USS Eagle, NCC 2185

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Name: USS Eagle.

Registration: NCC-2185

Class Title: Oberth Class

Classification: Multipurpose Science Vessel

Affiliation: United Federation of Interstellar Planets

Missions:The USS Eagle is a modified Oberth Class ship, one of the finest instruments of Starfleet's exploration programs. Her mission is primarily exploration and scientific research. She carries some of the most sophisticated sensors, probes and other research equipment in all of Starfleet and the UFP.

Some of her most common mission types are listed below:
Deep Space Exploration
Ongoing Scientific Investigations
Contact with Alien Life Forms
Federation Policy and Diplomacy
Scouting Missions

Length: 150.81 m
Beam: 87 m
Height: 41 m
Decks: 12 including engineering, 5 habitable
Mass: 25,000 tons

Officers: 20
Enlisted: 65
Other: 25
Total Emergency: 340

Personnel: 2 (6 Cluster)
Cargo: 2
Emergency: 4 (4 cluster)

Smaller Vessels:
2 Shuttle Pods
2 Type 8 Shuttles

Impulse Drive
Hydirium Fusion Drive
Max. Impulse Speed: 0.724 c
Warp Drive
Standard M/ARA Drive System
Std. Cruising Speed: Warp 4
Max. Cruising Speed: Warp 6
Max. Sustainable Speed: Warp 7 (4 Terran hours)

Weapon Systems:
4 Type IV Phaser Arrays (Upper Saucer, Lower, Port/Starboard
2 Type III Phaser Arrays (Aft)
2 Forward Photon Torpedo Launchers
1 Aft Torpedo launcher

Defensive Systems:
Standard Shields
Standard Single Hull Layer

Long Range Sensors (2)
Short Range Array (dorsal)
Aux Short Range array/Astrometrics labs (Ventral)

Probes: The USS Eagle carries many probes to assist her in scientific research and exploration. The unclassified ones are as follows:
Class I Short Range Sensor Probe
Class II Long Range Sensor Probe
Class III Planetary Probe
Class IV Stellar Probe
Class V Reconnaissance Probe
Class VI Comm Relay/Emergency Beacon

History of Vessel: The USS Eagle was commissioned in 2289 in a ceremony at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards.

She left spacedock on August 1, 2290, to test her impulse engines and other systems in the Terran Solar system..

On November 2290, shakedown trials for her warp engines and other related systems were completed. Modifications to the warp core assemble drive and long range sensors were made..

In 2293, the USS Eagle was severely damaged in Romulan attack. She was sent to Starbase Six for repairs and assigned a new mission..

To prepare the USS Eagle for a very delicate diplomatic mission with the Galadonese and the Tureth, many upgrades were added. Among them were the following: sensor and weapon systems, new security systems, defensive systems, hull reinforcement, and living quarters upgraded for the comfort and prestige of high level diplomats. The exact nature of the upgrades is classified.

Motto: Let Freedom Ring!

Mascot: Eagle

Ship's Patch: