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Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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1)For simming against in the days of TOS
2) To join or ally with an honorable ancient Klingon House, House of Kemat
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3)For a DS9 Era Klingon Sim
Klingon Sim
4)For a commercial,
House of Kemat was asked to help with a casting call for a commercial to appear on Comedy Central
5)For the Klingon Dictionary Project,
House of Kemat has a Klingon Dictionary geared for Klingon RPG "use in the heat of battle". Check it out and send us your comments!
6)For a Star Trek game to be released next year,
House of Kemat and the USS Eagle have been asked to help Mattel, that fine toy company, with Star Trek testers and advertising for their new twenty questions AI game. Check it out and send us your comments!



The USS Eaglet NCC 008-013 is now forming. If you would like your children (ages 8 to 13) to sim in a totally G rated environment, please contact me at . This Star Trek Sim will be based on the Original Series movie era just like the USS Eagle but will be totally geared toward a younger audience. We will be teaching them how to sim, team work and some science. Parents are welcome to join and sim along side their children


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What's new?

Don Lanning sends us photographs of his special effects work for the alien masks in the new Star Trek movie

Star Trek Animations and Cartoons for our RPG


Star Trek Sim Awards and Honors Page

Executive Summaries
Summaries and listings of stories,episodes and logs for our Star Trek role playing game," The Adventures of the USS Eagle"

Pictures from the Star Trek Convention Los Angeles 2004
Three Pages of pictures. See James (Jimmy) Doohan (Scotty) receive his star on Hollywood Blvd. Star Trek Las Vegas Convention 2006 pictures will be added when available.

Star Trek Buddy Icon Page

Star Trek Rank Insignia Page

Captain's Logs from our Star Trek Sim
More stories for our Star Trek RPG! Always in progress! More have been posted!!

Star Trek Sim Chat: Chatlog Page - In progress!

Star Trek Banner Page

Images of our Oberth Class Ship

Our Star Trek Sim's Shuttles- Type I and II, Submersible and Worker Bee

Star Trek Sim Recipes
Ethnic and family recipes for our Star Trek Sim characters: Chinese Dumplings, Greek Egg Lemon Soup, Romanian Mititei, Romanian Sarmale, Russian Cabbage Rolls, Syrian Lentils, Norwegian Reindeer Steaks, Italian Pesto, Cookies and MORE !

Star Trek Sim Departments
Engineering, Medical (Sickbay), Science, Security - See a list of department logos/symbols, stories, sim guides, cartoon images, characters, and MORE !

Star Trek Sim Happy Holidays/ "Greeting Card" Page

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