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Personal Log 2001.09.24

Cadet Unstoffe activates the button at the computer on his desk and speaks:

"Looks like I'll get my first big opportunity since reporting aboard. I've been assigned to the Security and Tactical station on the bridge. This is the reason I asked for such a small ship as my initial assignment. If I were on something like an Excelsior class, I'd be lost in the crowd as a cadet and probably not even see the Captain for months. Now I'll be working on the bridge with one of the youngest and fastest rising COs in the Fleet.

We are answering a distress call from a stricken civilian liner. The ship is reported to be in desperate shape and its attacker is unknown. While we are transporting the Tureth ambassador back to his home world, we must take this necessary detour. I have studied the class diagrams for the star liner to familiarize myself with its layout, but the trouble with civilian ships is that they tend to vary so much from class norms. That is especially true of large cruise ships. The owners always want to make them "distinctive" and "unique". I'll have to keep that in mind as I study my scans.

Well, time to go on watch. Computer, end log."

Cadet Unstoffe stands and walks confidently from his stateroom.

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