Star Trek Sim/RPG:The USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Crew's Logs: Alexi Valderkev

Subj: Log for Stardate 0505.16
Date: 05/16/2005
    ::Alexi entered his quarters, still cluttered with Hanson's things on the floor, but mostly on Hanson's side now.  Alexi assumed that the items on his side must have been tossed or fallen over there when the ship was thrown about in the anomaly.  He let out a deep sigh as he trudged towards the lavatory of the small quarters.  He kicked off his shoes and began to remove his uniform jacket, now caked with hard chunks of various colours of blood, and with a sizable hole through the front left shoulder, blackened and singed around the edges.  He tossed it into a corner, not really caring about keeping his side of the room tidy.  He removed the white undershirt, less-stained, but with the same hole, tossing it into the pile.  Once he had stripped bare, he donned a towel about his waist, in case Hanson returned, and turned on the shower, and waited for it to reach temperature.  He then sealed the lavatory door and enjoyed a hot shower, removing all the dirt and blood from his sore and bruised body.
    When he emerged, he noticed that Hanson had not yet returned, but assumed that he had either gone to get something to eat.  Alexi, on the other hand, knew he should eat, but had no desire to do so, still feeling a bit nauseous from the gas leak in Engineering.  He donned a pair of comfortable, loose pants and climbed into the top bunk on his side of the room.  He still had yet to unpack his duffle bag, but had taken the time to remove a photograph and stick it to the ceiling just a few centimeters above his head in his bunk.  He now pulled it down and smiled as he stared at the woman in the photograph.  After a moment, he returned it to its place on the ceiling and reached over and pulled out the padd he had wedged between the mattress and the wall.  He freed the stylus from it's storage place and began to write::
    What an exciting first few days!  I had never anticipated such action so soon.  We have been flung to God knows where by some anomaly we had moved to investigate.  Science is not my forte, but this must be something important.  From what I gather, we are among a veritable graveyard of other ships that were less fortunate than we were ... Or perhaps not, I think some of them may have even made it through like us, but just didn't have the ability to continue on their journey, as is our current situation.  I had to practically destroy the IDS to prevent the loss of the ship, and now we are dead in space without it.  Hopefully the parts can be salvaged from the nearby vessels or machined here.
    But I digress back to the action of the past several hours.  The crew has turned against itself!  Something, seems to have possessed certain crew members and caused them to turn on their comrades.  Engineering was the scene of an intense firefight, where the Chief was wounded quite badly.  Frankly I am surprised she is still alive, but if she is grateful, I can't tell.  She seemed rather peeved that I sent her with an engineer to the sickbay for treatment.  I would have sent someone else, but they were all possessed - Yajiru was the first trustworthy person I saw, so I arbitrarily sent her with him ... And what is strange is that afterwards, I seemed to be the one giving the orders, despite the fact that I am only an Ensign and green to the ship.
    As if the fighting in Engineering was not bad enough, on my trip to bring the captain my report, I was accosted and taken prisoner by the aforementioned possessed crewmen.  A Vulcan, of all people, was acting suspicious, and as I tried to nonchalantly get away from him, he took me by surprise and threw me into some closet with an alien woman, though she appeared Human to me at the time.  She was rather pretty, but extremely annoying with her constant questioning as to what I was doing as I attempted to free us from the room by overriding the door's locking mechanism.  Once I did manage to open the door, I had to fight my way out, and my companion was of little help.  I was able to take our jailors down, but as I attempted to hide their unconscious bodies, two more came along.  I barely managed overcome them, and I hope I did not injure any of my crew mates too badly - I would hate to get off on the wrong foot here - but my companion, I believe her name was Mirandalese, was shot at close range with a phaser set to a high stun setting.  She had a burn that was bleeding, and I had no choice but to tie her to my back and haul her up several decks until I came across someone in the Jefferies tubes that showed me where a new, make-shift sickbay was established in an extra science lab.  I am surprised I was able to carry her so far, especially after the firefight in Engineering and then taking on four possessed crewmen - Vulcans really are as strong as 3 men, by the way.  I am feeling it now though, as my muscles are quite sore.
    My adventure was not over, however, because once I finally made it to the Bridge, via the Jefferies tubes, I was nearly shot!  This is where I learned about our situation, and that my companion in the room was not a Human, but some sort of alien spy.  How could I not have noticed that her blood was peach-coloured?!  I was able to convince Captain Kematsopoulos that I was who I said I was, though he was still overly cautious.  That did not, however, prevent me from being shot!  One of the guards holding me at phaser point was such a fool that he sneezed and pulled the trigger ... He was then quite rude to me as he escorted me to Sickbay to be treated and inoculated against any alien incursion to my mind.  I hope I get the chance to confront him, getting back at him will be well worth any time I spend in the brig.
    Once I returned to Engineering, I was set to the task of repairing the mess I had made of the IDS, but I was interrupted by power fluctuations and then a near-catastrophe, which released some toxic gasses.  My lungs still burn slightly, and I feel a tad nauseous.  Hopefully some sleep will remedy it.
    On a more personal note, I don't think my room mate likes me much at all.  He seems to live like a hermit, in the dark, alone, and surrounded by his personal effects, which were strewn about the room when I arrived.  He has agreed to keep my half of the room free of debris, which I think did not help ingratiate me with him.  On top of that, I had to get a little rough with him in the firefight in Engineering, I hope he does not hold it against me ... I have, however, made a friend though.  Ensign Sondheim is a very attractive, yet shy girl who does not seem confident in her abilities as an Engineer, though she does a spectacular job.  I have not spent any real time in her company outside of work, though I hope to get to know her better.  I also miss Valeria a great deal.  Now, after being tossed about the galaxy, and having no real idea where we are, I begin to worry that I may not see her again.  If we make it back, I plan to find a way to somehow get her transferred to the Eagle.  She can study her space dust and stars just as well.  She probably would have loved to study this phenomenon, I'll have to remember to ask the science department for a copy of the data they collect, as I'm sure V will be full of questions I can't possibly begin to answer about this.
    ::Alexi returns the stylus to its holder, and after uploading the data to the ship's database, he places the padd back where he pulled it from.  After staring at Valeria's photograph for a few minutes, his weariness overcomes him, and his eyelids sag shut as he passes out.::

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