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USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Crew Logs: Tiberian

::He speaks into the small mic as he records his first day on the Eagle::

2293. I just completed my first day on board the Eagle. The captain had me replacing the Science Officer for the day, as the other science officer was in sick bay helping out with the medical duties. It was kind of a rough day, as I could not get the idea of what a science officer does. I am a communications major from Starfleet. I have no problem with doing what the captain tells me to do, but I know that I would have done better had I been running comms. I think I may actually like working on board the Eagle, as the crew is really helpful and friendly, even in a time of crisis such as this. Well, that is all. Goodnight. ::he turns it off, laying down on his bed and falling asleep fast, for the day had been a long day::

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