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Title: At What Price to Keep Them Safe?
Location: Pandora's Box
Setting: CO's Office

"He's here," the Yeoman said over the comms.

"Let him in," said the Captain. "Then enjoy a long lunch. Return half an hour before the next meeting, " he ordered.

"Yes, sir," the Yeoman replied.

Dr S'Traht entered. He brought a stack of padds and other things besides his medical gear.

Captain Kamranov secured the room. Neither his Yeoman nor anyone else listen would be able to listen in or enter.

Dr. S'Traht didn't waste time on greetings, put his things down, and opened his tricorder that was hanging from a strap on his shoulders. He began scanning the Captain. He knew the Captain was comfortable around Vulcans and there wasn't a lot of time to waste on the usual conversations to make Human patients feel at ease.

"Not going well?" he asked, looking at the readings.

"Been worse," the Captain replied.

"I'll see what I can do to fix that," the old Doctor said.

"Been difficult keeping them (all the identities) all straight. It's hard to keep a handle on Nikolai some moments. When do all the memories for him, er, me come back?" he asked.

"I am not sure. Your encephalitis and accident seems to have altered the expected time table," he explained.

"There so much I can't remember but I seem to be able to recall technical and procedural type items fine. You sure I am married?" he asked.

"Yes," said the doctor. And that you have a son," he added quickly.

Nikolai shook his head.

"Some of this will remain hidden for their protection and safety even after you successfully resume Kamranov until you leave the service," the doctor reminded.

"I know. Just seems there should be something more," he said.

"Give it time. If it helps, she's young and pretty with golden ringlets of hair. You married her four years ago next week. Your son is two, also blonde with ringlets," he said.

Captain Kamranov shook his head.

"I'll give you something else to help with that and ... It will suppress more of Dulles," he said reaching into his medical bag.

"I have one more meeting with someone from the Victory. I'd like to at least have what little I can recall of my time there available," Captain Kamranov said.

"I don't think that's a good idea," the old doctor said.

"Proceed then," the Captain said.

Dr S'Traht injected him with the hypospray. "Your stomach and head?" he asked, already knowing the answer from the tricorder readings.

"Yes and yes," the Captain replied.

The old doctor anticipated that before he left Sickbay and took out an another preloaded hypo. "About fifteen minutes," he said. "Don't want to give you anything too strong. After the rest we need to be patient and let this take its course. Then decide if anything further is needed. I know how you take longer to react sometimes."

"All right. Proceed," he ordered.

The doctor hypoed him again. "Your Yeoman said it was your lunch break.. ." he started to say, deliberately over emphasizing looking around and seeing none.

"Yes?" he replied.

"Soup?" said the doctor knowing what a number the memory drugs were doing on the Captain's stomach.

"Yes," Nikolai said reluctantly. Then it sounded good as he thought about soup... soup with chunks of...

"Plomeek?" S'Traht asked.

"Yes," the Captain replied. He was going to say something else but that thought like a dream evaporated as the drugs started to work when the suggestion appeared.

Dr. S'Traht went to the replicator, got it and some tea for the Captain. "Ill wait and see how it works. May I join you?" he asked setting the Captain's soup and tea out.

"Of course," the Captain said.

The doctor helped himself to the replicator and made himself his lunch. He sat down with one of the padds to work on reports, while he waited to how the drugs would work on the Captain.

Captain Kamranov went back to his terminal to read over the person file of his last person to meet to day from the victory Lieutenant Llewellyn Moreau, Chief Communications Officer. He looked over it again and knew he was missing the insight he had before lunch. Nikolai switched over to the personal notes he had written to try and fill in some of the additional new gaps in his memory made by the latest injection.

The Yeoman returned and sat down at his desk. He buzzed the Captain to make sure he knew of his return.

Dr. S'Traht arose. "May I?" he asked noting the Captain was deep in thought. He picked up his tricorder.

Captain Kamranov shut down the screen. "Proceed," he said looking up.

The old doctor scanned him one last time. "Best we can do for now. You should clear your schedule tomorrow if you can," he said.

"Depends," the Captain replied.

"Call again if you need me," the doctor said.

"Vhill do. Spahceebo (Thank you). See you after the shift," Captain Kamranov replied absently, unsecuring the room.

"Good," said Dr. S'Traht, noticing a couple of things besides that the Captain would come to Sickbay later to see him. He picked up his things and left.

The Captain buzzed his Yeoman. "All set," he said.

"I'll be right in," the Yeoman replied.

He entered as he had the other times to go over the information with the Captain on who was coming next to meet with him.

"Last one from the Victory, sir," the Yeoman told him and pulled up a photo. "Lieutenant Llewellyn Moreau. Communications Chief. Her mother is Yvette Moreau, one of the leading independent linguists and interpreters in the Federation. Father is deceased, no siblings. Unmarried, no children and no record of any significant other in her life," he continued. "She's an expert in Linguistics and body language and holds a specialty in design and repair of communication equipment. She speaks more languages than I can list in a timely manner, and understands more than that. She has what they call, a natural ear. Give her enough examples of a language and she can pick it up. She has a degree in both modern and dead languages, and a degree in Anthropology. She'll most likely see this sudden TAD assignment as a positive move and a challenge. Her personality is bright and friendly. She's French, sir. On the outside she appears very superficial, but she's quite a passionate and intense woman. Very into her work. She graduated top of her class out of the Academy and excelled in Communication Specialist School. Her former CO's have had nothing by high praise for her work. A couple of them didn't want to let her go," he added.

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