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Title: Remembrances Past, Part Thirteen
Location: Pandora's Box, CO's Stateroom
Flashback Setting (Emma Peel): Takharesh X

The shuttle gained altitude. Her engines strained with the heavier than rated payload until they finally settled out and the shuttle punched through the planet's atmosphere. A few seconds later she jumped to warp leaving behind the war torn planet, their dead and Saldar, their Chief under a pile of rubble with enemy forces moving in on his position.

Suddenly, the whole frame shuddered and resonated with a high pitched strain, erupting with insistent beeping alarms as the shuttle was hit at warp 8. The whine from the specialized SI SIF generators droned out the engines and alarms as they worked to keep the ship together and where a hull breach was forming. Emma woke up suddenly, breathing heavily, and looked around for a moment, not knowing where she was in space or time.

She got her bearings and found out that the insistent beeping was from an alarm on the CO's personal comm panel and realized she was on Pandora. Emma rushed over to mute it and examine the message to keep her friend asleep so he could heal. She grumbled, seeing that it was not important and from Dr. S'Traht, checking in on him. Apparently, he did not like the treatment the CMO had prescribed and decided he could use his physicians privilege to try and interfere with Niko's orders not to be disturbed unless a serious matter warranted it.

Emma walked silently over the CO. She took a quick look at him and was relieved to find that he was still sleeping. While Niko looked fine but she didn't trust her eyes so she scanned him. She sighed softly. It was as good as could be expected and how the CMO had predicted for the best case scenario at this time. While her TRUDY, medical scanning and instruction device, had been programed with many remarkable capabilities allowing the non medical literate to treat seriously wounded and compromised individuals, she really wished that the CMO could be present to monitor him personally and adapt anything needed to help Niko restore his previous identity and integrate the two personalities and memories successfully. Despite their difference and the tension between the two women, they both knew that each other had best of intentions towards Niko. Satisfied for now, Emma went back to the kitchen area and used some low tech devices not a part of any computer system or replicator and made some hot coffee, being still very careful not to alert anyone to her presence while she was supposed to be elsewhere.

She yawned and stretched trying to work out some kinks in her back from the tense dream.Then she returned to sit with Niko, but not in the chair as last time. She chose the deck near his doorway instead. While she had much reading to catch up, she loathed that part of her job. She also had many reports to catch up on but smiled knowing she couldn't do them now since she was supposed to be on a training exercise and related mission off the ship.

It would be easier for her in situations like this if she was the kind of person who could sit still and read but she wasn't.

Instead of a serious work out in any of her martial arts or exercise routines to keep awake that might wake up Niko, she began her yoga stretches. She could at least limber up for them while she waited for Niko to finish sleeping.

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