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USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Assistant Science Officer, face, Human female, Romanian
Ensign Liliana Petrescu
Assistant Science Officer

Title: Feathers
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Turbolift

Ensign Liliana Petrescu is off duty and heading towards her quarters. She is feeling ill. It is not just the stress of events that had just happened on the Eagle but the last few months of her life. She did not know how much longer she could hold together.

Petrescu exits the lift. Although she was widowed, she still had the larger quarters assigned for married people. The Captain had ordered that no one ask her to move. He did that not only because he felt it was wrong but be because he too, had lost his spouse and understood how difficult this time is in someone's life. He was going to give Lily every chance he could to help her heal.

She walks through the passage way and turned the corner. Although Lily had been living alone for three months, she now had company. Chalandra and her children who were abandoned their by a missing husband/father at Liaara Mishtosh, that wretched space station, were staying with her. Lily understood some of what this small broken family was going through. When the Captain came to her concerned not just for their physical well being but their emotional ones, she had agreed to help and to let them stay with her until they arrived at Gamma Hedrial. She knew, as did the Captain, that the Chief Engineer was a good woman but not one with the soft, gentle approach needed to help in the abandoned family's case.

Lily feels unnaturally close to Chalandra as in some ways she too feels abandoned although she knew her husband did not leave by choice.  CDR Cline, the XO and Chief Science Officer, her immediate supervisor and department head, had assigned her husband, an assistant engineer, to a sweep of the rooms for the dignitaries for the peace conference between the Galadons and the Tureth. The XO, former CSEC and her husband were in Ambassador Toman's room when it happened. A bomb went off and Kenneth was killed.

She sighs. CDR Cline, was in a coma in SB2.  She was concerned for him but did have to admit to herself deep down that his absence did make going to work easier  without the constant reminder of working for someone who had ordered her husband to his death. She knew that was illogical and irrational. She knew the risks of serving in Starfleet and so did her husband. Still...

Ensign Petrescu arrives at her quarters and activated the intercom. "Lily here," she says very tiredly and shaken but trying to force her voice to sound upbeat. The current set of events, the aliens trying to take over the ship, the wormhole, the derelicts had helped distract her from her own problems but wore out what little reserves she had left. She would have stayed on the bridge if the doctor hadn't ordered her off.

Chalandra replies, "Come in dear. Please just come in. This is your place not ours. Just come right on in."

Ensign is feeling overwhelmed but has to smile as she sees the kids running around as if nothing had ever happened to them. The kids looked like they were settling in and would be fine eventually.

Lily smiles until she sees something else. Then she feels very nauseous again. She didn't want to take any medicine for the nausea but finally relented and only then to take the weakest one available but it either was not working or the alien's take over attempts were doing it to her like they had done to the others. Lily was afraid to take anything that might harm her unborn child. She knew that the medicines should be safe but she could not help how she felt.

Chalandra notices quickly something was wrong with Lily but knew whatever it was it had to be more than her unruly children. "I am so sorry" she stammered. "I just left them for a second and..."

"Feathers," Liliana looks around and chokes. Feathers. The room began to spin. Her nausea grew. If only she hadn't have demanded to see where her husband was killed...

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