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Title: Last Man Standing, Part Two
Location: 2387

While the CO recovered, two years in his future and two systems away from where Pandora's Box had changed course to try and intercept and extract the unknown agent...

A small but fierce technology battle raged as two different factions in the Third Temporal War fought for control.

Finally, it was sheer numbers and treachery that seemed to change the tide and rule the day as sadly has happened so many times in Earth's past.

In space not far from Pandora's Box, what appeared to be an old, heavy cruiser, Constitution class, entered and decloaked. It had no concern anymore about being detected. It beamed down several parties who were dressed in uniforms from generations gone by.

A young man dressed in one of those maroon uniforms quickly sent out his last message and enacted his last desperate ploy from a compromised time traveler safe house. Having been an engineer before, in several time periods, had helped him hold out alone so long against superior forces.

A small robot was the only companion he had left from all the battles he had been in and survived. The robot was perched on a slumped sock inside the severely scuffed left boot of the man.

Several feet away, without a sound, materialized an elite squad with masks and energy weapons drawn. They took no chances with this agent that had not so long ago been just a young lad. One of the soldiers tossed forward a round metallic device of some sort.

As the device rolled forward and emitted a toxic gas, the young man kept issuing commands at the console and the robot vanished unnoticed by all but the man. Also unnoticed, for now, was the last message he sent as his new program took over the console and the small safe haven.

The person in charge of the squad turned to the young man with tousled brown hair and rumpled and burnt uniform admiringly.

"You picked a good time to hide. We didn't expect you in a million years..." he said wryly "... to come back to where it all started..."

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Character Biographies:

CO, Captain Nikolai Kamranov
CMO, Commander Vilotanzia Bounlutay
ACEO,Lieutenant Commander Piper Chayton
COMMO, Lieutenant Llewellyn Moreau
AIO, Lieutenant Peel
VLO, Sublieutenant Yunarra
AIO, Ensign Molly Ferweiler


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