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Title: Remembrances Past,Part Eleven
Location: Pandora's Box, CO's Stateroom
Flashback Setting (Emma): Takharesh X

Ensign Peel moved swiftly with the children. She flinched when the last explosion came and heard more rocks fall on Saladar's location, but like him she did not look back. She kept going forward with the children and hoped that the destruction of parts of the cave by the monsters in control would turn around on them and foil any attempts to find the Prince so she could make safe their escape from the planet.

As she traveled, the girl told her story and what had happened. Emma guessed at that point who her parents were in relation to helping out their unit. The girl was all that was left of the last family she had tried to get out, but could not.

The Prince too told his story and of how Saldar had rescued him. He tried to fish out from Emma who Saldar really was, now convinced that he had met him two years ago. She changed the subject quickly and skillfully with practiced ease.

She then worked on some plans in her head to get the two safely raised in a remote part of the galaxy away from not just their own people but from Federation space. She did not know how far up the conspiracy went and how many had been compromised by Mahldemi and his followers and wasn't going to take any chances.

Two hours later, Emma stopped to rest with the children and shared the remainder of her water with them.

"We'll be exiting the caves soon and we need to be clear on our stories. For now I want you two to pretend you are brother and sister and got separated from your family who has already been evacuated from the planet months ago. That will cut down the questions. I will give you to someone who can keep you safe, but you must help keep them safe by never telling them or anyone the truth.

That is hard to explain but to keep them and all of us safe, you will need to do this. While we walk the remainder of the way back, I want you two to make up names for your parents, any other brothers and sisters, games you like to play together and all kinds of details including how you were separated. We will practice them so you both have the same kind of stories to share if anyone asks you.

I am going to say that Saldar never arrived and I found you two wandering around lost on the side of the cave we are getting out of looking for your parents," she said.

The children nodded yes but looked very confused. Emma went over this a few more times. Each time, she reinforced how important it was no one knew the real and whole truth at any time but her. She didn't know how far or deep the conspiracy went or how deep were the pockets and lies of Mahldemi and wasn't taking any chances.

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