Subj: Kerry and Nouri PROOFING - In the office -1 Date: 11/10/2008 12:28:15 PM Eastern Standard Time From: NouriKemat To: -Kerry and Nouri made the first proofing pass here (i found and corrected a lot of punctuation errors for myself with teh signing, please feel to correct anyomre if yousee them) i reread them severla in order to see how they flow and if anything got missed before tossing out depending on your secheclue, hope to toss them out soon but need tomake place holder jake emails first Return with any changes etc of if okie doke -awaiting the final canon ball polishing << This is the latest version of Just Another Day at the Office #1 Dated Sunday, November 9th >> ====================== Commander Alan Dulles was working hard in his office. The CMO had contacted him earlier to tell him she had collected the data that she had on anti-tel drugs and the other information he was looking for. CDR Dulles was very concerned about having his department protected from the new developments in telepathic warfare side of Intel. While he waited the tried to finish a number of projects and he lost track of the time, since it was after hours. [You look busy], Violet signed as she stood in the doorway to his office. She knew he was aware of her presence. [I see I am not the only one to work long hours.] Alan did not look up. He had to secure the data and program first. "Please sit down and forgive my not standing. I have to shut this down properly," he said as his hands flew over the keyboard and the program shut down. Violet frowned and moved over closer to his desk and touched him lightly on the back of the hand. When he finally looked up, she repeated her signing with a small, wry smile. "I am sorry," he said, surprised by the touch. This time he did not pull away. "I had to shut the program down." An image of the ancient cartoon, Steamboat Willie, went through his mind. Violet watched his lips closely as he spoke and then quirked a brow at the image she briefly gleaned from him. [It is alright,] she signed. [Do not worry.] "Thanks and thanks for coming," he said, standing quickly and looking at her. Alan started to smile but his face changed expression quickly when he did. Something was wrong. [You looked very seriously involved in what you were doing,] Violet observed. Alan read her signs. "Yes, so many serious complicated matters," he said definitely showing signs of fatigue and a headache. A more detailed image and several detailed frames of scene in Steamboat Willie, appeared in his head. "Please sit down and forgive my not standing or looking up.. Would you like something to drink ?" [Yes, please. Something a bit stronger than coffee if you have it.] Her signing was much as it had been the first time they met. Not traditionally Federation, but a mixture of something that was uniquely hers. The picture snippets she caught playing in his head for her to literally ‘see’ were confusing her so she strengthened her shields to block them out. Alan wasn't sure what she meant. He understood her signing but didn't know which direction on stronger she meant. Stronger to him was more along the lines of Romulan ale or Klingon chech'tluth. "Espresso, raktajino?" he offered. Violet blinked. [I was thinking more along the lines of brandy or scotch,] she admitted. [Are you well? You do not look to be one hundred percent to me.] "Long day," Alan said defaulting to his standard reply for such things. He asked moving towards another part of a room to get the alcohol. He didn't know the CMO well but thought that she'd enjoy the brandy more. He looked for a particularly good one and brought it and another bottle and two crystal glasses on a gleaming antique silver tray. Once more Vilotanzia watched his mouth as he spoke and she frowned as her violet eyes followed his movements. "Been better. You too?" Alan asked assuming she meant the real thing not the synthehol. He wasn't sure where to sit, so he put the tray on a table in between the desk and the chair by it and the more comfortable grouping of softer chairs to let her decide. Violet made a motion with her hands that would be paramount to a derisive snort were she to actually have a voice. She moved over to where the more comfortable chairs were and took a seat. [You cannot pass me off with pleasant answers when it concerns your state of health,] she countered, still signing. Alan saw the signs and made a half crooked smile to the "snort". He turned around and reached into a drawer to get some linen napkins and answered,"Well, the day wasn't that pleasant." Violet frowned as he spoke with his face turned from her. She could see the muscles moving in some sort of speech, but without being able to see his lips she was unable to read them. Her incident in the holodeck with the Master Chief had left her hearing impaired. She reached out and touched his face to gently turn it in her direction. [You will have to say that again please,] she smiled a little apologetically. Alan stared at her. He had taught himself when he was young to read lips out of boredom. Later in his life of course it was a very useful talent and one he had to practice