Star Trek Sim/ Star Trek RPG
USS Eagle, NCC 2185

CDR James Alan Cline
Executive Officer and Chief Science Officer

  Commander James A. Cline lies in a biobed in the hastily set up SB2 on the USS Eagle NCC 2158. He has been unconscious for days and thru the haze of a concussion he has dreams and fragments of memories.

    ...Lily...crying, devastated. Fear...remorse...complete sadness and guilt.  My fault. Lily, so sorry...    Explosion...feathers?...feathers?...flying...Adam Bond...pain.  Oh, the bomb in the couch. I remember. Flying upwards thru the air. Feathers everywhere. The sudden stop when he hit the ceiling. No! Not the ceiling! Lily's husband! Crushed to death between the ceiling and my blast thrust weight. My fault, I killed Lily's husband. ...pain...remorse...

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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