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Title: To Sleep, Perchance to Dream... and Remember, Part One
Location: Pandora's Box
Setting: Sickbay

Captain Kamranov made his way to Sickbay to meet with Dr. S'Traht for some more tests and to check his progress with the procedure to unblock the old memories associated with him having made Captain about a decade earlier. It had been a long day for him, meeting people on the last ship he had served on without recalling anything about them or himself there and only being able to rely on notes that he and others had taken.

Kamranov walked in the front doors with a steadfast stride.

Violet turned at the sound of the door. She couldn't suppress the automatic smile that curved her lips at the sight of him. "Captain," she signed and spoke, her fingers imitating her words yet adding a wealth of depth that even the sophisticated synthesizer couldn't convey. "What brings you to Sickbay? Can I assist you with anything?"

Captain Kamranov returned the smile and was relieved. He had been concerned about whatever had happened at the end of their meeting. He didn't understand what exactly had happened but knew that the CMO was very upset by something more than it seemed to him just the problems associated with his resuming an identity. Something additionally disturbing to her had definitely happened at the very end of the meeting but he had not figured out what yet. "Here to see Dr. S'Traht. He is expecting me," the Captain replied.

Violet smiled a little wryly. "I am so very sorry. He was called away on an emergency. Is it something I can help you with?"

"How long?" he asked.

Violet shrugged expressively. "It is impossible to tell in situations like this," she explained apologetically. She could tell he was feeling restless and a bit antsy, and wondered at the cause. "Could I help you?" she asked. "I was your doctor on the Victory," she added, hoping that would help him feel more at ease.

"Yes, can you help me with the rash?" he asked. "My hands are getting very itchy again," he said, wanting to scratch very badly.

"Rash?" she blinked. -That's- why he was wearing the gloves. "Of course," she nodded. "Have a seat and let me look at them," she motioned to a bio bed as she moved to slip her own hands into a pair or gloves. "I'll check your record and see what Dr. S'Traht has been giving you for it. It was awfully sudden, hmm?"

"An accident this morning before we met," Kamranov explained. "It's very contagious on contact."

"Accident? What kind of accident?" Violet asked curiously as she waited for him to sit down. "And do not worry for me. I will take the proper precautions. Trust me," she smiled and signed, wiggling her gloved fingers once she was done.

"Got some nasty stuff on my hands when someone slipped and spilled it," he started to explain.

Violet arched a slender brow. "That can never be good..." she commented. "Were you working in one of the labs?" She motioned for him to remove the gloves from his hands. "Who did the spilling?"

"No, just checking something. One of the technicians," he said.

"Accidents do happen," she nodded. "I'll wager the technician felt awful about what happened. Are you going to take the gloves off so I can see?" she asked.

The Captain sat down and carefully removed his left glove with his right hand. He put it on a tray and held his hand for her to examine palm up. It and his fingers were covered in a profusion of red puffy blistery bumps. "Very itchy again," he said uncomfortably and getting more restless. He wanted to scratch his hands very badly.

"Oh dear," Violet made a motion with her hands to indicate her understanding of the distress he must be feeling. "Did Dr. S'Traht make a note of what the substance was that caused this?" Even as she asked, she reached for her tricorder which she used to scan the blisters on his hand. "Give me a moment and I'll take care of that itching for you," she promised.

"Yes. There were several compounds. One was very similar to some Klingon type of poison ivy. There's no notation in the chart?" he asked puzzled.

"Not yet," Violet replied. "I can figure out what they were though, judging by the remedies you were given and your reaction," she reassured him. She took several moments to go over her tricorder readings, making a note of the drugs still in Alan's... Or rather Niko's, system. I'm going to give you something systemic to help with the allergic reaction, and also something topical, Take your other glove off too, hmm?" she instructed with a smile.

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