every so often to keep well honed. It now seemed to him that this was much more than Violet was doing. Her mannerisms of tapping his hand and moving his head he had experienced before by the deaf people he had known. He didn't want to jump the gun earlier and ask her what was wrong but now seemed a good time."What's going on Doc?" he asked, making sure she could read his lips. Violet smiled a little wryly in response. [I was involved in a little… incident,] she hesitated a bit over the word and briefly touched her ears. [In the holodeck. The noise…] she shrugged expressively. [My ears are still ringing. It will be okay though. There was no permanent damage. And now you will tell me what is wrong with you, yes?] Alan handed her a napkin and switched to signing. [What happened?] he asked concerned.[How long?] Violet gave him a very pointed look, letting him know that she knew he avoided answering her. [I was in the holodeck as medical support for a training session that the Master Chief was engaging in. Lieutenant Chayton was also there providing engineering support. An artillery shell exploded right on top of us. There was no damage from the explosion, but the noise left us both deafened a bit. Now it is your turn,] she reminded him. Alan looked more concerned.[The safeties?] he asked. He watched her hands carefully as he started to pour the drinks. Then he held Violet's brandy glass in his hand to warm it for her. [I believe that they were fully engaged,] she answered slowly. [Lieutenant Chayton was quite… aggravated by that, I believe, and she had many strong words for the Master Chief that I was not able to see. She thought he disengaged them, but it is my understanding that he did not,] she explained. [I am assured that engineering will attempt to discover the problem.] Alan handed her the warmed brandy and glass. He took the other for himself and sat down on at the end of a couch directly across from the chair to make signing easier. [That can be very disturbing even if no one was hurt otherwise or killed. How are you holding up? Do you want something to eat or to go?] he asked. As much as he wanted to get another project going to find an answer to some of the anti-tel drugs, etc. that were weighing on his mind, he was concerned about her and this came first. [No, no,] she shook her head after accepting the brandy and then setting the snifter down so she could sign. [I am fine, honestly,] she assured him. [I am experiencing no pain, but the loss of hearing makes it impossible for me to accurately use the synthesizer. But that is not problematic for me as I prefer this mode of communication anyway. Although hearing would be nice,] she smiled. [Food would also be good. But perhaps after… or during this?] she motioned to the PADDs she’d sat down. [A snack then perhaps until we figure out what is next,] he answered taking a quick sip of his drink and getting up. He placed his glass down and moved towards the replicator being careful to watch for movements from her. [This is heaven,] she related after taking a sip of the warmed amber liquid. [Thank you.] [You are most welcome,] Alan replied smiling. He was happy he picked correctly. [Anything in particular to go with your brandy? Any dietary or religious exceptions?] he asked. Being around Vulcans a lot, he always made sure they had vegan food whenever he could and was careful about not offending others. [No dietary or religious exceptions. Make it something hearty and non exotic,] she smiled and retrieved her brandy, effectively stemming the flow of conversation. Alan was glad about the no exemptions but did not know what she would find exotic so he took his best guess of what to avoid. His fingers tapped in the codes for the foods and arrived back shortly with two plates and a small platter. He picked some hearty finger foods with meat that would go well with the brandy, some sweets and some other choices. Alan set them down on the coffee table between them. Violet leaned forward and studied his choices, finally smiling her approval at him. [Thank you very much,] she signed after setting down the brandy. [Now it is your turn,] she prompted once again. [And do not think I will allow you to distract me as you have been,] she warned and reached for a plate. Alan laughed and echoed in sign. [That is only because you have not tasted them yet] he offered hopefully. [Let me know if you need something else] he studied her carefully to make sure she was handling the loss of hearing well and the trauma of the experience. The bulk of his Intel work was search and rescue and that gave rise to rescues under a variety of circumstances making him more sensitive and responsive to such things. Before they started work he wanted to make sure she was really OK. Violet seemed to take what had happened in stride. If the truth be known, she was enjoying the rest from using the synthesizer to speak. Her empathy and telepathy had kicked up a notch to compensate, but she was keeping both of them under control. She looked over at Alan and arched a brow, setting her plate down so that she could sign. [You still have not answered *my* question, Commander. How