Star Trek Sim Log
for the USS Eagle RPG

Yajiru Gijutsuka-Assistant Engineering Officer

Personal Log of Ensign Yajiru Gijutsuka:

Well, today has been rather eventful thus far. My assignment today was to take a shuttle to Sirius South and pick up the Sandokhan representative. It seemed like something fairly simple. But as I got within the planet's atmosphere, I encountered a raging storm. It was far worse than any weather I've ever encountered on Earth. Due to the harshness of the weather, I was forced to make a manual landing. I contacted the Eagle to tell them my arrival would be delayed. I was forced to land about half a kilometer from the planned meeting site, but the Sandokhan party took initiative and walked to the shuttle. I got out to greet the reception, and a few Sandokhan warriors searched the shuttle to assure its safety. The Sandokhan representative, L'Asaha-sama, boarded after being assured it was safe. I wanted to wait until the weather cleared to head back for the ship, but K'Arak urged me to take off immediately. The sense of urgency surrounding this whole meeting was worrying. I took off, and am now in the process of navigating out of the atmosphere once more. Things are looking better than they were upon my arrival, but it will still require my fullest concentration, so I must end this log.

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