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Title: Remembrances Past, Part Fourteen
Location: Pandora's Box, CO's Stateroom
Flashback Setting (Saldar/Dulles/Kamranov): Takharesh X

The Captain continued dreaming his deep healing sleep. The comm alarm going off brought him to. He remembered waking up in a prison on Takharesh X. Harsh words from the warden trying to get him to wake up was all that was recalled this time. When Emma stopped the alarm, the yelling to wake up stopped also. It was replaced by the soft whispery elusive figure with tendrils of curly golden hair he was chasing in his earlier dreams. She gently appeared without explanation and he returned to the dark forest with no moon, but somehow enough light to see. Throughout these types of scenes in his dream there was no moon, yet oddly sufficient light to see what was occurring.

The Spirit guided him away from the prison where he was to spend a long time, trying to recall who he was after the erazine had worked so well to erase and hide his memories. He did not get as far in the dream as recalling that part nor how he eventually guided Emma and the others who came to rescue him years later out of the prison. It all disappeared into a fog.

The golden and red haired spirit guide and he in his transition dream passed through prison and other walls together and an alien world and forest until they arrived in a far away place called Earth. They passed on to Scotland together but somehow when the time for the next dream began, the Guide was missing. Darkness and eerie silence was replaced with a sudden crackling and the thrumming sound. An old Earth motorcycle roared to life. A previous identity of the Captain took it for a ride over a hilly and verdant countryside on a dirt road. The pungent smell of an old style combustible fuel punctuated that of the clean fresh crisp air, the verdant grass, the abundant clover, the tiny sprinklings of fragrant wild flowers and some dotting of trees along the moor. Dulles rode the motorcycle up and down the hills. He came across a flock of red grouse on one side of the road as it became more mountainous. He watched as they dispersed quickly from the roar of the odd metal beast that exhaled smoke. The smell of heather filled his lungs as he finished going past where the red grouse fed on it and through the heather moorlands.

Dulles changed roads and ended up near a cottage and an old manor. He slowed down and approached it. An old woman went out to greet him. They spoke in an odd language and he handed her a package. She smiled, hugged him and gave him a sack. He thanked her and hopped back on his motorcycle and headed on a different path.

Somehow again as happens in dreams, the scene changed to spring and the scenery and location changed slightly. A family of pheasant chicks and their mother came into view crossing the road ahead. Dulles made a sharp right turn and veered off the road to avoid the feathered family.

Suddenly a rider appeared behind him and took one of his hands to sign into it, distracting him. He didn't see the family pass safely, he was too busy trying to regain control of the motorcycle. A large tree appeared in front of him. The rider disappeared and he crashed hard into the tree.

For the first time in his dreaming it was completely black. There were no smells or birds chirping as before or sounds and smells of nature. The only sound was of his poor motorcycle groaning from the crash as its wheels continued to spin. It became louder and louder and so did his headache and his memories and thoughts spun seemingly aimlessly along with the spokes. In his bed, Kamranov nearly awoke, not from the headache, but by a very strong sense that this dream had repeated and had special meaning as he began to see some patterns.

Outside the dream, Emma had scanned the Captain again and noticed his headache. She hypoed him again this time with a cocktail from the CMO to combat this very thing, him waking up too soon and to help aid his memories to return. Unknown to Emma could she have been aware of any of the dreams. was that these simple seemingly random dreams were filled with great meaning as some of the pathways began work to fully reconnect to what was almost lost forever.

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