Star Trek Sim / RPG
USS Eagle, NCC 2185


Title: CAPTAIN'S  LOG: STARDATE 200111.24
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Bridge

After the battle has finished and the bridge work winds down, the Captain updates the duty log.

STARDATE 200111.24

Kematsopoulos here. The battle is over. The USS Eagle and The Rigellian Star Adventurer have prevailed. There was no Galadonese warship. There was no Empress nor even any Galadons in the area. Instead there were four Orion Pirate ships using sophisticated sensor fooling probes. Two of their ships were destroyed. Another two fled. We have informed Federation and local authorities.

Repairs to the Star and the Eagle proceed slowly. Both ships took heavy collateral damage. The Eagle has her engineers split between the two ships. There are no other vessels in the area to assist us with repairs.

We are sifting through the battle debris for any survivors, the probes, and any clues.

We have several unanswered questions from the engagement: Why was one of the cloaked ships following us all the way from Starbase Six? Why after stealing the jewel did they remain near the Star instead of running off with it? How did they know so much about the Empress, her flagship, the Tureth, and myself for their ruse? Did they really want the Tureth handed over to them as the claimed or did they demand that just to get us to drop our shields to finish us off? How do these probes work and what type of improvements to our sensors can we make to outsmart them? Kematsopoulos out.

    End log."


Ensign Unstoffe located an escape pod with a single human occupant. The pod and human are now onboard the Eagle. Security reports that the human has regained consciousness on the way to the brig. We await further details. Cadet Saakeen located and retrieved part of a probe. We hope that the person and the remainder of the probe will be able to answer some of our questions. We also hope there is enough intact left of the probe for our engineers to analyze and to plan a defense against this scenario and to warn all Federation ships of this sensor fooling technology. Kematsopoulos out.

End log "

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