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USS Eagle, NCC 2185


Title:  An Unexpected Detour, Part Eleven
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Bridge

The small but valiant crew of the USS Eagle just witnessed an amazing thing. After they fired upon the "warship", it appeared undamaged, yet debris was flung far away from it. This helped show them where the boundary was of the enemy's projected image.

"Recommendations?" Captain Kematsopoulos asks.

"Keep aiming where we are, it's doing some damage to something," Commander James Cline replies.

 "Agreed," the Captain orders.

"Sir, there is a ship is on our port side," Ensign Cochrane reports.
"Good work," Captain Kematsopoulos replies.

"Xern give the coordinates to Lahrs," CDR Cline orders.

"Sir, maybe those cloaked ships are abetting the projection in some
fashion," Unstoffe suggests.

"Agreed but most likely the projections are from those deposits of duranium-tritanium," the Captain speculates.

"The ship is at 53853847303jg point 45378324" Ensign Cochrane says to Unstoffe.

"Thanks!" Ensign Unstoffe replies, entering the coordinates into phaser targeting computer.

"Mr. Unstoffe. Make it look like a miss for the "warship" if you can, the Captain orders.

"I'm pretty lousy at missing, but I'll give it a try, sir!" the Ensign replies eagerly. He inserts a 15 degree offset into port phaser alignment and fires.

The torpedo appears to be on in intercept course with the image of the warship but at the last second it veers off to miss it and hits the real warship. The Captain hoped that those responsible for sacking the Star and this elaborate deception would think that the USS Eagle merely got a lucky shot and that their ruse had not been discovered.

"Darn, I missed," Unstoffe jokes.

Title: More Questions Than Answers: An Unexpected Detour, Part Twelve
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Bridge

Success! The shot was good and nearly crippled one of the enemy vessels. The vessels' crews and captains remained unaware that the Eagle had figured out the deception.

"Excellent missing Ensign, 'Miss' again!" Captain Kematsopoulos orders wryly.

"Aye sir," Ensign Unstoffe says as he fires making it look like another missed target.

The computer chirps with an incoming message for CDR Cline. The Executive Officer taps the console and down loads the data into a padd. The computer has finally finished the analysis of the "black box" of the Star and the incomplete logs that Ensign Unstoffe down loaded.

"Sir, the black box has revealed that we've had a "tail" since Galadon XII !" he exclaims.

"What!?" the CO replies equally shocked.

"Yes, One of those cloaked ships has been following us since... Six??? Yes, since Starbase Six! There's a brief interruption here that's odd."

"Here," the XO says giving the CO the padd. "This just in from the black box...Other data shows.... pirates attacked the Star, boarded her and took the famed jewel, the Rigellian Star. That's the one the ship is named after. "

"Excellent work! Seems like one of our little friends here broke off following us to attack the Star. Let's find out who. Ensign, continue missing," the CO ordered.

Ensign Unstoffe fires another volley. This time the explosion seriously damages the nearest enemy ship and the Eagle rocks from its shock wave. Their cloaking and sensor deceiving probes malfunction. We can see clearly the profiles of four ships and the eight probes that were "broadcasting" the image of the Galadonese warship.

Shimmering simultaneously out of existence on the view screen is the projected sensor image of the Galdonese war ship and into existence was something else. Fortunately for the Eagle they are no where near the size and fire power of the Galdonese one they thought they had when the conflict began.

So what appeared to take its place? An irate emerald skinned humanoid of about 1.8 meters high appears on screen as does ... the bridge of an Orion Warship.

Title: More Questions Than Answers: An Unexpected Detour, Part Thirteen
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Bridg

The USS Eagle has just discovered who was behind the attack of the passenger cruise liner. The image of the Orion responsible is on screen. He is dressed both richly and outlandishly. He has many colorful tattoos. His hair is dyed and outlandish orange.

The message appears on the main view screen.

"I am Jasperald, I am in ... possession of something...very valuable. I will destroy you if I must. Back off and stand down your weapons. I order it!" he says stomping his foot.

Meanwhile on the Star, Cadet Yariju's engineering talents bring the shields back online and he begins work on the phaser banks. Ensign Ralph assists.

On the Eagle, Captain Kematsopoulos motions for tactical to fire again. This time a full spread of photon torpedoes hit the lead ship.

The pirate captain screams to somebody off screen, "NOW!"

 Captain Kematsopoulos says bemused to Jesperald, "You are no longer in a position to dictate terms."

 The garish pirate walks off screen for a minute and then returns very angry. His bridge now shows sparks and fire.

Jesperald was getting desperate, "I still have the 'item'."

 "You attacked the Rigellian Star Adventurer to get the jewel it was named after," the Captain says accusingly.

Jesperald smiles an affirmation and says, "Yes, but you don't want an intergalactic incident do you Captain?" Then he talks again off screen and returns. "You are hoping to make a good career out of your time in Starfleet aren't you? You don't want to have to explain how the jewel gets destroyed to your superiors," he finishes. Now it was the attackers turn to stall for time and come up with a new plan.

Captain Kematsopoulos ignores him and orders, "Stand down your weapons and call off the attack. We will talk then." He backs up those words by motioning tactical to ready another barrage.

Jesperald replies defiantly, "I will stand down weapons, but my shields remain in position."

"Good. Stand down your weapons," the Captain repeats.

Jesperald peers as if thru the screen while Ensign Unstoffe targets other ships' engines. The leader of the pirates, signals to a crew member off screen.

The Captain the Eagle finally getting used to his new telepathic abilities from the mutation, does not believe him and senses other deceptions as well. The pirates fired another shot on the Star.

"Stand down from your attack on the Star,"  the Captain commands.

 "I will pause in my attack of the Star," the devious Orion says, motioning his crew to stand down. "No funny business," the clever pirate says.

Captain Kematsopoulos motions to blast the pirate ship that is targeting the
Star, when needed. "What do you see?" Captain K asks the bridge crew.

Comander Cline speaks first, "Reports in, sir. The lead pirate ship has weps on stand by. Shields are at 80%".

"Weapons off line immediately or we will fire," Captain K threatens.

"Now!" Jesperald orders.

All weapons on the pirate ships fire upon the Eagle. The tiny Oberth class ship takes on serious damage.

Title: More Questions Than Answers: An Unexpected Detour, Part Fourteen
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Bridge

The pirates continue their attack on the Eagle taking down her starboard shields down to 50 percent. The ship shakes violently. Two of the enemy ships circle the Eagle and fire again. They charge up for another volley on the starboard shields.

Ensign Unstoffe return fire taking out the lead ship's shields and looks at panel for damage reports." Sir, our starboard shields are down! And I've lost the other forward phaser bank!" he updates.

Things looked grim for the Eagle until suddenly, The Rigellian Star Adventurer fires phasers on pirate ship! Cadet Yariju saves the day bringing the phasers of the Star online and taking tactical. The hit was good and took the pirates by surprise, destroying one of their vessels.

"Just you wait! We'll be back and we've got friends," Captain Jesperald warns.

The Ensign fires again. A full spread of photon torpedoes erupts from Eagle. He follows up with phaser fire.

 "... many many friends and credits enough to buy any thing we need. I curse you and all your progeny until the 3rd generation!!! " he vows a curse and makes a strange sign, mostly likely from some ancient spell. He smiles very wickedly and cuts the comms.

Instead of firing on the Eagle and finishing her off, the two remaining Orion pirate warships jump to warp. One of them of course carries the stolen jewel. ;0)

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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