are *you*? What is it that is making you feel less than one hundred percent? You cannot hide it from me,] she told him and motioned to the air around him. [I can see it in you.] [I'll be fine. Just some headaches. Too much work,] he signed trying to shrug it away. [You sure you are OK?] [I will answer you if you let me check out your headaches,] Violet replied, leaning back in her chair and resting her plate on her lap. She swirled the brandy around in the snifter gently and waited for his reply. Alan managed somehow to look both pleased at her answer and disturbed. While he enjoyed her clever counter remark, he couldn't say much about the headaches and what he thought was responsible. [Proceed,] he replied. [Good!] she grinned and got up, setting her plate and brandy down to move over to his side. She pulled a tricorder from her pocket and showed it to him. [Although I still want to feel your head,] she warned. Alan was appreciative of the device and what her using that meant. It meant she would treat and diagnosis him without using her Minaran abilities. He hoped she was joking on the "feel" part. [No ticklin' and you still owe me dinner,] he replied, recalling his last visit to Sickbay. Violet didn’t answer right away as she ran the detachable sensor over his head, taking readings and getting a visual pattern of his brain. When she’d seen as much as the tricorder could show her she slipped it back into her pocket and turned to face him more squarely, remaining on the sofa next to him. [I will give you dinner,] she assured him with a smile. [What have you been doing to your brain?] she asked. [I’m going to touch you now. And I promise not to look at your mouse.] She tentatively reached her hands out towards his head. [Been using it,] he replied. [It's a bad habit....Best to leave mice and such alone. They are shy creatures,] he cautioned. Alan moved away from her carefully thinking of lots of furry cartoon rodents. He liked mice if there weren't gnawing on something important. [Why touch?] he asked, uncomfortably. Violet let out a sigh, both physically and with her hands. [You need to trust me, Alan,] she told him. [I will not intrude on your mouse thoughts, I promise. I am actively blocking them. I need to touch so I can help your head feel better. I need you to trust me.] [I can't,] he said. He feared for her and started to get up. [Alan, please,] she reached out and touched his arm in an effort to stop him from rising. [I am protected, you know.] [I don't,] he replied but he didn't pull away further. [It’s important that you know that. And the only way you will is to allow me to touch you,] Violet said and hesitantly reached for his head once again. [I won’t hurt you. And I won’t allow you to hurt me.] [I am not gambling with your life that you are right,] he signed. He finished getting up. Violet snorted softly in sign. [I do not know what has happened to you or those around you in the past, Alan,] she quietly moved back to her chair, a defeated look in her eyes. [But you do me a grave disservice in judging me through that. You do not trust me, yet you expect me to give you my trust. Trust works both ways, Alan. Or it does not work at all. I will give you some pain medicine to help with the headaches. But it will not help much. Your neural pathways have been damaged… confused… butchered…] [You don't trust my judgment on this nor respect my wishes. I have not asked you to trust me accept on this. You have no idea what you are getting into nor can you. We had an agreement. I trusted you on that... I am not worried about you learning more about mice. I am worried for you. A promise means something to me especially in my profession. How can you talk of trust? How long will these headaches last?] Alan asked with his signing becoming more expressive and animated. [You are correct,] Violet admitted and stood up, all thoughts of food or brandy gone from her mind. [I do not trust your judgment in this because your judgment is not based on ME. It is based on someone or something else that is NOT me, nor could it be. I understand that you are worried FOR me. I feel like a child that is being punished and not allowed out because of something someone else did. And you are also Incorrect.] Her hands moved in a fluidic dance of grace and form as she spoke to him. [I did not, nor would I break a promise.] She snorted softly, thoroughly frustrated now and almost on the verge of tears. [I do not know how long they will last.] She looked for all the world like she was getting ready to leave. Alan shut his eyes. The headache was keeping him from thinking straight and it kept getting worse. He maxed out on the meds he knew it was safe to take and they didn't seem to help anymore. He wasn't up to this. Not now. Not at this hour. Not after this difficult day he had. He sat back down rather hard and tried to keep from her that his motor coordination was still affected.