Star Trek Sim/RPG:The USS Eagle, NCC 2185

LT Harry Sullivan
(On loan from the Royal Navy ;o) Spoof on Dr. Who from non Star Trek Science Fiction)

Duty Logs: Medical
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Science Lab 3 (AKA Sickbay 2)

Harry Sullivan walked away from the intercom panel in Sickbay 2 frustrated.  He had information vital to the survival of the Eagle and could not raise the XO after multiple attempts.  At the moment, he was alone with his patients.  He knew he had to do something.  "Best get what I'm thinking recorded for the record," he thinks to himself as he moves towards the nearest computer terminal.  Aloud he says, "Computer, begin recording."

Medical Officer's Log - LT Harry Sullivan, AMO, reporting.

The CMO is on an away team.  The Eagle's sickbay is still occupied by crew member's that are under the control of the aliens who have infected the ship.  Any effort to administer them a dose of thuradium has failed as security teams cannot get close enough subdue without injuring them.  As a result, all medical care has been transferred to Science Lab 3 which we have affectionately dubbed "Sickbay 2".  

I currently have 8 crew members under my care with varying severity of injuries.  All but one are currently sedated to minimize the opportunity for the aliens to exercise their mind control on them.  The XO has been treated and released, but is not yet cleared for full duty.  He suffered a severe contusion to the cranium and a complete loss of consciousness during our exit from the wormhole.  When possible I need to perform a full cranial scan for any lasting effects, but on the whole he's better off than several other crew members who have been required back at their posts to attend our current crisis.

My most intriguing patient at the moment is LTjg Mirandalese Ghenvarae.  She was brought in by Ensign Valderkev (now LTjg) , who was in a state of some agitation, with a phaser wound.  I was subsequently able to determine that she had been under the control of the aliens who no doubt took advantage of her strong telepathic abilities as she is Zhenarite.  She had recovered from the phaser wound but was still experiencing symptoms of trauma associated with the period of alien control.  Her resilience to these events has been inspiring.  She has warned me that the aliens are about to try once more to take control of the ship and do something with the shuttles.  I initially dismissed her warning as a repetition of the events to date, but she has now convinced me something new is happening.  I must get this information to the bridge.  

In addition to LTjg Ghenvarae's warning, I have additional reasons for contacting the bridge.  Working with Raakkos, we have determined that a corticular white noise distributor effectively dampens the ability of the aliens to exert any control over our crew. I have verified this with several telepathic subjects currently patients here in Sickbay 2.  It is my belief that if we can extend this corticular white noise to the entire ship, we can regain control of the Eagle.  

My latest calls to the bridge and the XO have gone unanswered.  Given the severity of the threat, I am going to initiate the noise throughout the ship on my own initiative.  I am certain the CMO will approve since the white noise, unlike the thuradium, poses no long-term health threat to the crew.  

Sullivan out.

"Computer, end recording," he commands.  Turning around he picks up the corticular white noise generator and begins to figure out how to pipe its emissions throughout the ship.

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