. That's all I know, sir. I've been focused on trying to find and get you here in one piece," the Transporter Chief replies.

       "Acknowledged. Thank you," he says quickly exiting for the bridge.

       The Captain arrives on the bridge and looks around and says to everyone, quickly but full of feeling, "Good to see you!"

          The First Officer sees the CO. He blinks and swallows hard. "Good to see you too, Captain?" CDR Cline asks haltingly. He stares further at the mutated Captain who now appears to be totally Galadonese. All external human characteristics have been lost.  This is the first time CDR Cline has seen the full effect of the mutation on his commanding officer and friend.  When they last parted, the Captain had looked very much like his human self thanks to some skillful surgical alterations by the CMO.  Those efforts had somehow vanished. He wondered how but knew that now was not the time to ask.

       "Yes," the Captain answers wryly. "In here somewhere," he said trying to make light of his serious situation and offer what might be his last chance at a joke to reduce some of the tension on the bridge.

       "Status Report!" the CO asks getting serious again.

       "Sir, we are surrounded by two vastly superior fleets . . . the Galadonese ships have targeted us and are demanding the return of their Empress. I have told them we don't know where she is.  Shields are down and weapons off line. I am attempting to negotiate with the Galadonese to ensure them our intentions remain both peaceful and neutral on issues between them and the Tureth. They seem to think we have sided with the Tureth," CDR Cline updates.

       "The Empress? The Empress is now on board. Why do they think we have sided with the Tureth?" Captain Kematsopoulos asks as he approaches the XO.

       "They seem to have arrived with that opinion. The fact that Ambassador Releth was using a secure channel to talk to his fleet only confirmed it for them," the Commander opines.  "Sir, did you just say the Empress IS onboard?" CDR Cline asks clearly shocked. He didn't think he heard right.

       "Yes, I found her and our captured female crew. We escaped from the cave. They are onboard safely now," the Captain gives the short version of their trials.

       "That's a relief. All members of my away team returned safely as well," CDR Cline replies.

        "That is good to hear . . ." he starts and changes the subject. ". . . I . . . I don't know if the Empress will survive. She is unconscious and very ill. I don't want to tell the Galadons this yet. I am afraid of what they will do. The situation is too unstable. We need at least to get them onboard and get the Empress' last message delivered to them personally," the Captain outlines.

       "Sir, we haven't much time. The Galadonese admiral did not seem the patient type," warns the XO.

        The Captain nods and begins barking off orders in quick succession as he takes his chair.

       "Raise shields! We can't afford to have the Galadons beam the Empress off now or to have them beam our Turethian delegation into the great vacuum of space when they get here."

       "Weapons off. This is to show our commitment to peace."  He thinks quietly to himself, "and they won't do us much good, an Oberth class ship is no match for even one Galadonese warship."

          The alert Security Officer, LCDR Unstoffe, replies promptly from the Tactical Station, "Aye, sir.  Shields up. Weapons down."  His hands move precisely over the control panel and the shields appear around the Eagle.  

       "Security, prepare for battle stations and for visitors, both wanted and unwanted. Under no circumstances are you to power up the weapons or fire without my express command," the Captain emphasizes.  

       "Aye, sir, understood," Unstoffe acknowledges.  He verifies the ships' weapons are powered down and locks their control to the bridge.  He then accesses the ship's internal communications and broadcasts, "All hands to battlestations.  Security teams set condition zebra!"  Throughout the ship the crew moves deliberately in response.  

       The Captain punches a button on the arm rest of his chair and opens up communications with other parts of the ship. "Ensign Yajiru, prepare a land mobile communications probe. Send it to the coordinates that you beamed me up from. Put a message in it from me to K'Arak. 'Captain Nouristao Kematsopoulos invites you to send a representatives to the negotiation talks. Your representative can be received as early as 0800 Sirius South time. Please reply.' Deploy boosters on entry to cave at 0.50 km intervals to enhance the signal. Perhaps we will be able to cut through the interference of the rock formation and talk almost real time. Otherwise make it clear to K'Arak to let the probe go back to send us the message," he orders.

       "Yes, sir. I'll start working on that right away," Ensign Yajiru replies via the comms.

       With the flick of another switch, the Captain addresses his Chief Engineer, "Tsiolkovsky, prepare to receive data from the Galadons and make sure they don't send any little friends along with it. Get Hanson and his team on this ASAP!"  The Captain knew Ensign Hanson, the ship's reclusive software analyst, was up to the challenge.  

       "Vhill do sir! Ghood to khave you back!" replies the excited Russian chief engineer. She cannot contain how happy she is to have the Captain back. (She is secretly in love with him. He does not know.)

       "Thank you, when the data comes in from the Galadons have Ensign Ralph analyze it. Let's see if the Orions are up to more trouble with their sensor fooling technology. If not, check out the possibility of another party. K'Arak and L'Asaha have told me of some other group of aliens that they have not met before that is meddling in the planet's affairs. Maybe it's more than the planet they are meddling in."  

       He pauses briefly before continuing.  "What is the status of the other projects?" Captain Kematsopoulos asks.

       "Presents from dhose green dayvhils khave been unwrapped and khopied. Beghining tests on dooplicates. Uddher projects not in test phase yet, Kheptin," LCDR Tsiolokovsky updates.

       "Excellent. Keep working on it. We may need to use everything we've got on the planning boards. Tested or not,"
the Captain cuts the comms with Engineering and opens one to Sickbay.

       "Sickbay, update me immediately via the televiewer if there is any good news on the Empress' condition," the Captain asks.

       "Aye sir, " one of the AMOs replies.

      Captain K cuts the comms to Sickbay and lets the XO and Security Officer continue the preparations.  As a sign that those preparations are nearly complete, two security officers armed with phasers arrive on bridge and take station on either side of the turbolift doors.

       "Comms, monitor any transmissions between the Galadonese ships and send them to cryptology for analysis." Unstoffe orders the Communications Officer.

       "Aye." The Commo sets up a routing system so that any intercepted transmissions from the Galadonese will automatically be downloaded into cryptology's buffer.

       "LT Ralph, coordinate with Ens. Hanson in engineering and report any results of your analysis immediately," the XO directs the Assistant Engineer stationed on the bridge.  

        "Aye sir," nods LT Ralph.

       "Communications, Hail the GSS Protectress! Transmit audio only," Kematsopoulos oddly orders.

Title: More Questions Than Answers: Countdown to Armageddon, Part Two
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: The Bridge

       The tension throughout the ship is palpable.  With the Captain back onboard, everyone feels the situation is about to reach a climax.  The ship's engineers are working feverishly to prepare a communications probe, interpret data from the Galadons and to finish a few special projects known only to the Captain and Chief Engineer.  While the ship's phaser and torpedo launchers sit eerily silent, the shields resonate around hull, ready.  On the bridge two armed security guards stand on either side of the turbolift doors, mute testimony to the crisis at hand.

       "Communications, hail the GSS Protectress! Transmit audio only," Captain Kematsopoulos orders.

       LT Schuler opens the channel as directed.

       The Captain takes on the character necessary to enact his plan. He affects a fair approximation of how the Empress acts when giving orders. He is about to put what he has learned of the Galadons and their cultural expectations to the test. His voice takes on an authoritarian and aristocratic air as he addresses the Galadonese fleet, "This is Captain Nouristao Kematsopoulos. You are coming in armed and with your shields up. Please state your intentions."

       The voice of the Galadonese Admiral crackles across the speaker, "Our intentions are to get our Empress back.  Drop your shields and return her immediately! My patience is running short, Captain."

        The Captain, getting louder and more indignant replies, "We have her safely onboard now. Your security efforts have failed her as your security failed her at the Palace." Sounding derisive, he continues, "This makes twice now that the Eagle has played a part in saving your Empress. You will stand down your weapons and approach peacefully."

       His voice slightly quieter and more restrained, the Galadonese Admiral counters, "If it is as you say, show her to us so we know she is safe and not merely your captive."

       "She is ill and resting in Sickbay. I will not allow you disturb her. She has entered the Ankhanahkstoi again and needs her rest." Captain Kematsopoulos declares.

       Commander Cline interrupts worriedly, "Have you been fully checked out by the CMO yourself?"

       "No time," the Captain responds quietly in an aside to his XO.

       The Galadons pick this up and wonder what it means, but say nothing.

