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Rank: Lieutenant Commander (LCDR)

Assignment: Chief Security Officer (CSEC)

Full Name: Lahrs Unstoffe

Nickname (If any): 'Stoffe

Date of Birth: 2271

Place of Birth: Oslo, Norway, Earth

Parents: Ingar and Ilsa Unstoffe

Race: Human, Viking

Sex: Male

Marital Status: Single

Hair Color: Blond

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 188 cm

Weight: 88 kg

Health: Excellent

Education: Majored in Archelology and History of Ancient Cultures at the


One paper published in the Starfleet Academy Journal of Histories, "Was Kahless Really Odin? A Comparative Study of Klingon and Norse Mythology"

Languages: English, Norwegian, Ancient Klingon

Service Awards:

Starfleet Career Summary: Entered Starfleet Academy in 2289. Member of Rifle, Pistol and Fencing squads. Graduated from Starfleet Small Unit Tactics Course during summer of his first year. Cadet cruise on USS Excelsior following second year. Reported for duty USS Eagle, 2293.

History: Lahrs is the only child of Ingar and Ilsa Unstoffe, a very traditional Scandinavian couple. His father is a fisherman. Lahrs spent many of his days out on the fjords with his father in the family business. Ilsa is a high school history teacher. Lahrs was drawn to Starfleet by what he refers to as "the call of the sea." While no one has ever been able to definitely document it one way or another, family tradition holds that they are descended from Eric the Red. Lahrs wants to explore the stars as his ancient ancestor did the seas.


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