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Title: A Dark and Smokey Ship, Unstoffe's Log, Stardate 200110.21
Location: Rigellian Star Adventurer
Setting:  A passageway somewhere amidships

He was certain there were less preferable beam-in sites, but was having trouble imaging one at the moment. The ship's emergency lighting did little more that cast a hazy gloom to the smoke that swirled about their heads. The XO ordered the away team to don respirators. Cadet Unstoffe quickly complied while crouching down to try and get out of the smoke. As far as he could tell, they were about as close to no where as you could get on the ship. Engineering was somewhere aft of them. Ensign Ralph had headed in that direction almost immediately after beam-in to try and restore the ship's life support systems.

Unstoffe scanned the area. His tricorder registered several fading life signs behind a hatch directly in front of him. He motioned to the XO and tried to open the hatch. It remained resolutely shut.

"Do you need to blow the hatch with your phaser?" the XO inquired from over Unstoffe's shoulder.

"Don't want to use a phaser since we don't know if these gases are explosive," Unstoffe replied, wondering if the XO had inhaled too deeply before donning his respirator.

"[BEEP]! I should have thought of that!" he replied quickly.

Searching, Unstoffe found the panel to access the manual override on the door and released the lock. The hatch slid open and a thick, black billow of smoke poured into the passageway. Using a combination of tricorder scans and bumping in the dark, the XO and Unstoffe located the beings whose life signs he had detected behind the hatch. A precious few still lived and were beamed directly to the Eagle for medical care.

While the XO and Cadet Cochran continued to search for survivors, Unstoffe decided to try and make it to the bridge. Crawling to stay below the dense cloud of smoke and see as far ahead as possible, he uses his tricorder to scan for fires. It isn't long before the tricorder confirms what the steadily rising temperature made him suspect. He was crawling directly towards the heart of the inferno! Pausing, he recalls a map of the liner onto the tricorder display. Feverishly, he searches for an alternate route to the bridge that will avoid turning him into a Norwegian barbeque. Finally, he locates a potential path. He worries that the schematics are only for this class of ship. Civilian ship's are notorious for variations from class norms. Passenger liners are the worst. Owners are always tinkering with the designs to make them "unique" to attract customers. The path on his tricorder could just as easily take him to the Bahamarama Lounge as it could the bridge, but it was the only information he had.

After crawling a few more yards, he stopped again with an idea. Grabbing the communicator off his belt, he hailed the Eagle,

"Unstoffe to transporter chief, can you beam me from here to the ship's bridge?"

"Too risky," the salty chief replied, "don't want to scramble you boy."

Unstoffe resumed his crawl, cursing himself for such a rookie mistake. "No wonder the beam-in site was so lousy," he thought, "if the bridge was clear of interference we would have landed there." So far the new path was working. The temperature was going down and the map had been accurate. After an eternity of crawling, he came to an emergency bulkhead which had obviously deployed during the casualty. Carefully feeling his way around, he discovered the access hatch and opened it.

He bounded through followed by gust of the noxious cloud that had clogged the corridor on the opposite side of the hatch. The hatch sealed itself as soon as Unstoffe was through. On this side the air was clear except for what he had brought with him. Standing up, he rushed down the passageway towards the bridge. The door to the bridge was shut. Pulling out his tricorder, Unstoffe scans for conditions on the bridge. The readings are confused, but indicate a viable atmosphere. Using manual override, he opens the door and enters.

The bridge is a scene of total destruction. A support beam has crashed from the overhead and splits the room like a knife. Most of the control panels are sparking wildly and the bodies of the bridge crew lie prostrate at their posts. Small fires burn in various parts of the compartment producing most of the light. Despite his concern for the crew, Unstoffe realizes that the first priority must be the ship. If he can't activate some emergency systems, any other survivors will almost surely perish. He dodges debris and shields himself from a rain of sparks on his way to the engineering station. Remarkably, it is in working order. With a few quick finger movements, he calls up the ship's status. There is a fire in an aft compartment (he knew that!), a hull breach starting on deck 18, shield emitters were down, the comms array off line and a large radiation leak on decks 9-12 amongst other less serious damage. He immediately activated the fire suppression system in the aft compartments.

