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The USS Eagle, NCC 2185

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Duty log with science report attached.
Science Department Report: Stardate 200103.10
Science Department Report: Stardate 200412.22


Coming soon.

Sim Resources and Sim Guides:

General Information, Definitions, Lingo and Acronyms
Star Trek Original Series Planets: Those Discovered or Visited by 2293
Science Classifications and Definitions - Life Forms
Science Classifications and Definitions - Civilization Ratings - Social, Technological and Industrial
Science Dictionary: Particles/Treknobabble (In progress)
Real life technical links
Stellar Cartography

Science Logs and Bios:

Chief Science Officer (CSCI)
Assistant Science Officer (ASCI): Ensign Petrescu

Images (Please hit the back key to return to this Star Trek web page on Tripod) :

Science station, animated cartoon image

Star Trek Departments used in our Star Trek sim:

Engineering - Includes Oberth specs
Medical - Includes a drug dictionary
Science - You are here now
Security - Includes a list of weapons' commands
Communications - Includes communications console
List of departments

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