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Ship's Plaque:
USS Eagle, NCC 2185,
An Oberth Class Starship

Image of our Star Trek ship plaque for the USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Basic Information for our Oberth ship:

Name: USS Eagle
Registration: NCC-2185
Class Title: Oberth Class

Text of our Star Trek Ship's Plaque:

USS Eagle
Starfleet Registry NCC 2185
Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, Mars
Commission Stardate199908.01
United Federation of Planets
"Let Freedom Ring" 

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External Views of our Oberth Ship
Page One
Page Two
Page Three

Internal Views of our Oberth Ship
Main Engineering
Transporter Room
Torpedo Room

Modifications, Specifications and Blueprints
For more links to our virtual oberth tour project, please see the bottom of our star trek Main Engineering page for our Oberth class vessel. Includes images and animations!!!
Main Engineering: Specs for our Oberth


Gear for our Oberth Ship
Phaser, Type II with Type I Phaser Inset