[I don't understand,] he signed. His form before of fairly formal and precise signing deteriorated further to that more of a child or someone just learning. Violet sighed and sat down, keeping her distance from him. [I want to help you, but you’ve tied my hands behind my back. I don’t know what to do.] [I said earlier if the Minaran(sp??) way was the only way to heal me then don't] Alan signed shutting his eyes again. The light was bothering him. This was not how he wanted things to go. He wanted to help her. Alan took a few breaths and opened them.[You promised. My hands are tied also. If you knew, you might understand but I can't tell you,] he signed reaching for his drink. Violet frowned deeply. [I was not going to break my promise. I told you that. Yet you do not trust me enough to let me touch you. You do not trust me enough to keep my word.] The subtle movement of her hands portrayed her sadness. [I am very sorry,] he signed.[I don't know what else you can just do with your hands] [Perhaps that is why *I* am the doctor…] she pointed out gently. [And perhaps you can trust me enough to show you?] Alan looked at her, wondering what she was thinking of doing. [Your being the doctor was why I asked you here,] he signed. [Then let me help, please,] she asked. [I’m not going to do anything more than massage your scalp and find certain pressure points that might help relieve the pain.] Alan was relieved to hear the explanation. He nodded. With his permission given, Violet moved over next to him and before she reached out to take his head in her hands, she signed, [Try and relax and lay back for me, please.] Alan thought that funny and nearly laughed out loud, recalling again his last visit to Sickbay. Then his face became more serious. Given how he felt and from her description of things what had happened to get him this way was probably not sanctioned at all by SI making it even more unknown and disturbing. He wondered how much was taken from him and why. But there was something bothering him much more at the moment. [Forgive me?] he asked. Her violet gaze studied his face and rested on the troubled blue eyes.. [Of course. There is nothing to forgive,] she assured him. Her movements eloquently expressed the seriously she felt from his question. Then she gently took his head in her hands. She couldn’t speak once she did, and the room grew very quiet. Alan smiled, sighed in relief, leaned back and let his head rest in her hands. He shut his eyes for a moment and then looked up at hers. Deep violet eyes gazed back into his and she gave him a reassuring smile as she began to gently massage and probe his scalp. He would have very tender spots and those were the ones her fingers instinctively sought. Her touch was soothingly and strangely cool, where normally it was quite warm, and extremely comforting. She couldn’t sign, but her mouth formed the words; =I will not let anything happen. = She couldn’t “fix” him because she had promised not to. But her touch could help relieve some of his stress and hopefully bring the headache to manageable levels. It was an old technique that went back in Earth’s history over three thousand years. It wasn't easy for Alan to trust but he tried. He noticed how her touch was cool, meaning Violet was definitely not trying to use her Minaran abilities to heal him, that helped him to relax more. When she had tried earlier he felt a warm comfortable feeling instead, that of course bothered him considerably. Besides what he believed to be the cause for his current state, he also knew that the headache, long hours in conjunction with everything else had left his judgment impaired this evening. He had barely met Violet but he trusted her more than others. ~Was that good or coming from his impairment or was it something else?~ he thought. Alan easily read her lips and tried to smile. As some of the pain dissipated under her expert care, he started to relax too much and slipped off for a moment and remembered back to one of his earliest times reading lips. Alan was five perhaps, he wasn't sure, and in a bomb shelter. It was very noisy and the grown ups were fighting again... He stopped himself. "So Doc, it's your turn," he said making sure she could read his lips, =My turn for what?= she mouthed as she cupped the back of his head with one hand and gently probed with the other. When her fingers found a tender spot, she applied slow easy pressure to the point until the frowning ridges on his brow eased. "The 'you sure you are OK?' answer. You said you'd tell me if I let you look," he explained. Violet frowned lightly as her fingers worked on his scalp and moved to the back of his head and neck. =May I speak to you telepathically?= she mouthed the words. Alan tensed and thought about how that might play out. He didn't know enough of how that would work with the..Puff.Puff. The steamboat went down the river again in his mind. "I..I don't think that is sa..going to work out. Why?" he asked, staring up at her and trying hard to not squirm away. Violet blinked and her hands stilled. =I am sorry,= she mouthed and frowned. =I did not mean to upset you. It was only a question for my own convenience. Please. Forget that I asked.= "I am sorry," Alan said. "There is a lot I cannot do or say. Your reply?" he asked more concerned than before. =I am confused,= she mouthed. =I did not want you to say or do anything. Just listen.