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Title: Remembrances Past, Part Nine
Location: Pandora's Box, CO's Stateroom
Flashback Setting (Saldar/Kamranov): Takharesh X

As he traveled, Saldar looked for a good place to hide at every opportunity. He knew that there wasn't any he could reach in time from the sound of the footsteps. He looked down at the front of this robe, making sure the prince was still hidden.

Company came in an unexpected form, that of a young girl and her parents. Saldar jumped and shrank back, pretending he had not known they were coming when they came into view.

"Don't be afraid," the father spoke. "We won't hurt you. We escaped from the village." He put his daughter down. It was hard to tell but she looked about eight or ten Terran years old.

"They are burning our village to the ground looking for some people," the mother said in tears.

Saldar changed languages to one more appropriate for his chosen caste and the current setting. "Who are they looking for?" he asked, making sure the accent of his caste was present.

"We don't know," the father lied. He had become newly part of the resistance allied with the Intel group. The father was unable to evacuate his family in time when the call came out to leave. He did not know the allegiance of the beggar so he did not want to give any details. He had no waying of knowing Saldar was on the same side and had in fact been the one who had issued the orders to leave and take any allied with his group to safety, if they wanted to leave their homes behind.

"Saldar," the beggar said giving his cover name and identity. He wondered the same about the family's ties to any political group. He recognized them, having met them before, but that didn't mean anything for allegiances during times of stress and war. One person could change sides at any second and the scale tipped dramatically.

Saldar felt the prince start to awake. He hoped desperately that the boy would stay asleep. It was best no one knew he was here.

"Do you know your way around the caves?" the father asked.

"I've escaped some beatings here before a couple of times and one yesterday," Saldar replied.

"I am sorry people treat your kind that way. Can you get us around and out safely?" the mother asked.

Saldar paused a moment.

"Please," they begged. "Take us with you."

Saldar exhaled. This cut down the chances of being able to save the prince considerably. Depending on how good the family had concealed their steps this far, or more importantly how determined his pursuers were, he had little enough lead left. If they were the same group trying to burn down the village they may have been looking for him and the prince there.

The hard choice was made for him.

"Come out where we can see you," a deep, menacing voice of authority boomed.

Knowing it was all over, the father decided to sacrifice himself. "Here I come. Don't shoot," he said.

"All of you come out," the voice bellowed.

"Please, save her?" whispered the mother to Saldar softly. She put the girl's hand into Saldar's hand, signifying adoption in her culture. To give a child into his caste was unheard of and showed the desparation of the mother for her child to live.

The girl had dark hair and a tear stained face. She was some years older than the prince and had met the beggar previously. She was not afraid of him, but did not like his smell. She thought though he was funny and nice. She had seen him visit her village several times selling things and trying to get money by cleaning porches. She was however very afraid for her mother and father.

"Coming," said the mother.

Saldar took the girl's hand and began walking quickly and quietly. He did not look back. He was glad the prince did not stir under his robes to see what was going on. If they could get away, the soldiers in the cave would not find out directly, nor by interrogation of the parents, that there was anyone other than a beggar of the lowest, most disdained caste in the cave hiding to escape a beating.

Saldar heard the hurried footsteps of the mother as she joined her husband. There was some barely audible speech. Then he heard two shots ring out and echo in the caves.

Saldar squeezed the girl's hand to comfort her as she tried to hold back the tears swelling in her eyes about to give way. They moved quickly to the side of the cave and down a tunnel. He worked hard carrying the concealed little prince away from the family's pursuers while holding the other child's hand.

Twenty minutes later, the bats returned and so did Edgar to his roost. The girl's tears stopped for a moment as she saw the funny sight of the bat on the beggar's head and his head covering being used as a roost. For the first time, Saldar didn't mind Edgar's hitch hiking.

"We rest now," Saldar told the girl. She nodded.

Saldar opened his robe. He gently picked the boy out from the sling he was carrying him with from under his robes. The girl's dark eyes grew wide with surprise but she said nothing. She studied the boy who was much younger than herself. He was dirty and sick, but somehow looked familiar in spite of his beggarly clothes. She wondered where she had met or seen him before.

"They are gone?" asked the prince in his language. He did not seem fearful now.

"For the moment," Saldar replied, making sure to speak the girl's language which he hoped the prince would be able to follow. "We can't rest too long. Water?" he asked.

"Yes, please. After you," the boy said trying to change languages to match the one that Saldar just spoke. His accent was however thick, indicating what caste he was from or around the most. There was none higher than his. Rahdemi did not notice having any accent but did notice how fatigued his rescuer was getting.

Saldar looked at the girl. Her brows were furrowed trying to figure out who the boy was and her eyes were still wide from the surprise that he had been carrying this boy the whole time.

Saldar tried not to show it, but he hoped she had drank plenty with her parents on the way in. Much to his relief, she shook her head indicating that she did not want any.

Saldar drank sparingly but sufficiently, uncertain how long they might have to hide out in the caves if things deteriorated badly enough to warrant that. He still hoped to make it to the rendezvous on the other side, but did not know if the safety on the other side had been compromised.

He gave the water to the prince who drank quite a bit.

"I feel stronger," the boy said. "I would like to walk," he announced, knowing that the man carrying him needed a break and that he did really feel better.

Saldar thought for a moment on that and what to do now with an extra child. He did know he needed the rest of not carrying the prince to make better time later and be ready for anything. "Yes, thank you," he replied.

They walked for a long time until suddenly part of the ledge gave out under the girl. Prince Rahdemi thought fast and pushed her out of the way in time, but could not move fast enough himself. He began to slip and fall. He reached his short little arms and tiny hands up to grab anything as more of what was below his feet gave way.

Saldar struggled to reach the dangling prince. He'd have used his rope but there was no time. The boy began to slip further. While fear shown in the child's eyes as he held on to Saldar by one arm, he did not cry or cry out. He did not want to alert any pursuers for he rightly assumed the hunt for him would continue and Saldar. His cousin could not ascend to the throne while he lived or people thought he might still be alive.

Saldar, hearing more of the ledge give way and seeing more of it fall under the prince, boldly and quickly moved to wedge his left foot between some stalagmites to get a better and longer hold on the boy. He was rewarded with the extra length he needed to be able to grab Rahdemi's out stretched hand. It came however at a great cost as he felt something in his foot snap and a terrible pain as he hoisted Rahdemi up.

Half an hour later, they finally reached his destination 2/3 of the way through the caverns underneath the mountain, checked it out to be safe and stopped to rest. The bats had left by now, not wanting to be this far away from their regular roost as morning came.

Saldar sat down and wanted desperately to remove his boot and legging. He knew he should take a look at his foot but he thought if he did he'd never get the boot back on. He was pretty sure from the pain and the sound it had made that it was more than a sprain. Saldar elevated it while he rested.

"How is the foot?" Prince Rahdemi asked concerned.

"It's fine," Saldar lied. "It just hurts a little," he added lying some more. Then suddenly he motioned for everyone to be quiet, dimmed his chemlight and listened.

There was the telltale faint whine of a stussimer, a type of propelled grenade used by the Jullai. Saldar doubted it was a Jullai who launched it though and got up quickly. He motioned to move ahead silently and hold hands as he terminated the chemical reaction for the light. Saldar had spent some time earlier teaching a few sign signals by sight and touch to make it unnecessary to make a sound to communicate any idea or to need to see the sign if the complete blackness of the cave was needed.

Kerrrrfrzt!! The stussimer detonated and the force of the explosion set off a series of tunnel collapses.

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