Star Trek Sim Log
for the USS Eagle RPG

Yajiru Gijutsuka-Assistant Engineering Officer

Cadet Yajiru Gijutsuka's Log

Last week,the XO and I discovered the Captain's party had been imprisoned in the local jail for "disruptive behavior." We also found Lalarali-san (I apologize for the misspelling.) at the reception desk trying to find out where the Captain had been taken. After she and I had a try at negotiating with the man at the desk,Commander Cline offered him a large number of credits to find him and bail the party out. Finally convinced,he led us to a cell where the Captain and the other imprisoned crew members from the Eagle were relased. They came out with a pair of amusing companions. I must remember to ask about this later. *sound of laughter*

Also,the contact Commander Cline and I were supposed to meet at the bar never showed. I am worried that he or she may have been injured,but they might only be lost.

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