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"Sanctuary One"


Star Trek RPG : Star Trek Sanctuary Located at: Star Trek Sanctuary

(This is a Stargate Role Playing Game and Stargate Sim)


Star Trek Sanctuary is series of worlds designated as safe havens for operatives who have left the "Service" for them to recover and reclaim their lives.

The Sanctuary is open to Starfleet Intelligence officers, informants,former agents from different organizations and others.

Sanctuary One is the most secure of all the Sanctuary planets. The Sanctuary planets were created so that persons like Alan could truly have a new life and live out their retirement in the service. They also function like an underground railroad, helping those in need get free and have free lives.

They are skilled in and have facilitates for the three R's: recovery, rehabilitation and relocation. Those who are most at risk or most injured come to Sanctuary One first. This includes any friends or family members of those at risk.

While there are those noble souls trying to help others on these planets, there are always others in the galaxy looking to turn a good deed into something evil for their own nefarious purpose or looking for those who have come to start new lives to make sure they won't suceed. So be careful! ;o)


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