= She shook her head and rubbed the spot between her eyes while holding his head with the other. =You need to come to sickbay. Your headache is not getting better.= Alan's concentration was becoming more impaired. It took him a moment to make out what she said." Listen that way could be a 'do'. I can 'listen' other ways. I want to listen. I am worried about you. I.. Is typing easier for you?" he asked. Violet would have laughed if she had vocal chords. If her hands were free to type, she could sign. As it was, she shook her head. =You come to sickbay. We will talk there. And you should be worried about yourself,= she told him. "No," he said, meaning he would not let her delay her reply."Tell me now please." Violet sighed and sat back, releasing his head and freeing her hands. She rubbed her temples for a moment and then her eyes before her hands began to move as she signed. [I am fine, really,] she assured him. [There are some other side effects that are from the loss of hearing and will go away when it does. Nothing harmful. Now will you come to sickbay with me?] Alan's head fell gently into her lap. He read her signs and looked into her eyes to see that the temporary loss of hearing was all that disturbed her. He moved his hands up slowly to remove the veil of red hair that covered her eyes. He didn't understand why so many things Violet did looked to be open, close and informal. Then in contrast to this was the veil. He gently moved another tendril and looked into her eyes to see if she was fine in the manner of things not measured by tricorders, scans, facts and numbers. He saw uncertainty and fear, and deep violet pools that looked on the verge of spilling over. Violet gave him a small, wry smile and signed once again, [I will be fine.] "It's okay," Alan said, gently letting the veil return to protect the windows of her soul from the rest of the galaxy. One tendril was slow to come down and he gently coaxed it back in place. "You don't have to be anyone. You don't have to be in charge. You don't have to be CMO. You went through something difficult-the surprise, the sound, the shock, and the loss ... the vulnerable feelings of not talking or hearing in a ship full of taking and hearing people. It's OK to feel not fine. It's OK to be scared and not have to fake being 'fine' ri—“ Violet lightly pressed two fingers to his lips in an effort to halt his speech. She smiled a little and then brushed the back of her fingers over his cheek before signing; [Thank you. It is… difficult. Very few people know sign,] she told him. [Makes it very difficult to…] she held her hands up expressively. [I took the rest of the day and tomorrow off.] "Good. Take the time off you need," he said. "Ask me or LT Peel if you need any help. She can sign too. I taught her but she won't be able to catch too much outside the standard signs. I've been doing it a longer time and with more people." [Thank you,] Violet smiled a little more. [I need your help now. In Sickbay.] Alan smiled and nearly laughed."And people say I'm...," he started to say looking for the right word and trying to get up. [Stubborn? Single-minded?] Violet signed with a smile and reached out to help him up. Alan winced when he went up right. "[Hmm, better than I hoped for,]" he both signed and spoke. [I need to get you to sickbay so I can stabilize the damage that’s been done to your brain,] she told him. [My little attempt may have helped your stress level, but it has done nothing for your headache or the other symptoms you are having. Can you walk?] [Based on previous experience when it hurts like this, doubful] he said. [Not for long. It might not be good to stabilize it,] he replied. Violet looked at him and reached over to take his hands briefly before letting them go so she could sign. The action had been geared solely to get his undivided attention and let him know she was getting ready to speak seriously. [You are being cryptic. That and playing the mouse for me… Is this something that needs to be kept secret?] Alan just looked at her as if to say he could not say but in his mind he rolled the cartoon from earlier with some changes. The mouse went to shore and when it did, Alan projected the mouse closer to her and with more definition as to make the tiny rodent three dimensional but it still remained a black and white drawing and had the flickering from the old animations. The mouse bowed, waved to her and hopped up and down. Then he shook his head "yes" and said "mmhmm, mmhmm" and did a little dance. Violet blinked and were she capable of giggling, she would have. As it was humor danced in her eyes instead. [Then let’s make an illicit, incognito visit to sickbay,] she suggested. [Either that or I can go get what I need and come back. You choose.] Alan didn't want to put the doctor at risk. There were pretty severe penalties for treating someone in his situation. The rules and regs deliberately didn't distinguish much between restoring a wipe and any treatment near the affected area for a prescribed period of time depending on the type of wipe. Holodecks and Sickbays were often monitored for such breeches. However, Alan suspected that his wipe was not "in house". If that was the case, there were no laws or rules or regs, just the other obvious concerns. Unfortunately he had no proof. [I don't know what you can do legally. It can't be Sickbay.] he signed.