       The Galadonese Admiral stabs back, "Why should I believe you? Your first officer has already lied to me once.  Drop your shields and I will send aboard a medical team to verify your statement."

       "My XO did not lie. He did not know that I had rescued her, again, and had her beamed on board along with others.  We will welcome your team after she wakes up," he says curtly.

       Ignoring the response, the Galadonese Admiral continues to challenge the Captain, "In fact, how do I know this is Captain Kematsopoulos?  Show yourself!"

        The Captain grins and tells LT Schuler, "Transmit visual now with the audio."

       Commander Cline watches the viewscreen intently for the Galadonese reaction to the Captain's transformation.

       An image of the Captain appears on screen.  He looks entirely Galadonese. His skin is as pale white as theirs. His eyes as blue. His nose has their indentations. His Galadonese face is worn and haggard and his civilian clothes torn. Several of the bridge crew of the Protectress gasp.

          "As you can see, it is I not the Empress who have been affected by a 'spell'," Captain Kematsopoulos says, putting his hair behind his newly pointed ears to emphasize his physical changes.

       "Now show me your information to the contrary!" he demands.

       The Galadonese Admiral is clearly taken aback by this but tries to recover and stall for time. "Why do you affect this charade?"

       He looks to his science officer to confirm sensor readings that a Galadonese male stands on the bridge of the Eagle.  The Science Officer nods silently, confirming the biosigns for the Captain are Galadonese. The Galadon male he detected earlier on the ship IS the Captain.

          "Where is your information to contrary?" Captain K deliberately ignores him and acts more imperious and dismissively.

          The Admiral presses on, "I cannot divulge our intelligence sources as you well know. Please explain your 'transformation'"

          "Then send us a sanitized copy for now," he says.

          Slowly the Admiral agrees, "Your request is permissible." With a nod to communications officer, the data is sent.

       The Starfleet Captain reviews the information quickly. "You have been duped yet again as you were by the Romulans who claimed to be 'The Party for Purity' and used your uncomfortableness with other races to destroy your palace and kill most of the royal family. Transmit your original information to us upon arrival and we will show you how you've been tricked again." He taps orders out of view from the Galadons to engineering to start preliminary work on the tapes. He is trying to give Engineering all the time he can.

          The Admiral refuses to be drawn in by the Captain's recriminations, "This discussion is academic until I see the Empress.  You will drop your shields and allow our medical team onboard.  When I know she is safe, I will exchange intel."

          "I will allow your team on board in four hours and your envoy when you arrive," Captain K says imperiously.

          Almost imperceptibly the Admiral motions to his tactical officer.  The Galadonese weapons cease targeting the Eagle.

       "They have stopped targeting us with their weps, sir," and "Captain/Kaptein, the Galadonese fleet has stopped targeting us," the XO and Unstoffe report almost simultaneously.

       The Captain merely nods in acknowledgment.

          "I will not drop our shields so you can harm her by beaming her off and interrupting her rest or harm the Tureth onboard."  The Captain hopes that the time delay will be sufficient for the CMO to revive the Empress. He needed to end this conversation and move on.  Now was the time for the final element of his plan.

          "I hereby invoke my rights as Hanahk to the Empress," he declares, waving his hand in a manner identical to that he's seen the Empress use. "I'll see your party in four hours," he says dismissively while motioning the communications officer to close the channel. 

       The viewscreen goes blank.  The last image was that of the Galadonese Admiral clearly taken aback by the abrupt order and use of the title "Hanahk".

       The XO, impressed with the Captain, exhales and says simply, "Bravo, sir."

       Captain Kematsopoulos chuckles and becomes serious again, "Thank you. OK. Listen up everyone. If we are lucky I've bought us two hours not four to prepare for them and try and sweet talk the Tureth. I am going down to Sickbay for a pheromone dampening injection so I can speak to Ambassador Releth without him wanting to assault me."

       "Hanahk? Sir? Are you him as well?" Commander Cline asks.

         He chuckles again. "It the Galadonese term for my part in the ritual. According to their customs," he grins impishly almost like his old self in spite of the mutations, "I have certain rights." He winks mischievously, "Cline come with me. We can talk along the way. Unstoffe you have the bridge."

       "Aye, sir," Unstoffe responds and moves from tactical to CO's chair.

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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