"Unstoffe to Eagle, I am on the bridge. The crew is dead or incapacitated. I have activated the fire suppression system," he reported via his communicator.

Returning his attention to the panel, he strengthen the structural integrity field on deck 18 to stem the hull breach and attempted to vent the radiation leak. The latter attempt failed, but overall, the condition of the ship was stabilizing. Ensign Ralph had restored life support systems, the fires were out and a hull breach averted. He therefore turned his attention to the crew.

The captain and helmsman were barely hanging on to life and the rest of the bridge crew was dead. Unstoffe did the best he could to stabilize them and requested immediate medical assistance. The interference on the bridge was still too strong to beam them to the Eagle. In the meantime, Captain Kematsoupoulus ordered him to transmit all logs and sensor data to the Eagle.

Using his tricorder, Unstoffe downloaded the data from the ship's systems. He had to attempt it several times because the bridge systems were unstable. Finally, he captured all that was available, but was not very confident on its quality. Regardless, he used his communicator to transfer the data to the Eagle. Moments later a medical team arrived and Unstoffe made the trek back to the beam-in point to await his return to the Eagle.

Shortly after his arrival, he discovered a pleasant surprise. He was now an Ensign!

Title: The Smoking Phaser, Unstoffe's Log, Stardate 200112.16
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Crew quarters
The newly minted ensign lay on his bunk staring silently at the overhead. He was glad that his bunkmate had gone on shift shortly before he had come down from the bridge. He wanted, no needed, to be alone. Handing his phaser over to the XO had been one of the hardest things he had ever done. Somehow, that simple act had stripped him of all the confidence and enthusiasm he had felt since arriving on the Eagle. Now, in the path to the future stood an investigatory board and all he had ever worked for hung in the balance. He caught himself in that moment of self pity and was immediately wracked with guilt. How could he think of his own future? That fellow on the deck of the bridge had no future. Unstoffe knew that as a security officer he might be called upon to kill, to end the life of another sentient, but only in self-defense or in defense of those in his charge, and then as a last resort. He had killed a man without intending to, a man who was supposed to be his prisoner. Unstoffe reached over to the console next to his bunk and tapped a key.

  Personal log, Cadet, I mean Ensign ("That is going to take getting used to. I hope it lasts," he thought) Lahrs Unstoffe, Stardate 2001.12.16. I'm not sure where to begin. Everything seemed to be going so well. After returning from the rescue mission on the Rigellian Star, I was assigned the weapon officer's position on the bridge for the swing shift. We were attacked by a group of pirates masquerading as the Galadonese flagship with the Empress herself onboard. I not certain how, but Capt. Kematsoupolous saw through the deception and a battle ensued. I doubt I'll win any targeting awards, but I shot well enough to hit a couple of their ships. Unfortunately, we were unable to stop them all and some escaped.

  After the battle we were scanning the debris field looking for any clue as to how they we able to fool our sensors and project the Galadonese ship. In the course of the search, I detected an escape pod and brought it onboard. Dr. Pangloss, Ensign Cochrane and I took a security team to the cargo bay to check for any passengers. We found one apparent pirate who wasn't too badly injured, so I escorted him to the brig. Just as we arrived at the brig, I and the rest of my team blacked out. When we awoke, the prisoner had escaped. The search began immediately.

  Hoping to better coordinate the search with the internal sensors, I headed to the bridge. Upon exiting the turbolift, I saw my prisoner on the bridge ranting at the Captain. He grabbed a phaser from one of the bridge crew and pointed it at the Captain. With my phaser set on stun, and apparently unobserved by the prisoner, I fired. The shot hit, but seemed to have no effect. Instinctively, I fired a second time. The results were immediate, as the prisoner crumpled to the deck. Believing him only stunned, I approached to take custody, but discovered, to my horror, that he was dead. The Captain cast me an accusing glance and demanded to know what happened. I stammered out an explanation, but he insisted I turn over my phaser to the XO. The phaser was set to STUN! Even the XO admitted as much when he took the phaser. I can only await the Captain's decision. Unstoffe out.

Again his arm reached across the bunk and hit the keypad on the console. Again his gaze turned toward the overhead and his thoughts to the future.


