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Title: The Smoking Phaser, Unstoffe's Log, Stardate 200112.16
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Crew quarters

The newly minted ensign lay on his bunk staring silently at the overhead. He was glad that his bunkmate had gone on shift shortly before he had come down from the bridge. He wanted, no needed, to be alone. Handing his phaser over to the XO had been one of the hardest things he had ever done. Somehow, that simple act had stripped him of all the confidence and enthusiasm he had felt since arriving on the Eagle. Now, in the path to the future stood an investigatory board and all he had ever worked for hung in the balance. He caught himself in that moment of self pity and was immediately wracked with guilt. How could he think of his own future? That fellow on the deck of the bridge had no future. Unstoffe knew that as a security officer he might be called upon to kill, to end the life of another sentient, but only in self-defense or in defense of those in his charge, and then as a last resort. He had killed a man without intending to, a man who was supposed to be his prisoner. Unstoffe reached over to the console next to his bunk and tapped a key.

  Personal log, Cadet, I mean Ensign ("That is going to take getting used to. I hope it lasts," he thought) Lahrs Unstoffe, Stardate 2001.12.16. I'm not sure where to begin. Everything seemed to be going so well. After returning from the rescue mission on the Rigellian Star, I was assigned the weapon officer's position on the bridge for the swing shift. We were attacked by a group of pirates masquerading as the Galadonese flagship with the Empress herself onboard. I not certain how, but Capt. Kematsoupolous saw through the deception and a battle ensued. I doubt I'll win any targeting awards, but I shot well enough to hit a couple of their ships. Unfortunately, we were unable to stop them all and some escaped.

  After the battle we were scanning the debris field looking for any clue as to how they we able to fool our sensors and project the Galadonese ship. In the course of the search, I detected an escape pod and brought it onboard. Dr. Pangloss, Ensign Cochrane and I took a security team to the cargo bay to check for any passengers. We found one apparent pirate who wasn't too badly injured, so I escorted him to the brig. Just as we arrived at the brig, I and the rest of my team blacked out. When we awoke, the prisoner had escaped. The search began immediately.

  Hoping to better coordinate the search with the internal sensors, I headed to the bridge. Upon exiting the turbolift, I saw my prisoner on the bridge ranting at the Captain. He grabbed a phaser from one of the bridge crew and pointed it at the Captain. With my phaser set on stun, and apparently unobserved by the prisoner, I fired. The shot hit, but seemed to have no effect. Instinctively, I fired a second time. The results were immediate, as the prisoner crumpled to the deck. Believing him only stunned, I approached to take custody, but discovered, to my horror, that he was dead. The Captain cast me an accusing glance and demanded to know what happened. I stammered out an explanation, but he insisted I turn over my phaser to the XO. The phaser was set to STUN! Even the XO admitted as much when he took the phaser. I can only await the Captain's decision. Unstoffe out.

Again his arm reached across the bunk and hit the keypad on the console. Again his gaze turned toward the overhead and his thoughts to the future.


From: Ensign Unstoffe, Assistant Security Officer
To: Commanding Officer, USS Eagle, NCC 2185
Via: Security Officer

1. Current Status

a. Investigation: We have not yet determined the exact motivation or modus operandi of our attackers. We are still awaiting the Science Department's analysis of the probe the ship recovered and on medical's autopsy of the prisoner.

b. Prisoner: Initial medical scans of the prisoner upon opening the escape pod revealed only minor injuries. Scans by both medical and science tricorders indicated the prisoner was human. During transport to the brig, power in that section was lost and almost immediately thereafter all ship's personal accompanying the prisoner lost consciousness for several minutes. The prisoner was either unaffected, or much more mildly affected by this phenomenon and used the opportunity to escape. He was later discovered on the bridge in a state of severe mental instability waving a phaser about in a threatening manner. He was shot twice with a phaser on the "stun" setting. The first shot had no apparent affect. The second killed him. The investigation into why is ongoing.

c. Current security status: The ship is on green alert. Shields have been restored to 100%. All weapons are back online; however, with repairs to the phasers complete, they should undergo a full targeting alignment at the first opportunity.

2. Visit to Tureth

a. Security plans for the Away Team. Primary security for all ship's force personnel while planetside will be provided by Tureth forces. During the initial beam-down, a two person honor guard should accompany the ship's official representative for all diplomatic functions. A standard hand phaser will be issued. Unlike the Galadonese, the Tureth are an open, gregarious society who had started a fairly robust tourist industry prior to the onset of the war. Opportunities for shore leave should be plentiful.

b. In orbit security posture. Recommend a standard security posture while in orbit with green conditions throughout the ship. We're we to grant tours of the ship to any Tureth during the visit, recommend posting security personnel outside all sensitive areas of the ship.

c. Overview of Tureth military. The Tureth fleet is both large and formidable. The war had raised the efficiency of its crews to a high level. As they are roughly on a par with the Galadonese, we should assume that the higher technological level we observed on Galadon will be paralleled by the Tureth. In short, they're weaponry is as sophisticated as our own. Expect a strong military presence while in Tureth space.

Very respectfully,

Ens. Unstoffe

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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