[I don't think it can-be.] he signed looking resigned. He didn't want to end up like Smiley Pete and knew whatever had happened went wrong somehow. ~It would help, if I could think about this clearly,~ he thought. ~Emma?~ Violet reached out and gently tugged on his jaw until he was focusing on her. [Now you listen to me,] she signed with purpose, her face just as animated as her hands. [I am your doctor. I will be the one to worry about legalities. That is my job, not yours,] she told him. [Either I set the course of your treatment and make decisions on what you need, or you take over your own health care and you can do it yourself.] She let out her breath in a soft huff and made a frustrated face at him. [*I* am the expert here. In this realm, I am the expert. I appreciate your wanting to protect me, but in this arena I do not need protecting. I know you think I do, but you have to trust me when I tell you that I do not. And we can argue the point all day if you wish while you continue to get worse and worse.] To Alan, she signed an awfully long time. He wasn't sure all of what she said. When she was done he didn't remember what she had said at first. Something there seemed good. ~What was it?~ he thought. As he struggled to find the first part he lost the last part and the middle. He stared at her confused. Violet was really getting worried now. She reached out and cupped his face in her hands to get him to focus once more on him. [Alan. You need to let me fix you. ME. You need to let ME do it, do you understand? You need to give me permission.] "[Do what?]" he signed in Federation but mouthed some other language. He shut his eyes. It was time to sleep. He just needed some sleep and this would all make sense in the morning. Violet shook him lightly. And when he opened his eyes, she signed; [Fix your head. Dammit Alan! I need you to give me permission to use my abilities before it’s too late and I have to drag you to sickbay!] [Sleep now. Talk to you later, ] Alan replied shutting his eyes again. He dropped his hand and made the sign for 48. Violet didn’t have any idea what ‘48’ meant and she shook him again. [You can’t sleep now! Call Emma!] she told him when he opened his eyes and she took his fingers to tap his combadge. She couldn’t even call for help.. Alan spelled clearly [E-m-m-a] to the couch. Then he slurred the next part [Wake up sleepyhead. Time for work] Violet wasn’t getting anywhere and she shook him again. [Alan! Don’t sign! Call Emma!] she told him again and tapped his combadge. Then she held onto his hands so he couldn’t sign. "Emma?" he said. "Emma can sign.Emma?" Violet held her breath and hoped that Emma answered. There wasn’t much time before she’d have to take him to sickbay. She could repair the damage with a neural regenerator, but a simple tricorder wouldn't give her the amount of detail she’d need to use it. For that, she needed a biobed. The computer didn't like the imprecise message and decided from the voice recognition and the personnel files that the user meant to connect with LTjg Emma Peel. +Oh God Alan. Let me sleep. I have the midwatch. Why did you give me the midwatch today of all days?+ she grumbled barely awake. Violet shook Alan again and when he opened his eyes once more, she signed; [Did she answer? Alan tell her to come here. Tell Emma you need her now! Emergency!] [Yes,] he signed.[Emma? Emma come.] [Don’t sign!] Violet grabbed hold of his hands. +Alan, this is not funny...Alan?+ she repeated. +Dulles, here,+ he replied slowly getting back on the right path. +I know that. You $^^$# woke me up,+ Emma said angrily. +Trudy,+ Alan explained. +Oh God Alan. Why didn't you say that before. I'll be right there and get someone to cover mids for me,+ she said hastily getting dressed. [Is she coming?] Violet released his hands. [Who is Trudy? Is Emma coming? In about two minutes we’re going to sickbay.] "Emma coming," he said slowly wondering if she was going to steal his hands again if he used them. It was an odd game to him, use them don't use them. Violet pulled out her tricorder and ran another scan of his brain. [Look at me,] she signed. [Then damage is deteriorating further and you are starting to bleed. Do you understand what I’m saying? You have to release me from my promise. Please, Alan. Please.]. He squinted one eye lopsidely at her as he tried to raise his hand wondering if she would steal it or not. He decided not to lose them and let them lay on the couch. "Promise is a promise," he said. Violet frowned and sighed softly. [Then I will have to take you to sickbay in order to repair the damage,] she signed. [I will arrange for transport. Will you be alright?] [No] he started and put his hands back down. "Sickbay," he finished. Then he slumped on the couch. LTjg Peel arrived. She pushed the intercom +Alan. I am here let me in+ She waited.