From: Ensign Unstoffe, Assistant Security Officer
To: Commanding Officer, USS Eagle, NCC 2185
Via: Security Officer

1. Current Status

a. Investigation: We have not yet determined the exact motivation or modus operandi of our attackers. We are still awaiting the Science Department's analysis of the probe the ship recovered and on medical's autopsy of the prisoner.

b. Prisoner: Initial medical scans of the prisoner upon opening the escape pod revealed only minor injuries. Scans by both medical and science tricorders indicated the prisoner was human. During transport to the brig, power in that section was lost and almost immediately thereafter all ship's personal accompanying the prisoner lost consciousness for several minutes. The prisoner was either unaffected, or much more mildly affected by this phenomenon and used the opportunity to escape. He was later discovered on the bridge in a state of severe mental instability waving a phaser about in a threatening manner. He was shot twice with a phaser on the "stun" setting. The first shot had no apparent affect. The second killed him. The investigation into why is ongoing.

c. Current security status: The ship is on green alert. Shields have been restored to 100%. All weapons are back online; however, with repairs to the phasers complete, they should undergo a full targeting alignment at the first opportunity.

2. Visit to Tureth

a. Security plans for the Away Team. Primary security for all ship's force personnel while planetside will be provided by Tureth forces. During the initial beam-down, a two person honor guard should accompany the ship's official representative for all diplomatic functions. A standard hand phaser will be issued. Unlike the Galadonese, the Tureth are an open, gregarious society who had started a fairly robust tourist industry prior to the onset of the war. Opportunities for shore leave should be plentiful.

b. In orbit security posture. Recommend a standard security posture while in orbit with green conditions throughout the ship. We're we to grant tours of the ship to any Tureth during the visit, recommend posting security personnel outside all sensitive areas of the ship.

c. Overview of Tureth military. The Tureth fleet is both large and formidable. The war had raised the efficiency of its crews to a high level. As they are roughly on a par with the Galadonese, we should assume that the higher technological level we observed on Galadon will be paralleled by the Tureth. In short, they're weaponry is as sophisticated as our own. Expect a strong military presence while in Tureth space.

Very respectfully,

Ens. Unstoffe

Title: The Doctor Dilemma, Unstoffe's Log, Stardate 200202.11
Location:  USS Eagle
Setting:  Sickbay

    It was not a situation for which he had been trained. The Security Officer course back at Starfleet had prepared him for zero gravity combat, small squad infantry tactics, hand-to-hand fighting, as well as the various shipboard weapons systems. Sure, they had spent a couple of days on crowd control and non-lethal techniques useful in breaking up the odd bar fight, but he was certain this scenario had not occurred in any of the literature. Doctors
rarely were engaged in combat, almost never with each other, and, he was quite positive about this, never, ever in sickbay. After all, they had taken the Hippocratic oath, hadn't they? So, for the first few seconds, his mind simply refused to acknowledge what appeared before them.

    The fight the CMO and Dr. Pangloss were engaged in could only be accurately described as a fire-fight. The sight of phaser fire shook off the last vestiges of sleep. Alert, he crouched down to assess the situation. Who started the fight or why he didn't know. The only question now was who to put down first. Unfortunately, he had been rudely awaken while trying to sleep off his the vestiges of his shore leave on Tureth. While he knew the call for
help came from sickbay, he couldn't really swear to whose voice had blared over the intercom.

    The CMO made the decision for him. She shouted, "He tried to kill the captain!" True or not, it jolted him into action. Unstoffe made one final check that his phaser was on "stun" and fired. Dr. Pangloss dropped and lay motionless on the deck.

    Slowly, he swung his phaser around and pointed it at the CMO. "Do you mind explaining what's going on, Doc?" he inquired.

    Out of breath, and a little surprised by the phaser pointed in her direction, she replied, "I'm not quite sure if I can. This man who claims to be a "Dr. Pangloss" nearly killed the CO with his 'treatments'. I arrived in time to stop him, and he attacked me."

    Dryly, he countered, "No offense, Doc, but Dr. P has been around longer than you, and he obviously can't answer for himself. How do I know it wasn't the other way 'round?"

