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Title: Surprise Me, Part Two
Location: Pandora's Box
Setting: CO's Office

The Captain was standing and the Yeoman had left when LT Moreau entered.

"Welcome," Captain Kamranov said warmly.

Llew blinked and then grinned. "Commander Dulles. I didn't realize you were here." She was more than a little surprised and it showed, but she recovered rather nicely. "It's good to see you again, sir."

"Thank you very much," he said. "Please sit down. There is much to tell you. Did you need something to eat or drink? I understand you went straight from the transporter room to help us with that transmission. "

"Yes, sir, I did," Llewellyn nodded. "But I'm good. Ensign Ferweiler took me to lunch before bringing me here," she told him and took a seat where he indicated. "I didn't realize you were the CO, sir. Congratulations on the promotion."

"Thank you," he said. "The promotion happened some years ago. I didn't know I was a captain or Captain Kamranov until I came onboard. Certain memories were suppressed while I vhas on the station and the Victory and assumed the Dulles identity. Forgive me if I don't recall much from being there. It can take a while to remember after switching," he explained and sat down.

Llew blinked. Captain Kamranov? Not Dulles? Then it hit her. What Molly had said over lunch about people assuming other identities and not knowing if they were the real thing or not. No... assuming they were the real thing and not knowing any better. "Does... Does it ever come back?" she asked curiously. "Not that I mean to pry, sir... I don't.... But... how do you know what's... real?" That small fact just boggled her mind. Suddenly she sat back. "Mon dieu. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I AM prying now."

"It's all right, he said. "Takes some time to get used to. I usually don't serve with the same non SI personnel from one duty station to the next vhen this happens. It makes that easier for all involved. It might come back," he said hopeful. Nikolai had more than wondered what she asked about if he really was Kamranov and would wake up the next day and be told he was someone else.

"Mon dieu, that has to be really hard on you, if you don't mind my saying so, sir. I mean... I can see where it would be a lot easier if you didn't serve with the same people. I greeted you and LT Peel when you came onboard the Victory," she told him. "Showed you to your quarters. We're both Sparky's sir," she added with a smile, remembering that. She also remembered that he hadn't been 'well' when he'd first come onboard the Victory and wondered if he'd had his memory altered just before coming... 'assumed the identity of Dulles', he'd said.

"It's not the easy part of the job nor the fun part that is for sure," he said. "Sparky, eh?" he said with a familiar half crooked smile.

"Yes, sir," Llew returned his grin. "A nickname I eared at the Academy," she told him. "And when I told you about it, you told me you'd had that nickname also. Although I don't know if it was at the Academy or not, but I still thought it very synchronistic, " she admitted.

"I hope not there," he said. "How did you get yours?"

"I wasn't very mechanically inclined when I first started learning now to work on the equipment, you know," she smiled a little. "And I kept shocking myself," she admitted with a very expressive shrug. "Setting off the fire alarms... Showers of sparks... You know what it's like when a console goes off," she gestured expressively. "Didn't actually acquire the nickname until one of my blunders burned off half the instructor's mustache and one of his eyebrows.... Maybe a few of his lashes too..."

Captain Kamranov laughed heartily. "Yes, I do," he replied.

Llew grinned and two very cute dimples appeared. Because of his 'I hope not there', she didn't ask him where he got his. She astutely figured that he didn't remember. She wondered if he ever would. The thought saddened her a little, but she didn't let that show. She kept a very genuine smile on her face. His laughter had set the tone now and she wasn't about to do anything to change that. "I'm glad you understand," she told him. "I haven't set off any consoles in a very long time. But the nickname stuck and that's what most people call me now once they get to know me."

"Nicknames have a way of doing that," the Captain agreed.

"Indeed they do, sir," Llewellyn nodded. "Good and bad," she added with a smile.

"And reputations, " he replied. "You have a fine reputation in your field. We are very pleased to have you onboard to assist us on our mission."

"Thank you, Captain. That means a lot," she replied seriously. "May I ask what the mission is?"

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