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Title: Remembrances Past, Part Two
Location: Pandora's Box, CO's Stateroom
Flashback Setting (Emma): Starbase 45,CDR Dulles' Temporary Quarters

Alan missed the chair and hit part of the bed. Emma pushed him all the way on the bed and swung his legs over. "All right you. I need you to sit up. Can you do that?" she asked lacing her arm through his and around his back to force him to sit up.

Alan didn't answer and just concentrated as best he could. It was very hard but he was able to do so, listing to one side with his still head bent.

"Good enough," she said checking his pupils, administering the next dose, an antiemetic, and some fluids with the other hand. Then she hoisted him back up. "Time for more walking around practice," she announced through gritted teeth.

Alan didn't answer as part of his other memories were coming back regarding the procedure. What was before a disturbing mishmash of déjà vu of coming out of other wipes in his lifetime, settled into a swirling coalescing knowledge of procedures and protocols being painfully separated like some thick mixture into precise layers in a test tube by a great centrifuge.

Commander Dulles understood enough to know he was in trouble now and just concentrated on walking. He didn't want to end up like Smiley Pete...

LTjg Peel saw the progress in his walking. "Good," Emma huffed. "Just a few more minutes and we can do something else."

Alan was having trouble staying conscious and knew he had to stay with the schedule. "Jumping practissnexsst?" he forced himself to say something to remain conscious.

"Only if you graduate. That's it. That's it...Stay with me... ... OK off to sitting practice. Let's see if we can hit the target this time," Emma said, finally noticing that her old partner and mentor hadn't quipped back with anything caustic for a while. She thought of the next steps and something to bait him with to keep his mind active.

"OK, here we are at the chair. You have any more control yet?" she asked.

"Some," he replied skeptically.

"OK, then just let me take it and list away from the bed if you can, you old space barge, " she tried baiting him.

"Ooof," said Alan being dumped in the big comfortable bucket style chair. He tried leaning back but his legs just shot out from under him and he started to slide out of the chair.

"Got 'um," she said pushing them back with her feet and leaning over to pick him up and reposition him in the chair. " You're going to owe me big for this also," she said.

"No. Debt free. Only cashing in - for retirement," he said responding more coherently with the burden of trying to walk lifted from him. He tried to sit up better in the chair and started to slide again

"Oh, no you don't," she said keeping him from moving. "You owe me big," she said taking off his left sock." When's the last time you washed them?" she asked.

"Dunno. Four days least. Guessing. You said three out... What are you doing that for?" he asked "Oh,...wish I didn't remember that..."

"Yes, we are going to jump start your peripheral nervous system again and work up to the others. This might hurt," she explained.

"You mean if I am lucky, it will hurt," he corrected.

"Yup. Do you remember, er, anything yet, other than that?" she asked.

"Not much. Seems to be all focused on coming out of a wipe," he said.

"That's useful," she said trying to be encouraging and keep him talking.

"Suppose that's why I remember it," he replied sardonically. "Remember you too.. some.. How's um....John?" he asked.

~Oh no. Here we go again,~ she thought. "He's dead, Alan. Been a while," she replied.

"Sorry," he said. "Will I remember later?"

"Yes," she said.

"Sorryy-yee-yow," he replied trying hard to remember how her husband died. He stopped grabbed his head instead and took deep breaths.

"Don't try and remember anything. Let the memories come to you. Don't go looking for them yet. You might end up using the pathways that have been tampered with and that.." she started to say.

"Hurts," he interrupted "Great... love my job. What's next ?" he said trying to get enough of his senses back after walking to joke again.

"Regner stimulator on you feet, hands and limbs followed by more drugs and some food if you can handle it," she said.

"Prison?" Alan said staring oddly at her and his foot.

"You want to eat prison food?" she asked incredulously ~At least the bland part and the portion size makes sense,~ she thought.

"No, prison..I remember a prison.." Alan said. He didn't know why but he knew his foot had something to do with the memory. This time he tried not to force himself to remember and just let things free flow as he was trained.

"There were several actually. One of your specialties- breaking into or deliberately getting sent to high security or psyche prisons to get someone or information out. Faking assault and battery usually worked the best and fastest to get in. Sometimes drunk and disorderly with plenty of insults was enough to do the trick," she explained. "I can fill in the details for the last prison break one later. The one you owe me for of course .. "

She paused for an uncomfortable moment and said, "That and other things, unfortunately, will come back later."

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