Captain Carole Linneaus


Entry One

 "The Valkyrie has been assigned to rendezvous with USS Eagle under the command of Capt. Kematsoupolus to provide her with spare parts and supplies and to take off some civilians for transfer. One of the civilians has been accused of being a Romulan agent. Security has been informed and is making appropriate arrangements."

Entry Two

 "We just received a message from the Eagle that her warp drive is damaged and she cannot make the original rendezvous. I have increased speed and adjusted course to make the originally scheduled time at her new position."

Entry Three

 "Long range scans have detected a previously unrecorded M-class planet in a nearby system. I have launched a probe to investigate."

Entry Four

 "The probe indicates that the M-class planet has no discernable intelligent life, but is rich in both flora and fauna. The plant life appears particularly lush and diverse. I have ordered a course change to investigate further. I have increased speed to warp 7 to compensate. The speed change will allow us about 12 hours in orbit before we have to resume course to meet the Eagle."

Entry Five

 "The plant life is even more striking than the probe revealed. I have ordered three away teams to the planet surface to collect samples. They will hopefully provide enough evidence to warrant a more complete survey by Star Fleet in the future."

Entry Six

 "We have broken orbit and resumed course to rendezvous with the Eagle. The away teams brought back several pallets of samples. The first samples have been sent to the Botany Lab for analysis. The XO picked out several specimens he says will make a fine addition to my arboretum (after proper bio-screening and analysis, of course). ETA to Eagle rendezvous 3 days 10 hours 5 minutes."

Entry Seven

 "I have begun to receive reports from throughout the ship that the crew is all complaining of extreme tiredness and exhaustion. There are even some reports of people falling asleep at their posts. The first reports came from the Botany Lab. YAAAAWWNNN. Excuse me. . . I have asked Sickbay to investi. . . . YAAAAWWNNN . . . investigate."


Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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