    Obviously annoyed at the questioning, the CMO answered tersely, "Because the Captain is still alive."

    Unstoffe tried to judge her body language, the tone in her voice, anything to verify she was telling the truth. He was unfamiliar with her species and didn't trust himself to interpret those cues accurately. Hesitantly, he glanced up at the readings above the CO's bio-bed. Several of the readings were in the yellow range. One, no two, bordered on the red. There was no way of confirming her story from there.

    "I'm no medic, but he doesn't look to well to me," he declared. It was part statement of fact, part accusation. The CMO obviously assumed it was the latter.

    "That's due to Pangloss's treatments," she stated flatly. She was losing patience. "We must do something quickly, or he WILL die."

    Still covering her with his phaser, he slid over to the nearest intercom. "Again I only have your word for that," he challenged. Any sign of confidence he displayed earlier was gone.

    He was out of his depth and the CMO knew it. She turned her back on him and resumed working on the Captain. Without turning she dismissed him, "We will work this out once the Captain is well again."

    Unstoffe activated the intercom. "Sickbay to XO. Request your immediate presence."

    In response he heard the reassuring voice of CDR Cline come over the speaker, "Jim here. I'm on my way."

    Taking some comfort that help was on the way, Unstoffe returned his attention to Dr. Laleila. She was continuing her work on Captain Kematsopoulos. With more confidence than he felt, he cautioned, "Okay, doc. Keep working, but I'll just stay here and watch." As if to emphasize the point, he raised his phaser slightly.

    Dr. Laleila barely noticed. She grunted, "As you wish," and continued to ignore the ensign despite his phaser.

    In a few moments, the XO entered sickbay. He was surprised to see the assistant security officer covering the CMO with a phaser and the general disarray of the room. Then he noticed Dr. Pangloss lying on the deck, unconscious. "Hey . . . what's going on here? Lahrs?" he asked.

    "I got a call to report to SB. Found the two Doc's in a scuffle when I arrived . . . the CMO won," Unstoffe explained, motioning to the prostrate form of Dr. Pangloss.

    "Laleila?" the XO interrupted.

    "She claims Dr. P was trying to kill the Captain and attacked her when she interrupted," Unstoffe finished.

    "Cannot talk, Captain is critical," Dr. Laleila spit out. She was giving the XO about as much notice as she was Unstoffe. Her work consumed her attention.

    Seeming to take her at her word, the XO relaxed slightly and moved over Pangloss. Grabbing a nearby medical tricorder, he scanned the body. "Get this man to a bio bed, now!" he ordered nodding to Unstoffe and the two security men who had entered with him.

    "Aye, sir." Holstering his phaser, Unstoffe bent over to pick up Pangloss. Feeling his earlier explanation had been somehow inadequate he added, "Sir, I'm just a lowly ensign. Not my place to decide who is telling the truth. That's why I called you, sir."

    With the help of the other security men, Unstoffe placed Dr. Pangloss on the bio-bed and restrained him.

    Sensing the ensign's self-doubt, the XO reassured, "Lahrs, you certainly did the right thing. Keep a guard on Pangloss and you stay here and keep an eye on Laleila."

    Feeling a little more confident, Unstoffe opined, "I hope so, sir. The Kaptein doesn't look very well." He then acknowledged the XO's order and resumed watching the CMO. He assigned the rest of the security team to strategic points around sickbay and tried to stay out of the way. He knew Dr. Laleila was telling the truth about one thing. The Captain's life was in jeopardy. All he could do was watch her work and be ready to escort her to the brig
if she failed.

Title: You Can't Be Sirius, Unstoffe Log, Stardate 200207.22
Location: Somewhere on Sirius South
Setting:  A dungeon-like room, complete with dank walls and manacles.

