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CDR James Alan Cline & Captain Kematsopoulos


Title: More Questions Than Answers: Countdown to Armageddon, Part Three
Location: The USS Eagle
Setting: The Turbolift

      Captain Kematsopoulos and Commander Cline ride the Turbolift down from the Bridge.

       Nouri looks at his Executive Officer and begins to speak, "Jim, it is so good to see you and the others alive and safe."

       "Same here Nouri, same here," he replies.

       "Before we catch up on what happened, L'Asaha told me that an Orion arms dealer named Zayin has been selling arms to both the Galadons and Tureth. That gives us a good motive for the Orions to have been using their new sensor fooling technology to profit financially from rekindling the Galadonese-Tureth hatred and for fueling a war." He paused for a moment overcome with disgust that beings still existed in the galaxy who were willing to foment hatred and bloodshed simply to line their own pockets. The cold hearted nature of arms dealers was bad enough, but these Orions had gone even further.

       "But L'Asaha thinks that another party, besides the Orions, is involved and playing a big part in this. She . . .", Nouri began again and then paused once more this time uncomfortable involuntarily recalling his recent and painful experience with this Sandokhan practice.

       Jim wondered why his friend flinched, but decided to save this question for later. They had a lot to talk about since they were last captured by the Sandokhans several days ago.

       The Captain continues, "She performed the Shreesaaath with him to force him to tell her what he knew. Zayin told her that he was selling to both sides and many things she did not understand and described a group of aliens she does not recognize. Zayin knew of them and said that they are worried about me finding out about them. I don't understand who . . . There looks like some past history with me with whoever they are but I can't figure it out. The only race I have met that no one else has were the Wahnharae and this does not sound like something they would do. What are your thoughts?"

       "Well, perhaps this links up with whoever was paying Pangloss to kill you and the bomb at the beginning of the mission?" he asked rhetorically.

       "Nouri," the XO finishes, "in what was a year for us in Federation space, you spent 10 years in Wahnharae time and space. You remember so little of your time there and were so badly injured when they found you, anything -- anything could have happened. I think it's a good place to start looking for what you might know that others would not.

       Otherwise, perhaps it is somehow related to the disappearance of your parents or the time you spent with them traversing the galaxy when you were young? There are a lot of different ways that you could have run into a new race or a race at least that L'Asaha is unaware of. It could be something so insignificant that at the time you forgot it or it was so long ago maybe you were too young to recall it. It could even be a Federation race that she has never met from what you are telling me."

       "Will do Jim. I'll keep trying and do everything I can and see if somehow something links to this conflict. So much of my time with the Wahnharae did not make sense. I can't remember much for being with them ten years. Every time I seem to start to remember something, it vanishes like it was erased. I can't seem to focus on it. I'll get my parents' journals and bring them to the bridge and begin reading them there, if the Galadons and Tureth give me the chance. In the meantime, what do you recommend?

       "You won't like it but I recommend a guard with you at all times and ---"

       Nouri frowns and cuts him off in mid-sentence, "You are right. I don't like it. Just about as much as I don't like my next stop."

       As if on cue the Turbolift stopped and announced, "Sickbay."

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