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 Unstoffe Log: The Virus Gambit  

Stardate: 2006.02.02
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: The Brig
The Eagle had escaped safely from the Romulan attack and repairs the shield generators were nearly complete.  LCDR Unstoffe had taken the time to brief the XO on all he had discovered from Dr. Arnold and had ordered security teams to sweep the ship for Captain Fango. He was obviously mixed up in this whole Romulan business in some way and Unstoffe wanted to have a serious chat about it. In the meantime, with LTjg Richards manning tactical, he decided to head down to the Brig and check on Dr. Arnold

The door slid open and Unstoffe observed the security guard at his post. "How's the prisoner?" he asked.  

  "Quiet, sir, hasn't spoken a word since we put him in the cell," the guard responded. "Mostly he just stares at the wall." 

Arnold's back was to the door and he sat on the spare bench with his knees pulled up against his chest.

As he moved closer to the cell, Unstoffe verified the force field was operating at full strength.

"It's all right Commander, I'm not going anywhere," commented Arnold without turning around.  

"I hope you are finding your private suite more to your liking, " Unstoffe remarked dryly.

"The new accommodations are acceptable, given the circumstances. Besides, I've been in worse for much longer."

"Well then, I'll leave you to get more accustomed to them."  Unstoffe turned to leave the Brig. He'd come back and interrogate the prisoner after Arnold had stewed in the cell a little longer.  Despite his claims to the contrary, Arnold looked the type who enjoyed his creature comforts.  Unstoffe stopped short, nearly hitting the door.  Unexpectedly, it failed to open.
Arnold smiled.

Unstoffe tried the door a couple more times, entering his security code into the control panel in case the lock-down protocols had been inadvertently activated (or someone was playing a joke on the boss.)  The door steadfastly remained shut.
Frustrated, Unstoffe turned to the guard and they spoke together briefly.  No, the guard hadn't altered the controls.  No, he hadn't noticed any power fluctuation and no, the Bridge had not announced any problems with internal controls. Stepping across the guard station, Unstoffe accessed the intercom to report the problem to Engineering.  The circuit was silent.

Arnold watched.

Suddenly, main lighting failed.  The Brig was lit only by the faint glow of the force field of Arnold's cell.  After a half-second the emergency circuit kicked in and the room was filled with the subdued blue hue of the back-up lights.  Unstoffe exchanged a concerned look with the guard.

Arnold laughed.

Unstoffe and the guard turned to see Arnold on his feet, arms crossed in the middle of his cell.
"It is only a matter of time now," he chuckled.

Unstoffe took a step closer to the cell. "Time until what?" he inquired.

Arnold sat as he replied, "Time until we all die. I have failed in my primary mission. Now it is the only way."  He closed his eyes.

"What have you done?" demanded Unstoffe.

Arnold was silent.

"This is ridiculous," thought Unstoffe. "The man is locked behind bars and has been in our custody since he broke into the communications circuit.  He's just using whatever is going on to play with me, to get back for tricking him."
As he stared at Arnold, thinking, Unstoffe became aware that the ubiquitous fan noise had stopped. He counted slowly to five.  The back-up lights shifted from blue to red.  Life support had failed and the emergency reserves had activated.
Arnold opened his eyes in response to the changes.  He saw the concern etched on Unstoffe's face.  He was enjoying this.  "I must complement you on your little ruse. Had you not been so successful, perhaps we all would have lived."
Uncharacteristically, Unstoffe lost his patience and threatened, "Tell me now! What have you done?"  Not getting a response, Unstoffe repeated himself with malice in his voice, "Tell me now! What have you done?"
Arnold opened his eyes and looked up, "You can't threaten a dead man, Commander."  With that he turned his back on Unstoffe.

"Drop the bars," Unstoffe ordered the guard. "If we lose power the emergency power supply should hold the force field for 20 minutes or so, but I don't want to take any chances."

"Aye, sir."

 "I should head to the bridge and see what is going on." Unstoffe pulled open the access panel to the manual door controls and started to work the release.

 Arnold felt like gloating. He was going to die, so he might as well enjoy himself. "Commander, I'll tell you what I did."

Unstoffe continued working the door, but called over his shoulder, "Yes?"

 "I planted a logic bomb in your communications system. The virus it contained is now disrupting your ship's systems. It is only a matter of time before it affects something critical, but your technicians will have figured that much out by now.  Had I not been discovered, I could have entered a code to disarm it, but once the bomb activates the code won't work. I don't know that much about it myself, but I've been assured it is quite a virulent program. You won't be able to contain it and even if your programmers could develop a program to stop it, they won't be able to in time."

Unstoffe didn't bother to answer. He finished opening the door and left.

 Arnold grinned.

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