   Assuming he left it in one piece, Sirius South would not make his top ten
list of favorite planets.  Considering he had only been to nine since
graduating the Academy and joining the Eagle, that was saying something.
Unfortunately, his current set of circumstances gave Unstoffe more time than
he would have liked to consider such things.  With his arms manacled to the
walls, he couldn't even scratch his nose.
    Somehow the entire Away Team had been captured despite his careful
preparations.  Following up on a lead they discovered while riding the local
mass transit, the Away Team intended to monitor an arms shipment to the
Galadonese faction.  Unlike the Tureth supporters who staged their shipment
in the middle of a busy port, the Galadons were sequestered far out in the
countryside and using a remote landing zone typically employed to ship
agricultural products.  In keeping with the bucolic theme, Unstoffe had
chosen a nearby barn from which to observe the transaction.  The Away Team
had beamed down in the shadow of the barn and transited unobserved, or so
they thought, to their observation point.
    Realizing that those involved in the transaction would likely set up a
security perimeter, Unstoffe carefully scanned the area to ensure the barn
was empty and their evacuation route secure.  He did not like taking
chances.  Everything had checked out.  From their vantage point the Away
Team observed two aliens meeting on the landing pad, about 50 meters from
their position.  The conversation appeared strained at first and Unstoffe
was having difficulty picking up any of the conversation on his tricorder at
this range.  One of the pair was a obviously a Galadon, but the other was
obscured by the shadows and hard to make out.  Finally, he got a clear view.
It was an Orion!
    The two beings apparently resolved their disagreement for the Orion
motioned and several assistants emerged from his ship carrying crates. The
deal seemed to be moving forward smoothly and the Away Team would soon have
more of the evidence it needed to try and quell the hostilities concerning
this planet.  Unstoffe was just starting to let himself relax and let the
shipment be completed before the Away Team took its next move when he
noticed movement in the shadows.  He adjusted his tricorder to determine if
anything had changed from his earlier scans.  He breathed a sigh of relief
when the scan came up empty.  "Only the wind, I guess.  I must be getting
jumpy," he thought.
    At that moment, armed aliens popped up out of every conceivable hiding
spot.  The were all well armed and had the area surrounded.  Moving quickly
they seized the Orion and his compatriots as well as those from the
Galadonese faction.  Unstoffe was alarmed by the speed of the attackers and
taken aback by the change of events.  For a brief moment he hoped that the
Away Team, still concealed in the barn might escape notice.  Then he heard
one of the new arrivals bark, "Everybody freeze where you are and drop your
weapons!  My men will shoot anyone who doesn't comply!"
    As if to emphasize the attackers knew where the Away Team was, one stuck
his weapon into the haystack hiding the XO.  "You too in the hay," he
ordered.  Soon they were herded into the center of the landing pad along
with the Orions and their customers.  The new group did not seem to make any
differentiation amongst its captives.  Once everyone was rounded up, three
shuttles appeared from a behind a hill and hugged the ground as they
approached the landing zone.  Unstoffe was impressed at how well the pilots
handled the lumbering craft.
    With everyone now clearly at his mercy, the leader of the group took a
more civil tone with his captives. "You will all kindly get aboard the
shuttles," he directed.  If any of the captives thought he was giving them
any options, those hopes were immediately dashed by his men who motioned
deliberately with their weapons.  Once on board, they are followed by
several guards and the hatch sealed behind them.  They were trapped.
    The CO turned to Unstoffe and inquired, "Where did they come from?"
    "I don't know, sir. They didn't show up on my scans. . ." Unstoffe
stammered in reply.  He was embarrassed and professionally stung.  He
couldn't understand how so large a group escaped his scans.  The Orions and
Galadons had shown up alright, but no one else.  He was sure.
    The Captain didn't give him any time for self-recrimination. "We need to
get out of here before we reach the base. We may never come out of there
once we go in," he whispered.
    As if to punctuate the seriousness of their dilemma, the shuttle rocked
violently as it returned to the sky.  The Away Team started to discuss
options disguising their talk with comments about the smell of the shuttle.
It obviously had been used for its principle job of hauling cattle not so
long ago.  No one had any great ideas.
    Again the Captain jumped in, cutting off the discussion, "We need to do
try anything now. Once we are in. It will be probably too late. If this is
the militant indigenous faction, they'll kill us after we are interrogated.
It's imperative that . . ." he declared and they all started to rush the
    Before they had even left their seats a loud hissing sound erupted and
the shuttle filled with gas.  Within seconds they were all unconscious.
That was all Unstoffe could recall.  His thoughts quickly returned to the
present as their captors seemed to be taking an interest in them once more.

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