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Simming in the Star Trek Original Series Movie Era and Others

Main page of our Star Trek RPG

Star Trek: TOS Links (The Original Series Links)

Star Trek Technical Links to Help You Sim

"Real Life" Technical Links to Help You Learn and Sim!

Science-Dictionaries, Stars, Planets, Particles, etc.
Medical- Dictionaries, First Aid Guides, etc.
Engineering - Dictionaries,etc.
Security - Martial Arts, etc.


Klingon Links!

Klingon House, House of Kemat, tuq qimat
Klingon Dictionary for your simming and RPG needs
New Klingon sim circa 2374
Klingon Dictionary

Star Trek RPG: Sim, Sight and Sound Project at Geocities
Innovative!!!Check it out before everyone copies it!!A whole new experience in online simming. We use sight and sound in our web pages to add to the fun of a live action Star Trek RPG played out in an AOL/AIM chatroom.

Main Page
Star Trek Sim project explained as part of a previous storyline
Database for ships used in our Star Trek Role Playing Game
-Includes two original works and specs

USS Eagle Star Trek Sim Fun and Games page at Topcities
Star Trek Special Effects, Images and animations used in our Star Trek sim and that will be used later in an online interactive game

Main Page
Main Menu: Lists all our images and Star Trek animations
Retinal Scans:Beginning Screens
Retinal Scans: Humor
Decloking Klingon Bird of Prey: Animated with Sound
Decloking Klingon Vorcha Class Ship: Animated with Sound
Bridge Command Console: Animated with Sound-Based on an old FASA Design
Auxiliary Station
Communications Station
Shuttle bay with Animated Cartoon Shuttle Departing
Transporter Room
Transporter Console
Torpedo Room

Adventures of the USS Eagle, a Star Trek Sim at Tripod
Includes stories, biographies and more for our Star Trek Sim!

Main Menu
See our Cast Picture!
Star Trek Rank Insignia
All Original Series Movie rank insignia pins in a shadow box display.
Includes Admiral, Commodore, Captain, Commander, Lieutentant Commander,
Lieutentant, Lieutentant Junior Grade, Ensign and more!
Star Trek Rank Insignia and Rating on Sleeve- Senior Officers
Star Trek Rank Insignia and Rating on Sleeve- Deparment Heads
Star Trek Rank Buddy Icons
Star Trek Sim Recipes
Star Trek Sim Guides
Star Trek Deparment Logos: Engineering, Medical (Caduceus), Science and Security
Captain's Logs

Star Trek Sim and Star Trek Sim Resource
Brand New- Just started! Page

Star Trek Database
Brand New- Just started!
To contain a Star Trek episode guide, exact wording for captain's logs,episode summaries, vessels,comics, books, etc. with the Star Trek role player in mind.

Beam over to California to see Actor James Doohan with the rest of the cast of the Original Series!
Star Trek Convention Los Angeles 2004

Our Star Trek Sim at AOL
This was previously an independent page with much different content than our Tripod page. Unfortunately continued poor management practices and continued poor support for AOL web pages has resulted in most of the content being transferred to Tripod. If you are curious about how how web pages started and grew you can check out the AOL page with the links below. Update: AOL has shut down all their websites. Please stay tuned as we shift it all over to Tripod. New links will be added her shortly.

AOL Page: Main Page
AOL Page: Main Menu
Characters for our Star Trek Sim- Buddy Icons
Characters in Uniform
Combat Rules & Example
How our Star Trek Role Playing Game is played in an AIM chatroom
Dice Instructions for the AIM chatroom
Basic Space Battles
Basic Helm
Weapons Commands
Advanced Helm/Fighter Pilot
Star Trek Rank Insignia: Shadow Box Senior and Junior Officers
Star Trek Rank Insignia: Shadow Box Fleet Captains to Fleet Admiral
Star Trek Rank Insignia and Ratings
Star Trek Rank Insignia and Ratings
Star Trek Rank Insignia and Ratings
Star Trek Rank Insignia and Ratings
Star Trek Uniforms
Star Trek Buddy Icons: TOS Rank Insignia Pins (The Original Series Movie Era)
Star Trek Buddy Icons:TNG Rank Insignia Pips(The Next Generation Rank Insignia)
Star Trek Buddy Icons: Main Page
Star Trek Buddy Icons: TOS Rank Insignia Pins
Star Trek Buddy Icons: Klingon Buddy Icons
Star Trek Buddy Icons: Medical
Star Trek Buddy Icons:Movie Clapslates, etc.
Star Trek Buddy Icons:Weapons
Star Trek Buddy Icons:TNG Rank Insignia Pips (The Next Generation)
Awards - IC and OOC!
Ship's Plaque
Ship's Patch

Other Star Trek sims - TNG RPG

USS Victory

Non Star Trek sim- Stargate Sim- Stargate RPG

Stargate RPG Stargate Omoa, Stargate Manoa, Stargate Eldorado

Non Star Trek sim-Heroes Sim

We are Heroes RPG

RL Links having nothing whatsoever to do with TOS or Simming

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